Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd September 2020 Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd September 2020 Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd September 2020 Review Update on Read Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 September 2020 (22/09/2020) Written Updates The Goenkas receive a shocking news while awaiting their beloved family member Kartik. They want to find out where did he go after meeting Krishna. Dadi is upset that Kartik has to leave the family and rush to see Krishna. Naira is troubled after the scary nightmare where she has seen Kartik dead. She wants to find out where is Kartik. She wishes to see him soon.

She doesn’t want her nightmare to turn true at any cost. Dadi and entire family try to gather information about Kartik. They fail miserably. They get a shocker when the police arrives home and informs them about finding Kartik’s abandoned car on the highway. The police announces Kartik missing, which worries the family. The family doesn’t know if he got kidnapped or fell in a worse situation. They want the police to find him at the earliest.

The police assures to find him soon and makes a leave just before Naira reaches to know about Kartik. Naira feels tensed and pacifies herself. She questions the family about Kartik. The family doesn’t want her to know anything that can shock her senses. They try to behave normal and lie to her that Kartik had come at night, and left in the morning to arrange a surprise for her. Naira cries out of worry, feeling uneasy and unhappy within.

She tells Dadi that she just wants Kartik, no surprise can give her any joy like his presence. She wants to see him fine in front of her. Dadi feels helpless to keep the lie. The family tries hard to convince Naira that Kartik is fine, he had come home and went sometime back. Naira demands them to tell the truth. Kartik sends a surprise for Naira. She sees the beautifully decorated cot for the baby and recalls Kartik’s promise.

She feels happy, but is still worried for him. She learns that Kartik didn’t visit the shop in the morning, but few days back. She gets panicking that he didn’t come home at night. She asks the family to share the truth with her. The family then unveils the truth that Kartik is missing and police is searching for him. Naira breaks down knowing the shocking news. She asks them about Krishna’s parents.

Akhilesh tells her that Mr. Desai isn’t answering his calls. Naira suspects that something has happened to Kartik that he isn’t responding to her calls and messages. She tells Dadi that she isn’t feeling good, she will go and find out Kartik. Dadi asks her to send Akhilesh and Samarth at Mr. Desai’s house. Naira wants to go there herself and find out the truth. Dadi sends Samarth to accompany her. Samarth assures that he will take care of Naira. Samarth and Naira reach Desai house to find out Kartik’s information, since he has been there lastly.

Akhilesh and Surekha shed tears on seeing Suwarna struggling to console Manish, who is also adamant to speak to Kartik. They know that the family is nothing without Kartik. They make a prayer to find Kartik soon. Manish and Dadi get inconsolable and want Kartik back. Naira meets Desai and his wife, who try hard to lie about Kartik. Naira falls into their trap. She doesn’t know that they are hiding something. Mrs. Desai pretends normalcy.

She adds that Kartik had visited Krishna last night and left soon. Naira wants to ask Krishna itself. She demands them to bring Krishna in front of her. Naira gets to see Krishna who appears happy with her parents. She asks Krishna about her call for help, which made Kartik leave the house in a hurry. Krishna tells her that she got locked in a dark room and was scared for her life, this made her call Kartik. She finds it silly that she didn’t reach her parents for help. She covers up the truth by this story.

On the other side, we see Naksh and Kirti planning to welcome their son Krish home. Kirti covers up their issues from the family. She tries to spread laughter. She hopes Krish doesn’t sense the tension between Naksh and her. The family shares a light moment.

Furthermore, Naira doesn’t know if Krishna is saying the truth. Krishna can’t tell her what had happened with Kartik, being afraid for Naira’s life. She sends away Naira safely home. Naira begins her search for Kartik. She decides to leave the house and not return until she gets Kartik with her. She doesn’t share her decision with the family. She takes their blessings and leaves without informing them. The search track will be seen now. Will Naira find Kartik? What happened with Kartik? What is Krishna hiding? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd September 2020 Update: 4/5
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