Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th September Written Update Saransh is back

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th September Written Update Saransh is back

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th September Written Update Saransh is back Rudra and Prisha get glad to find their Saransh back. Prisha tells Rudra how fate has brought Saransh back to her. She adds that Ahana was going to take Saransh away from them forever. She learnt the truth of Ahana’s entire plan, with Gopal’s help. Prisha restores her faith on Rudra, knowing his every move was taken for Saransh. Saransh is back in the family. Rudra emotionally hugs Saransh. Armaan calls Sania to reprimand her for crashing his wedding. He asks her why didn’t she lock up Rudra and stop him from reaching the wedding.

Sania apologizes to him. Sania tells that Rudra fled. He tells her that Rudra and Prisha have got their Saransh back. He doesn’t want Prisha to know his truth, else Prisha will hate him. Sania tells him that they will never know the truth, she will change the game into their favor once again. He asks her to go ahead. Rudra asks Saransh to talk to him. He finds Saransh not recognizing them.

Prisha tells that Ahana had erased Saransh’s memory as well, along with the face change. She tells that they will try to remind the past to Saransh. Rudra feels sorry. He decides to not spare Ahana after knowing her big crime. He doesn’t want to forgive Ahana. Sania tries to win their trust, by bringing Ahana and Mishka to Rudra.


She asks Rudra to punish the evil duo. She tells Rudra that she wants to rectify her mistakes. Rudra understands that its Sania’s plan. Sania tells that she has changed seeing Rudra’s true love for Prisha. She accepts defeat and declares that she will unite Rudra and Prisha. Rudra doesn’t want to believe Sania. Sania reveals that she knew how to reach Ahana and capture her. Rudra asks Ahana why isn’t Saransh identifying them. Ahana admits her crime that she had drugged Saransh to wipe out his memory. Armaan gets Ahana arrested to win Prisha’s faith. He doesn’t want Prisha to go with Rudra. Armaan stops Prisha and adds that he won’t permit her to go away with Rudra. Rudra and Prisha receive a shock on hearing him. Keep reading.

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