Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd November 2020 Written Update Mayura fools Omkar

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd November 2020 Written Update Mayura fools Omkar

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd November 2020 Written Update Mayura fools Omkar Omkar cages back Mayura and wants her to stay there forever. Mayura feels helpless. Piyush also fails to help her. Omkar asks his mum to let Mayura in the cage. She tells that she has called a Brahman suhagan to ward off bad sight. She tells that she will not call anyone from the society, since Mayura will get them insulted. Piyush gets the lady along.

Mayura gets to see her mum in disguise. She gets glad. She is thankful to Piyush. Mayura gets emotional on meeting her mum. Her mum blames herself. She asks her to break the marriage and come back home. She doesn’t want Mayura to ruin her life. She tells Mayura that a woman can do anything if she gets determined. She tells that Mayura should have the strength of Kaali and Durga. Mayura agrees to fight for her life. Omkar’s mum doubts on her and stops her.

Piyush doesn’t want his truth to come out. Mayura’s mum manages to leave. Mayura plays a drama to convince Omkar. She tells that she doesn’t deny that Omkar loves her. She wants to try to match their thinking. She tells Omkar that Piyush has explained her that she should think of Omkar’s perception. She asks Omkar to forgive her and give her a chance to be with him. Omkar believes Mayura’s sugary words. Mayura tells that she wants to keep a fast and make a new start.

She apologizes to him. Omkar falls in her trap after seeing her tears. He enters the cage and hugs Mayura. He tells her that he will forgive her. Mayura accepts that she was wrong. She tells that she will try to reach her aim. Piyush asks Omkar to forgive her. Omkar tells that he was waiting for his Mayura to return to him. He wants to organize Karwachauth puja at home. He tells Mayura that they will celebrate it in a grand way.

Piyush realizes that Mayura has some plans. Omkar’s mum warns him against Mayura’s changing colours. Omkar wants to trust her once. She feels Mayura will plan something. Omkar doesn’t think of it. He tells that Mayura accepted her defeat, she wants to keep the fast for him. She still wants him to be alert and not get deceived again. Mayura tells Piyush that she will run away when she gets a chance. Piyush asks her to trust him, he will set everything right. Omkar goes to check on Mayura. Omkar asks Mayura to come out of the cage and get her Sargi. Mayura continues her act. She doesn’t want to enter the cage again.

She promises herself. She shares her grief and prays. She doesn’t want to keep any fast for Omkar to pray for his long life, when the relation becomes a trap. She wants to get her freedom. Omkar gets happy. Piyush clicks Omkar and Mayura’s pictures. Mayura gets smart in handling Omkar and his mum. Omkar pampers Mayura with love again. His mum isn’t convinced. She sees Mayura using her beauty to trap Omkar. She asks Mayura to go back to the cage. Mayura doesn’t want to go back. She asks Omkar not to put her in the cage. Omkar’s mum tells that Mayura is taking an advantage of his love. Mayura pleads to Omkar. Omkar believes Mayura and goes against his mum.

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