YRKKH Naksh Kirti Naira plan to stir Kartik 3rd Sept

YRKKH Naksh Kirti Naira plan to stir Kartik 3rd Sept

YRKKH Naksh Kirti Naira plan to stir Kartik 3rd Sept Singhanias are glad that Chori is taking care of Naira well. They aren’t able to talk to Kartik and Naira about their issues. Naksh is much angry seeing his sister in pain. He wants to find a solution. He doesn’t want things to stay the same for long. He tells the elders that he can’t see Naira crying this way, its better to explain Kartik, maybe things can get back to normal. He doesn’t want Kartik to vent anger on Naira.

He wants Kartik to know that Naira is upset. He knows that Kartik would never intentionally wish to hurt her. The elders want him not to rush and meet Kartik in the morning. They want to decide about speaking to Kartik. On the other hand, Goenkas are worried that Kartik went out suddenly. Akhilesh tells Suwarna that Kartik didn’t go to meet Naira, he has gone to meet a neurosurgeon to discuss Manish’s case.

He tells that Manish’s doctor has suggested him to meet the surgeon immediately. He asks Suwarna not to worry for Kartik, he will be back soon. Naira longs for Kartik. She feels he should have called or messaged her. She thinks to message him and ask about Manish. She gets a surprise when Chori gets Kartik’s cutout to cheer her up.

She is happy with Chori’s move. Chori informs her about Ganesh Chaturthi. She asks Naira to get ready and join the family. Naira cries that Kartik fought with her on her birthday and didn’t even call to make up for his anger. She wants him to come back and convince her. She doesn’t want to listen to him until he realizes his mistake. She decks up and joins the family for the Ganpati puja. She welcomes the Ganpati home. She awaits Kartik’s call.

Kirti informs her that Kartik has gone to a resort to meet a surgeon for Manish’s treatment. Naira is glad to know that Kartik considered the surgery option. She wishes that Kartik understands what’s good for Manish. She asks Kirti why is Aditya calling her. Kirti tries to hide the incoming call. Naira tells her that the matter isn’t hidden to her. Kirti tells her that Aditya is blackmailing her for no reason. Naira suggests her to file a FIR against him. She tells Kirti that if she catches Aditya, she will bash him up.

She wants to know why is Aditya troubling Kirti. Naksh doesn’t overhear their entire conversation. Naira and Kirti get tensed. Naksh thinks they are talking about Kartik. He tells Kirti that Naira has a right to beat up Kartik, even he will vent his anger on Kartik this time, since Kartik is behaving insensitive. Naira gets relieved. Kirti doesn’t want Naira to tell him about Aditya.

Furthermore, Chori cheers up the elders when they lose hope and cry on Naira’s sorrow. She asks them to have faith on Ganpati if they brought him home. She tells them that they should leave all the tensions and be happy. The elders like her advice. Later, Naira feels Kartik has come to meet her. She gets surprised when Gayu arrives. Gayu feels stomach ache, but dismisses the stress. She visits Singhanias. She tells Naira that she was missing her a lot. She reacts angrily when Naira acts caring like Samarth. Gayu tells that too much care makes her feel suffocated. She wants to have some good time with the family.

Naksh makes an outing plan with his sisters. He tells them that they shall think of their problems and make a plan. Naira suggests a plan and gets Kirti involved. Kirti makes Kartik realize his mistake by enacting the same way like him. She wants Kartik to get back Naira to Goenka house. Kartik agrees to apologize to Naira.

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YRKKH Naksh Kirti Naira plan to stir Kartik 3rd Sept


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