Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 26th October 2020 Written Update Omkar’s confession

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 26th October 2020 Written Update Omkar's confession

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 26th October 2020 Written Update Omkar’s confession Omkar confesses to Mayura’s family that he has done a lot to keep Mayura with him. He threatens them. He tells that he can do anything for Mayura. He tells that everyone is under his control. He reveals that he masters over everyone. Mayura finds her parents hurt. She shouts to them. Mayura asks Omkar not to drag her family in between their battle.

She is worried to see her family’s pathetic condition. Omkar doesn’t listen to her. Akhilesh curses Omkar to get ruined. He knows that Omkar will be losing his ego, pride, richness, fame, and name. He blesses Mayura for gaining her inner strength. He tells that she can end Omkar if she wants. He empowers her. He tells that Mayura will ruin Omkar one day. Omkar asks Balli to take away Mayura’s family. Mayura swears to teach her a lesson.

Mayura gets accused by Omkar itself. She gets revengeful. Mayura’s family return to their home and worry for her. Akhilesh wants to take help from his bank client. Mayura wants to break the cage of beauty. On the other hand, Piyush loses his cool on being locked in his room. Mayura and Piyush angrily ruin their respective rooms. Piyush wants Omkar to free him. Megha asks her dad not to take risk. She doesn’t want them to interfere in Mayura and Omkar’s matter. Megha tells them that she will not fight for Mayura.

Akhilesh asks Megha to use her law practice in protecting her sister. Megha refuses to him. Mayura doesn’t want to lose. Sanjay tells that they will not get quiet for someone’s greed. Triveni also wants to help Mayura. Sanjay tells Akhilesh that they have to save Mayura by a proper plan. Omkar goes to speak to Piyush. Piyush regrets that Omkar is suspecting him. Omkar tries to calm Piyush’s anger. He sees the room devastated. He tells that he loves Piyush a lot, but he can’t see him misbehaving. He can’t let Piyush insult him publicly.

He explains Piyush his mistakes. Piyush tells that he has a right to question his God, if he has some complains. Omkar explains him that his nature and behavior are justified, since he was getting a doubt on Mayura. He wanted to calm his growing suspicion. He counts his favors on Piyush. He didn’t know Piyush can go against him.

He explains that his intention wasn’t wrong, he wanted to fix everything. He reveals that he has saved Mayura from the evil men who badly eyed her. He doesn’t think he did wrong. He has done everything for Mayura. He thinks he has done a husband’s duty. Piyush is shocked by his confession. Omkar wants Mayura and Piyush to understand him.

Omkar makes a story and justifies himself further. He tells Piyush that he has done everything for the sake of love. He doesn’t think he is wrong. He convinces Piyush to not interfere in his matters again. He asks him to let him handle Mayura his way. He doesn’t want Mayura to get away from his life. Piyush agrees to him. Omkar asks Piyush to hit him to vent out anger. Piyush melts his heart and hugs Omkar. He doesn’t want Omkar to hurt himself. Moreover, Mayura is still in rage. Omkar reaches her. He caresses her.

He can’t see her hurting herself and spoiling her beauty. He cares for Mayura, which leaves her surprised. Omkar asks Mayura to sleep well and rest her body. He doesn’t want her beauty to get affected by any tension. She isn’t weak or afraid. She wants to find a way to get out of the cage. After Omkar falls asleep, Mayura tries to leave from his house. She takes the keys from his pocket. She opens the door lock to go out. He gets a huge shock when Omkar appears before her and stops her from fleeing.

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