Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2021 Written Update Joy time

Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2021 Written Update Joy time

Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2021 Written Update Joy time Sarla tells Mahesh and Rakhi that everyone has a smile on their faces, she wishes that none of them catch a bad sight. Rakhi tells Sarla that the credit goes to Kareena, she had suggested them to adopt a child and complete Preeta’s life. She tells that Kareena has brought the happiness in their family. The family celebrates Janmashtami with Pihu. Karan and Preeta perform in the function.

They get glad to welcome Pihu in their family. They kiss Pihu and hug her with much warmth. Sherlyn and Prithvi stay insecure seeing Karan and Preeta’s lovely bonding and also their happiness doubled because of the little girl. Sherlyn finds Preeta winning over the family. She gets desperate to see Preeta so dead. she casts her evil sight on Preeta’s happiness. What will Sherlyn plan against Preeta and Pihu? Keep reading.

Sarla and Shrishti get happy talking to little Pihu. Shrishti tells that she doesn’t have any Krishna, so she can’t become Radha. Pihu finds Sameer as Shrishti’s Krishna. Sameer and Shrishti get into a moment. Rakhi and Preeta already know that they like each other. Kritika tells that she will help Shrishti become Radha on Pihu’s request. Sameer also happily goes to become Kanha for Pihu. Pihu bonds with the family well. The family is very happy together. Sarla is thankful to Kareena for completing Preeta’s life by bringing Pihu.


Pihu makes Shrishti deck up as Radha and Sameer as Krishna. She asks them to dance together. She tells that she loves Shrishti. She asks Sherlyn to play music for them. Bani asks Pihu to call Sherlyn as her Tai ji. Sameer and Shrishti perform in the Janmashtami function and keep Pihu’s request. Karan and Preeta also join them and dance with their little Pihu. Pihu completes the Luthra family. They all take her instructions. Shrishti asks Pihu to call her Maasi now, since she had danced for her wish. Pihu calls her Maasi.

She makes another wish that she wants to break Dahi handi. The family has a laugh hearing her innocent talks. Mahesh tells them that Pihu is showing attitude just like Karan. Pihu tells that Karan is her friend. Karan and Preeta come together for the aarti. They have a sweet nok jhok to hold Pihu’s hand first. Pihu asks them to hold their hands and not fight like kids. The family laughs. Rakhi prays for the family that they never face any sorrow. Karan and Preeta take Pihu for dahi handi after the aarti ends.

Pihu breaks the dahi handi with Karan’s help. She gets overjoyed. The family wants to hug Pihu and spend time with her. Sarla takes a leave from Luthra family. Karan and Preeta fight to get Pihu first. Their scenes get too funny and cute. Preeta wants her rights on the daughter first. Karan asks if he has no right on Pihu. He calls Mahesh to take his help. He tells that Preeta said that mother has the first right on a child. Rakhi tells Preeta is saying right. She likes their cute fights.

She tells Mahesh that Karan and Preeta will fight a lot for Pihu. Mahesh tells that they have turned mature. She doesn’t think so. Preeta makes Pihu sleep, while Karan wants Pihu on his side. Pihu keeps their hearts and comes in the middle. She likes their cute fights and smiles. Sherlyn gets jealous seeing them happy. She wants to ruin their peaceful sleep.

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  1. dr preeta you kiss with pihu we should be happy 😊 and karan please you can kiss with pihu it will look nice 👌.
    sarla you are happy with pihu.
    sarla you can give sweet for pihu she will be happy 😊.
    prithvi malthora you don’t think about sherlyn you just leave it let her do if you want i don’t care at all never.
    prithvi malthora please you new drees than you go down to celebrate krishna janmashtami.
    enjoy the day with along Luthra family.

  2. Hello tellyreviews , I have a suggestion for you why are you including the written updates of the show ‘meet ‘ with the written updates of’ kundali bhagya’?????

  3. dr preeta you are sleeping in the bed.
    dr preeta this sherlyn she didn’t her planned to pihu and also karan this prithvi malthora he took the pihu in the car so please karan you can go stop the car but you can do it.
    karan you make upest for prithvi malthora you don’t leave him you can do it.
    kareena bua this sherlyn she didn’t her planned hunderd percent that only she didn’t her planned kareena bua please you make upest for sherlyn you don’t leave him.


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