YRKKH Naira confronts Kirti Aditya 29th August 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Aditya demands for Krish

YRKKH Naira confronts Kirti Aditya 29th August 2020 Naira recalls the blames for the accident. She gets reminded of Kartik’s anger. She refuses to accept the academy. She tells that she wants to accept the academy only if Manish recovers and gifts the academy to her. She wants Manish to feel the happiness when he hands over the gift. She swears on Manish.

She tells that she will not step in enter the academy until Manish gets totally fine. She makes many wishes for Manish in a very emotional moment. Kartik also feels sorry to be rude towards her. Suwarna thinks Naira has been undergoing a lots of pain because of Kartik’s blame.

She asks Kartik to keep the papers in the temple and make Manish hand it over to Naira once he recovers. She gives the responsibility to Kartik. Naksh calls the gift the best one for Naira. He wishes that Manish was fine and could give the gift himself. Kirti tells that they should accept life the way it is and not expect much. Naksh agrees with her point. She gets much worried on getting Aditya’s call.

He asks the reason for her tension. She lies that she is missing Krish. She makes an excuse and goes to attend the call. Aditya asks her to meet. Kirti gets tensed when Devyaani and Naksh ask her the matter. She lies to them about the work issues in her office. Naksh permits her to go. Naira feels bad that Manish isn’t recovering. Naksh tells her that Manish would be fine. Naira blames herself for the accident.

Naksh asks her to stop blaming herself and just think of helping Manish. She finds Chori leaving the house. She doesn’t want Chori to leave the house before Sudha comes. Suwarna and Devyaani recall the happy times. They are upset with the sorrow. They pray that things get fine for Manish, and also Kartik and Naira. They want Kartik to forgive Naira. Naira finds Chori at a stall, buying a gift for her. She gets emotional.

Chori tells her that she was buying a birthday gift for her. Naira tells that she can buy the best gift in limited amount. Chori gets glad. She wants to get the best gift for Naira if she is given a chance to do something for Naira. She likes Naira genuinely. Naira takes her home. Chori is happy to be with her. Naksh looks for Kartik and Naira. Suwarna tells that Kartik is with Manish, while Naira would be crying and blaming herself for the accident.

She knows that Kartik is wrong to blame Naira. Naksh wants Kartik to understand that Nairais innocent. She understands it well. She tells that Kartik and Kirti love Manish so much and fell weak. Naksh tells that everyone loves Manish, Kartik can’t judge Naira. Suwarna asks him to control his anger and give some time to Kartik. She prays Kartik and Naira stay happy.

Naira stumbles upon a shocking sight. She finds Kirti at a cafe. She takes Chori there to find the truth. She tells that she will give her a treat. Chori orders many items since Naira is going to pay the money. Naira spots Aditya. He also sees her and hides from her. Naira directly confronts Kirti about Aditya. She wonders if Kirti is facing any problem because of Aditya. She asks Kirti about Aditya and senses the problems. Kirti gets worried on seeing Naira. Will she confess the problems or keep her secret? Keep reading.

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