Yeh Rishta Miracle for Kartik 1st February 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Miracle for Kartik 1st February 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Miracle for Kartik 1st February 2021 Written Update Kartik is very much angry that the hostel staff couldn’t manage Kairav well. He didn’t want Kairav to lose out. He knows that his son is already emotionally down. He tells the dean that Kairav needs extra care and also security. He feels the hostel staff is careless and didn’t look after Kairav well. He explains his tough situation. He tells them that he is a single parent, it is equally tough for him to handle his son, but he is still trying his best to comfort Kairav knowing he is a sensitive boy.

The warden requests Kartik to meet Sirat and try to explain him that Sirat isn’t Naira. Warden tells that if Kartik meets Sirat, then he will be able to clear Kairav’s misunderstanding. Kartik doesn’t think there is any need to meet Sirat now, since he has decided to take Kairav home. He feels the hostel staff isn’t able to handle Kairav’s case.


Kairav wants to tell Kartik that Sirat is really Naira. Kartik doesn’t listen to him. He removes Kairav from the hostel. He thinks Kairav will slowly forget Sirat when he takes him home. Kairav refuses to return home. He is damn sure that Sirat is his mother Naira. He wants Kartik to at least meet Sirat once. Kartik is adamant that he will not entertain Kairav’s requests. Sirat calls at the hostel to complain about Kairav, who has ruined her boxing career by his foolishness.

She learns that Kairav’s dad is taking him home. She doesn’t want to talk to Kartik, feeling the need to complain has ended. She wants to get rid of irritating Kairav. She shares her feelings with her Maudi. She tells that even though everything got ruined for her, she will never lose hope and keep trying. Meanwhile, Goenka family is happy to welcome Kairav back. Manish has realized that his decision to send Kairav away was wrong. He wants to shower all his love and care on his grandson. The family is excited and plans surprises for Kairav.

Rhea plans to marry Kartik. She has no interest in Kartik’s children. Gayu want to take responsibility of Naira’s children. She feels sorry that she had hurt Naira a lot. Kartik finally convinces Kairav to come home with him. He tells that his dad shall be enough for him, when Naira isn’t with them. He explains that he will become Kairav’s mum and dad if given a chance to prove that he can handle everything. Kairav agrees to return home. Sirat faces humiliation from Mukesh and Sheela. She decides to not let her enemies get happiness.

She doesn’t give them a chance to laugh at her misery. She takes the negative humiliation as an encouragement to do better. Maai becomes an angel in Kartik’s life. She becomes the guiding light when Kartik for someone to show him the right path. Maai wants to take him to Sirat. She asks for help, but Kartik refuses to give her the lift towards the other direction.

Kartik faces obstacles on the way. The fate brings him back to Maai. Maai tells Kartik that its a big day for him, his fate will change if he believes her. She signs him about meeting Sirat. Sheela wants Sirat to attend the Ghoomar night. She wants someone to like Sirat and send an alliance for marriage. She aims to get rid of Sirat. Sirat agrees to attend the Ghoomar event for the sake of answering her enemies. She doesn’t want to sit back at home like a loser and face the people. Kartik and Sirat finally come face to face with Maai’s efforts. Maai brings them together.

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