Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st October 2020 Pinjara Upcoming

Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st October 2020

Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st October 2020 Pinjara Upcoming Riddhima is much relieved and happy that Vansh came in the nick of time and saved her. She finds Vansh holding the lamp in right hand and supporting her by his left hand. Ishani makes her realize that Vansh can work with both his hands with much precision. Riddhima gets a sudden realization that Vansh is ambidextrous. She is shocked to know that he can do any normal work with his left hand too.

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This makes her realize that he maybe Ragini’s killer. Vansh has saved her from the terrible fall, but he falls in her eyes. She gets a doubt on him, but still doesn’t let it break her trust. She explains her heart that she has to trust Vansh in order to make their marriage work. She finds Vansh’s goodness. She wants to believe that he is a good person.


Riddhima falls for Vansh even more thinking of his concern. Riddhima gets thinking to confess love to Vansh. She is much shocked when she gets a picture of Vansh pointing a gun at Ragini. She feels cheated by Vansh. She gets heartbroken that her love has cheated her. Fate plays a bad game with Riddhima. How will she deal with this heartbreak? Keep reading.

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Pinjara Upcoming:
Omkar asks Mayura for Agnipariksha to test her character. He wants her to prove her loyalty towards him. Mayura tells Omkar that he worships Durga as a Devi and on the other side, he insults Durga’s avatar. She asks him how can he ask her for Agnipariksha. She tells Omkar that she has loved him, but he has stained her character. She feels he has stained the pure relation of marriage. She accuses him in anger. A huge rift forms in their relationship.

Also read, India Wali Maa:

Rohan has started a garment business. He tells Kaku that he didn’t find tailors yet. Kaku tells him that its first day of Navratri. She wants him to pray for his business. She decks up a temple. She calls Rohan and Cheenu to pray. Cheenu is surprised and praises Kaku for the lovely decorations. She tells Rohan about the folk dance. Rohan tells that he knows about Garba dance.

Kaku asks Rohan didn’t he tell Cheenu about their culture. She tells the story behind the folk dance. She shows the diya, which is called Garbi. She tells that Garbi word came from the word womb. She tells that the pot is like Durga Maa’s womb and the diya is the lives of all the human kind. She tells that Devi Maa protects the human life in her womb. Cheenu likes the story and praises Kaku once again. Kaku prays that the happiness always stays in their lives.

Qurbaan Hua:

Chahat gets angry on Neil. She doesn’t want to know about her dad. She tells him that Mrs. Baig didn’t tell her anything about her dad. She tells that Mrs. Baig hates her as much as she hates Neil and his family. She tells that she has kept a condition for her. She reveals that Mrs. Baig wants her to attack Vyas to kill him, only then she will allow her to meet her dad. She tells that Mrs. Baig wants her to ruin Neil’s family entirely. Neil is shocked to know this.

Hamari Wali Good news:

Mukund compels Renuka to speak to Navya about a child. He threatens to send Renuka to her Maayka if his sister doesn’t come home. Navya finds Adi much worried. She asks him about paying the money to Alok. She tells that seven lakhs payment will leave their account empty. Adi doesn’t answer her anything.


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