Anupama 15th September 2021 Written Update Anupama’s decision

Anupama 15th September 2021 Written Update Anupama's decision

Anupama 15th September 2021 Written Update Anupama’s decision Anuj meets the Shah family. GK tells that the halwa is really delicious. GK asks Anuj to give the gift to Anupama. Anuj gifts Anupama with love. He tells that he remembered his mum on seeing Anupama’s dance academy, he got something special from his mum’s belongings, that should belong to Anupama. Anupama accepts the gift. Anupama gets glad seeing the gift. Kavya expects some gold bangles. Vanraj asks Anupama what’s so special that she is so happy.

Anuj tells that his mum was a Kathak dancer, and got the specially crafted ghungroos, but sadly she couldn’t wear it. He asks Anupama to accept the ghungroo. Anupama thanks him for the wonderful gift. Vanraj doesn’t like it, since he never tolerated Anupama dancing with the ghungroos. Anupama tells Anuj that the ghungroos are really beautiful, its a blessing for her. Kavya asks Anuj about the deal. Anuj asks Samar to get the printouts, he will be discussing about the deal at home.

He appreciates Vanraj and Kavya for submitting a detailed presentation on a short notice. He tells that its his first project in the country. He supports Anupama’s unique ideas. Vanraj and Kavya get rejected by him. Anuj declares that he is going ahead with Anupama’s ideas. He tells that Anupama isn’t just seeing money, but also people’s welfare and blessings. He praises Anupama for her best ideas. Vanraj loses his temper. Anupama gains confidence knowing Anuj is supporting her idea.


Kavya asks Anuj if he is going to change women’s fate. Anuj tells that a man can’t do anything for a woman, a woman doesn’t need anyone’s support. He tells that his parents will be happy with his project. He asks Anupama to check the partnership deed, he will be the investor, she will be the face of the project. He asks her to discuss it with the family. He offers her an equal partnership in his five star hotel. The family gets happy knowing Anupama bagged such a big offer. Anupama takes time to digest the good news. She gets emotional. Anupama thanks him.

Samar and Kinjal see the changing times when Anupama is gifted the best ghungroos, and also received appreciation and respect from Anuj. He tells Kavya and Vanraj that they will discuss to work on his next project. Hasmukh asks them to keep coming, soon their relations will be of hearts. Leela worries on hearing this. Anuj makes a leave, while the family celebrates Anupama’s success. Vanraj insults Anupama for her friendship with Anuj. Anuj tells GK that he didn’t favor Anupama, she is really talented. GK tells that Vanraj had dominated Anupama a lot. Anuj doesn’t want to think of Anupama’s past.

He finds her a strong woman now. GK tells that Anupama is single. Anuj finds Kavya and Vanraj talented too, and thinks to hire Kavya on a job. Anuj hopes Anupama agrees to the deal. Vanraj tells Anupama that she was Anuj’s love, that’s why he has favored her ideas. Anupama feels he is really disgusting. Vanraj and Kavya enjoy Anupama’s plight. Vanraj asks Anupama why is she so angry on hearing the truth. Anupama feels he has stooped low. Anupama reprimands them for using her ideas to balance their lives. She shows him the real place.

She tells that her idea was better than Vanraj’s idea, that’s why she bagged the offer. Kavya tells that no other businessman would have accepted her idea. Anupama clears that Kavya was trying hard to befriend Anuj. She asks Vanraj to at least respect relations and limit his dirty thinking. She doesn’t want taunts from the family. Leela also questions Anupama about Anuj, hurting Anupama’s sentiments. Vanraj asks Anupama to refuse to Anuj’s offer. Anupama doesn’t listen to Vanraj. Leela also wants Anupama to refuse and not keep any terms with Anuj.

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  1. Who is that vanraj to tell her 😡😡 he don’t have any rights
    And that toshuu someone slap him
    When he said that `mamiyo ka koi dost nahi hota ‘ i was so oooo angry was about to break the tv

    Anuj and anupama☺️ wow thier relationship
    And this baa,toshu,vanraj comes in between
    Tang addane aah jate hai.

    Anupama must have slapped vanraj


    We want anuj and anupama to get married 🤩🤩
    Plz 🥺🥺


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