Shakti 2nd November 2020 Written Update Virat scared to face truth

Shakti 2nd November 2020 Written Update Virat scared to face truth

Shakti 2nd November 2020 Written Update Virat scared to face truth Preeto is shattered after recalling Heer’s words. She is much worried for Heer’s future. Saaya understands her pain and pacifies her. Preeto tells that Heer has snatched her heart by her sharp accusation. She misses Heer and cries for her. Saaya apologizes to her for the curse. She regrets that she couldn’t control her anger that day. She asks Preeto to calm down.

She tells that Harman was there for Soumya, same way Virat will always be there for Heer. She doesn’t want Preeto to blame Soumya again. Virat takes Heer home. They want to make a new start. They don’t get a welcome home. Parmeet gets angry on them. She tells that Preeto has insulted them a lot. She doesn’t want to welcome Heer. She tells that she will also leave some rituals incomplete. Virat wants Heer to come in with him. Heer wants a Grahpravesh.

She tells that she wants blessings from the family. She also gets stubborn. Parmeet tells that Preeto has ruined their happiness. She wants Preeto to know the importance of rituals in a marriage. Virat doesn’t want Parmeet to hurt Heer’s feelings because of Preeto’s behavior. Sant asks Virat to get in and go upstairs before their mood changes. Virat faces much criticism. Heer tells that they will complete the final rounds by calling the pandit.

She wants to give them rights to decide for them. She asks them not to think of Preeto’s conditions. Virat wants to keep his promise. Sant asks Virat not to keep any hope from them. Heer tells Virat that she wants to have the rituals and bring happiness with her arrival. She wants to stand at the door all her life if Parmeet doesn’t welcome her. Virat tries to convince his parents. Heer asks Gurvinder to call Preeto.

Virat tells Preeto that their Grahpravesh will happen. Heer tells that Parmeet and Sant are refusing to welcome her home because of her conditions. Preeto wants Heer and Virat to come back home. She asks Virat to get Heer to her home. Parmeet didn’t know that Preeto will snatch her son. She knows Preeto is very clever. Parmeet loses her cool. She finally agrees for the Grah pravesh. Preeto tells Harak that she wants Heer to be happy.

Rohan tells that they should not interfere much in Heer’s marriage. Heer finally gets a welcome with the rituals being completed. She gets happy to get her wishful welcome. Virat is happy to see her smiling. Sant and Parmeet bless Heer. Heer wants to become their daughter. Sant clears that she will be just their Bahu. Parmeet comes to meet Preeto. She is much angry that Preeto was playing a clever game with her to make Virat distant from family.

She lectures Preeto on her cunning plotting. She asks how can they accept Heer after so much humiliation. Virat gets scared to face Heer on their wedding night. He ruins her dreams of romance. Heer’s kinner identity stops him from meeting her. Heer confronts him for ignoring her. She wants to know the reason for his distancing. How will Virat explain the truth to her? Keep reading.

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