Naagin 5 Barrister Babu Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming twists

Naagin 5 Barrister Babu Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming twists

Naagin 5 Barrister Babu Pavitra Bhagya Upcoming twists Veer forcibly marries Bani in the upcoming track. Veer’s lookalike was killed by her. He is still alive and still adamant to get her. Bani got to know Veer’s truth. They have a battle but she fails in getting rid of mad Veer. Veer threatens her and forces her for the marriage. Bani is shocked that things have changed completely in a day. Veer is obsessed with her. He wants to win her love.

Barrister Babu:
Brij fools Bondita and makes her enter the dark room, where he passes the signal to her by putting the oil in the lamp. He asks her to read the shloks so that he can fool the devotees and get money. Bondita gets tricked by him for the sake of Sampoorna’s problem. She wants to help Sampoorna and save her marriage so that the dowry problem doesn’t arise again. Bondita doesn’t know that Brij is taking an advantage of her innocence.

Trilochan also gets fooled along with other devotees. Brij gets rich and wants Bondita to play the same drama the next day. Saudamini and Anirudh come closer. She emotionally blackmails him. He feels bad seeing her getting depressed. He promises to give her much time. Anirudh wants to be with Bondita after he is done with Sampoorna’s wish fulfilling. Bondita wonders how will she lie to Anirudh and come to Brij to obey Kanha’s instructions.

Bondita comes home running after Anirudh reaches. She sees Batuk gone and sits in her place. Anirudh meets her and finds her studying. He goes to check her homework. She gets tensed that her lie will be caught. He calls everyone to reveal Bondita’s smartness in doing her homework. Trilochan and Binoy get a chance to ask if she has spoiled anything. Binoy taunts Bondita for always spoiling things. Anirudh sings her praise.

Pavitra Bhagya:
Praniti fainted on the night when the hotel was raised. She gains consciousness. Reyansh wonders why is he feeling bad when Praniti is moving on in life. He gets emotional. Jugnu gets happy to see Reyansh caring for Praniti. Praniti is shocked to see Reyansh with her. They have a romantic moment. Praniti gets worried thinking of the hotel raid. She is confused. Reyansh wants to tell her that she was caught there in the raid. He doesn’t want to hurt her feelings.

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