Ishq Mein Marjawa Colors Vansh buries Riddhima 4th Sept

Ishq Mein Marjawa Colors Vansh buries Riddhima 4th Sept

Ishq Mein Marjawa Colors Peril for Riddhima 4th Sept Riddhima wants to find about Ragini. She speaks to Sunny to know what all he knows about her mission. He wins her confidence by telling her that he knows that she is trying to find out Ragini’s murder truth. He tells that he is aware of the truth, where Ragini has been murdered and buried. Riddhima wants to know who has murdered Ragini. She suspects Vansh, who had already told her that he didn’t kill Ragini. Sunny wants to tell Riddhima about the grave.

She tells that she wants to know the details. Anupriya finds her with Sunny and gets suspicious. She wants to know what’s cooking around. Riddhima gets Sunny’s message after a while. She thinks he is staying away to avoid the suspicion. Riddhima learns that Ragini’s grave is in the garden area of VR mansion. Sunny wants her to meet him there. She agrees to him. Sunny gets warned by Vansh before the engagement ceremony. Sunny and Ishani get engaged.


Dadi tries to bring Riddhima and Vansh closer. Vansh wants to get away, because of his hatred towards Riddhima’s spying habit. Sunny tries to get rid of Ishani, while Riddhima rushes to the garden to know the truth. Sunny meets her and finds out about Ragini’s grave. He tells her that Vansh’s love is equal to his dangerous hatred. He adds that Vansh is a murderer, he isn’t some common criminal that they can trick easily. He warns her to be cautious.

Riddhima tells him that she suspects someone around who is keeping a watch at them. Sunny doesn’t think so. Riddhima tells him that she has heard someone. Someone spies on them and records a video as an evidence. Riddhima gets alert of the enemy. Sunny rushes out of the place to save his life. Riddhima tries to find the secret enemy and comes across Anupriya again. Riddhima gets a strange gift from Vansh. She assumes it to be sent from Vansh, seeing the red roses with a danger hinting note.

She gets scared to unbox the gift and find out the not so pleasant surprise. Vansh catches Riddhima red-handed when she dares to reach Ragini’s grave and dig out to find evidences. Vansh threatens her life. He tells her that he has killed and buried all his enemies who dared to go against him. Vansh angrily pushes her into the grave to bury her alive. Riddhima’s life falls in huge peril. Will it be her nightmare again or will Vansh really catch her? Keep reading.

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