Anupama 13th October 2020 Written Update Heartbreaking twist

Anupama 13th October 2020 Written Update Heartbreaking twist

Anupama 13th October 2020 Written Update Heartbreaking twist Anupama is restless that Baa asked her to remove the new nuptial chain. She tells Baa about the broken chain. Baa is worried to know the big bad omen. She scolds Anupama for being careless. Bapu ji defends Anupama. Vanraj asks Baa not to get upset. He tells that the chain broke by his mistake. He asks Baa not to speak about bad omen, since he has pacified Anupama by trying his best.

Baa tells that he is loving Anupama a lot these days, just like the new generation lovers Paritosh and Kinjal. She asks Vanraj to do as he likes. She is upset with them. Anupama is also upset. She feels Baa is right, its really a bad omen. Vanraj asks Anupama not to take any tension and enjoy the functions. The family gets ready to celebrate the haldi function. Nandini is much sad thinking of Kavya, who is backstabbing Anupama. Nandini wants to save Anupama’s marriage.

Paritosh gets Vanraj for the haldi. Kavya is impressed with Vanraj’s look. She compliments him. Kinjal and Pakhi get Anupama for the function. Devika also comes to grace the function. Kavya wishes she could make an entry with Anupama. She joins Anupama. Nandini knows why is Kavya doing this. Everyone doesn’t think of Kavya’s bad intentions.


Anupama gets more family members on her side. Dolly and Kavya join Vanraj. Kavya tells that she is Vanraj’ friend and will always support him. Baa and Bapu ji make the shagun first by applying haldi to Anupama. Kavya wants the haldi too. She thinks who would apply it to her. She takes some haldi to apply herself. Nandini stops her from applying the haldi. She asks Kavya to come for the dance.

Kavya tries hard to get the haldi. Kavya goes to apply haldi to Anupama in anger, when she sees Vanraj’s name on Anupama’s hand. She tries to apply a lot of haldi to her hand to erase Vanraj’s name. She demands Vanraj to apply haldi to her. Vanraj tells her that she needs to wait until the function ends. Kavya doesn’t listen to him. She tells him that she wants the haldi at any cost. She demands him to either apply the haldi in front of everyone or come to her room. Kavya makes a leave. Vanraj makes an excuse to leave. He follows Kavya.

He applies haldi to Kavya romantically. They don’t care to get caught by someone. Kavya hugs him. Devika’s clothes get spoiled by the haldi. Anupama asks her to rush and clean the clothes before it catches a stain. Devika reaches Pakhi’s room and finds it locked. She doesn’t know that Vanraj and Kavya are inside. Vanraj gets alert. Devika goes to some other room. Vanraj and Kavya make a leave. Vanraj and Anupama give a performance together and get praised.

Nandini feels sorry for Anupama, knowing Vanraj is cheating her. She breaks the truth to Paritosh about Vanraj and Kavya’s marriage. Paritosh is shocked to know his dad’s biggest mistake. Nandini asks him to find some way to stop the marriage, without letting Anupama know. Paritosh had no idea that Vanraj can take such a step. A big shock will be ruining Anupama’s happiness. Anupama marries Vanraj once again. Vanraj marries Kavya as well. Anupama gets heartbroken on knowing about his marriage with Kavya.

She finds Vanraj and Kavya together, sharing a love confession moment. Her joyful day with golden memories turns out bitter with this shock. Vanraj breaks her trust and also their relation. Anupama realizes that Vanraj was cheating on her since years. She finds it hard to digest. What will be Anupama’s decision on knowing his big cheat? Keep reading.

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