Yeh Rishta Kartik stern move Upcoming Star Plus update

Yeh Rishta Kartik stern move Upcoming Star Plus update

Yeh Rishta Kartik stern move Upcoming Star Plus update Sirat is in two minds about meeting the Goenkas. She tells Rohan that she is afraid to face Naira’s family, since her face will give them hope that she is Naira. She doesn’t want them to have any false hopes. She tells that maybe the family misunderstands her and snatches her real identity of Sirat. She tells him that her identity will switch to Naira the moment she meets Naira’s family. Rohan understands her concern.

He wants her to meet Goenkas once since they have come all the way from Jaisalmer for the purpose. He asks her not to lose courage and just face Kartik. He wants her to keep her word and stick to her apology goal. Sirat gains courage by his words. She proceeds to meet the family. Goenkas play basketball at home to have fun time with Kartik. They don’t know that Sirat has reached their house. Gayu makes everyone reminded of Naira. She talks of Naira, which makes Rhea upset. Rhea is tired of hearing Naira’s praise. Gayu goes out to fetch the ball on Rhea’s word.

Rhea wants to make Gayu her puppet, after knowing about Gayu’s depression. Rhea wants to control Goenka household after marrying Kartik. She fears that Sirat may ruin her dreams. Sirat meets Gayu who is much surprised to see her. Gayu believes that Sirat is Naira, who has returned from the dead. She tells Sirat that she knew that Naira will come back. She happily hugs Sirat and showers lots of love.

She also makes an apology for which she has been waiting since months. She finally gets rid of her guilt. Sirat feels that Gayu is behaving really crazy. She doesn’t want Gayu to get mistaken of her identity. She makes an escape from there before Gayu takes her to the family. Gayu rushes to the family to tell them about Naira. She informs Goenkas that she has just seen Naira at the gate. She swears that she isn’t hallucinating, Naira had really been there. She worries that Naira has left them again. The family wants to know if Sirat had come back.

Kartik admits to them that Sirat is Naira’s lookalike, she just looks exactly like Naira, but she is a different person. The family can’t believe that Sirat is Naira’s replica. Kartik realizes that Kairav isn’t at home. He goes in search for him, which ends on Sirat. Sirat tells Rohan that Gayu behaved really crazy. She doesn’t want to give sorrow to anyone after meeting them. She comes across Kairav and gets emotional. Kartik warns Sirat to stay away from their lives, since her presence hurts them more. What will Sirat do? Keep reading.

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