Yeh Rishta 26th September Kartik makes a big sacrifice

Yeh Rishta 26th September Kartik makes a big sacrifice

Yeh Rishta 26th September Kartik makes a big sacrifice to save Krishna and Naira. Naira finds the water supply. She thinks if the water will be safe for the baby. She imagines Kartik who warns her against risking the baby’s life for his sake. She wants to have the water to pacify the baby. She fails to get the water from the pump. She gets hopes when she sees a running tap. She gets the water filtered by a kerchief and consumes water.

She gets happy to feel the baby kick. She is thankful that the baby is supporting her so much. She doesn’t want anything to happen to her daughter. She decides to find some way to buy baby needs. She thinks she can sell her gold ring and get some money. Kartik is still unconscious in the truck. Krishna struggles with the fraud people. Kartik gains consciousness. He looks for Krishna. He gets worried on seeing the gun with the fraud people.

He decides to be careful since he has to save Krishna. He signals Krishna to come to him. Krishna sees him fine and wants to help him. Naira looks for some food to feed the baby. Krishna makes an excuse to go to Kartik. She unties Kartik and frees him. He asks Krishna if her fraud parents harmed her. She tells that she is not hurt. He tells that they have one chance to run away. He wants her to trust him, he will take her to Naira soon.

He doesn’t want her to stay scared. He takes Krishna with her. He attempts to rescue Krishna. The Desai family see them escaping and following them. Naira reaches there and misses to see Kartik. She finds his wallet. She gets glad to know that she is on the right track to find him. She looks for him. Kartik takes Krishna at the jungle area. Naira’s phone gets stolen and is switched off. The police fails to track her.

On the other hand, the Inspector informs Goenka family that Naira can’t be tracked right now. He tells that Kartik is being searched. He asks them to take help of social media to find Naira, who isn’t kidnapping. The family panics for both Kartik and Naira. Kartik and Krishna hide from Desai. Moreover, Kartik gets to see Naira searching for him. He realizes that she is there just for him. He feels sorry that he can’t risk her life by going to her. He wishes to safeguard Naira and the baby first. He thinks its not wise to take a big risk.

He feels Naira has come too far for his sake, but he is helpless to stay away from her. He cries on finding her crying. He feels responsible for the safety of three lives. Desai catches Krishna and Kartik at gun point. Kartik surrenders to distract them. He doesn’t want the kidnappers to see Naira and kidnap her. He thought he will make Krishna run away. He fails to save Krishna. Krishna sees Naira. Kartik doesn’t want her to mention Naira’s name.

Furthermore, Kartik and Krishna are taken back to the truck. Naira gets some money in Kartik’s wallet. She buys some food to feed her baby in womb. Kartik sees Naira eating the food at some stall. He worries for her. He doesn’t disclose anything. He tells Krishna that he couldn’t put their lives in risk. He wants to take all the danger on himself. Krishna gets an idea to show the way to Naira by throwing her belongings. Naira gets informed about the girl in the truck. She follows the truck. She gets Krishna’s belongings.

She realizes that Krishna has trying to seek her help. She takes help from a local man. She gets the address of a factory, where some illegal businesses are run. Naira worries for Kartik and Krishna’s lives. She decides to take the big risk and reach the factory. Will Naira be able to save Kartik and Krishna? Keep reading. Watch the episode in pictures below.

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