Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2021 Written Update Big surprise

Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2021 Written Update Big surprise

Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2021 Written Update Big surprise The orphanage officials ask Karan and Preeta to complete the adoption process. They tell that Karan and Preeta need to come to the NGO and complete the rest of the procedure whenever they get time. Karan and Preeta sign the papers of legal adoption. Karan tells that he will soon get Preeta to the NGO and complete the formalities. The lady tells Pihu that she didn’t had parents before, but now she has got her parents in the form of Karan and Preeta.

She asks Pihu to go to her parents. Pihu accepts Karan and Preeta as her parents, adding to the family’s happiness. Rakhi, Kareena and Bani wish Preeta all the very best for the new phase of her life, motherhood. Karan and Preeta get blessed for becoming parents through adoption. Sherlyn can’t stand their happiness. Will Sherlyn harm Pihu and prove Preeta a careless mother to stop the adoption? Keep reading.

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Pihu plays with a ball. She goes to Mahesh’s room to ask him to pass the ball. Mahesh teases her by taking the ball. He feels unwell. He asks her who is she. She holds him. He thanks her for saving him. He tells that he is okay thanks to her. She asks the way to go downstairs to everyone. Mahesh takes her. The family gets happy seeing Pihu bringing Mahesh out of his room. Rakhi tells that Krishna has come home in the form of Pihu. Karan and Preeta sign the papers and start the adoption process.

The lady tells that they are really lucky to get a lovely girl in their lives. Rakhi tells that adoption is a good process, many such parents and families need a child, and many children need families. The lady praises the emotional bonding in the Luthra family. Mahesh learns about the adoption. He gets surprised that Karan and Preeta will be becoming Pihu’s parents. He is delighted that Karan and Preeta finally achieved their happiness.

Pihu tells that Karan and Preeta are her friends. The lady asks them to give some time to Pihu, she will soon accept them as parents. Rakhi tells Mahesh that she told him about the girl before. Mahesh gets emotional when Pihu calls him Dada. Pihu meets the entire family. Sarla and Shrishti aren’t aware of the happenings in Luthra house. Sarla tells her that she wants to pray for Preeta.

She tells that she will pray for Shrishti as well. She gets Sameer’s call. Shrishti wonders why didn’t he call her. Rakhi and Sameer want to give the good news to Sarla. Sameer tells that its a big news. Sarla asks Rakhi what’s the matter. Rakhi tells that she has to give her a good news. She first tells her that Preeta’s test reports have come, reports aren’t in favor of Preeta, there are many complications in Preeta’s case, their hearts broke and Mahesh fell sick once again.

She tells that Kareena suggested of adoption, Karan and Preeta agreed to adopt a child, and today they got a lovely daughter in their lives. She tells them that they adopted a sweet little girl, she is really cute who won their hearts. She tells about Pihu. Sarla and Shrishti get happy with the good news. Rakhi tells that they should celebrate their new promotions in their relations. Rakhi asks them to come home and meet Pihu. Shrishti wants to meet Pihu. Sarla tells that they will be coming soon. She didn’t expect to receive such a good news on Janmashtami.

Karan and Preeta get happy spending time with Pihu. Pihu asks Rakhi to dance on Janmashtami eve. Rakhi asks Karan and Preeta to get ready for the puja. Sherlyn can’t stand their happiness. Prithvi feels wrong has happened with Sherlyn. She tells that she was happy knowing Preeta isn’t pregnant, but still the family is mad for Preeta. He tells that they thought Preeta can never get set in a rich family, but she got set so well that she had left Sherlyn upset. Sherlyn asks him not to taunt or fight.

She feels time is really going worse. She thinks to befriend Preeta. This makes Prithvi laugh. She tells that Preeta’s fate is really good, she got a baby on Janmashtami, Karan and Preeta didn’t distant because of Sonakshi. She tells that she wants Preeta dead. Prithvi hides Sherlyn from Kritika. Kritika asks him to wear the Janmashtami outfit and come downstairs. She tells him that he should meet Pihu.

The family gets into celebrations mood because of Pihu. Prithvi finds everyone happy and waiting for Pihu. He thinks Pihu gave them a new reason to smile. Sherlyn gets angry seeing Kritika romancing Prithvi. Sarla and Shrishti arrive home to meet Pihu. They get joyed up seeing the bundle of cuteness, Pihu. Sarla gets emotional. She tells that she is her Nani. She feeds the butter to Pihu. Sarla and Shrishti make a bond with Pihu. Keep reading.

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  1. Looking forward for the happy days of the Luthra family especially the threesome Preeta, Karan and Pihu’s bonding time. Expecting Sherlyn to take a good lesson on becoming humble and change her attitude. Kritika should sense the foul play of Prithvi and start investigation on his ways.

  2. Finally!Finally!! Am So Happy To See PreeRan So Happy & have rest Of Mind & also the entire luthras family.Am so exciting to see cute & lovely pihu bringing goodluck for PreeRan in Their Love Story.but In OtherHand am Scared that sherlny may Harm pihu in Anyway,but I Pray That Episode Like That Will Never Show up.

  3. Comment:happy for karan and preeta to pray they stay happy always i also can wait for the next episode if pihu grows up that if notting happen to pihu or sherlyn does not harm her like hanan said

  4. dr preeta that shilpa she said for you perents and you also karan you become father I am sure that karan please be happy 😊 with pihu she is very cute I like it so much
    sherlyn if you do like this plan i don’t like it stop that and you also prithvi malthora so I am telling with you don’t do that understand that.
    kareena bua this sherlyn she went to ananya in the hospital sherlyn what she didn’t kareena bua that only sherlyn her planned hunderd percent.
    rhaki you don’t worry mahesh he will be fine
    rhaki please try to understand that.
    take care.


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