Kundali Bhagya 17th September 2021 Written Update Sona wants Karan

Kundali Bhagya 17th September 2021 Written Update Sona wants Karan

Kundali Bhagya 17th September 2021 Written Update Sona wants Karan Kritika and Sameer share the matter with Shrishti. Shrishti can’t believe that Karan was accused for kidnapping. Sameer feels that Sonakshi would never leave from their house. Kritika tells that Sonakshi and her dad’s relation ended. Shrishti asks them to send away Sonakshi. Kritika tells that they can’t oust Sonakshi, she isn’t well. She asks Shrishti to suggest some idea. Shrishti doesn’t have any plan. Kareena asks Bani why did she support Preeta. Bani knows Kareena is upset.

She tells that Sonakshi’s life is ruined because of Karan, Sonakshi saved him from the police. Kareena asks her to understand Sonakshi’s truth. She tells that they should have sent Sonakshi to her home or anywhere else. Bani wants Sonakshi to stay with them. Kareena tells that its a big mistake. Bani asks her if she has no courage to meet Sonakshi’s eyes, after all she has snatched Sonakshi’s daughter by her lies. Kareena tells that she has no problem with Sonakshi. Karan asks Preeta not to get attached with Sonakshi, she isn’t right.

She tells him that Sonakshi saved him from the police. He tells that Sonakshi and her dad got the police, they are the root of all the problems. Kareena’s fear turn out to be true. The flashback scene shows Yashvardhan and Sonakshi’s conversation. Yashvardhan finds Sonakshi crying a lot. His heart melts for his daughter. He promises her that he will get back Pihu for her, without thinking of his respect or name. He can’t see Sonakshi in sorrow. Sonakshi shocks him by her demand. She tells him that she doesn’t want Pihu, she just wants Karan.


Yashvardhan can’t believe her wish for Karan. He asks her if she loves Karan. She tells him that she loves only Karan, she wants him, Karan means the world to her and will always do. She begs him to get Karan for her. Yashvardhan feels helpless knowing Karan is now married to Preeta. Pihu comes home after enjoying an outing. Karan and Preeta get glad seeing her smile. Pihu tells them that she had been with Sonakshi, who bought some balloons for her.

Karan and Preeta receive a shock and wonder how did Sonakshi buy balloons for Pihu, when she isn’t able to walk and go out. They turn worried. Sonakshi’s agenda finally gets cleared, that she wants Karan. Sonakshi and Yashvardhan plotted everything to separate Karan and Preeta, so that Sonakshi marries Karan. Sonakshi turns out to be another Mahira, who was supported by her mum Ramona. Isn’t the show getting too repetitive? Keep reading for a full update.

Kundali Bhagya 17th September 2021 Written Update Sona wants Karan:

Prithvi meets Sherlyn. He romances her, while she gets tensed that anyone can see them together. She is irritated by him. She tells that she doesn’t want disturbance, she is thinking of Sonakshi, who is really cunning. He tells her that if she is mean, then it doesn’t mean that every girl is mean like her. He tells that Sonakshi isn’t any game planner, she is really sweet. Sherlyn asks him not to flirt with every girl. She sees Sonakhi’s truth already. He tells her that Sonakshi went against her dad and saved Karan from the arrest, her dad broke relations with her and left.

She tells that Yashvardhan should have not taken her along. He tells that he would come to take her. She tells that they are planning some game, they will know it. He tells that Sonakshi loves Karan, she has no other motive. She tells that Sonakshi isn’t any helpless woman. He asks her to leave Sonakshi on her own and just think of herself. Karan feels Preeta upset. She is feeling guilty that she had called Sonakshi from behind and the latter met with an accident. She tells that Sonakshi saved him, her dad abandoned her forever because of them. He tells her that she shouldn’t feel guilty all the time.

He is fed up hearing the same goodness lecture all the time. She asks him if he suspects Sonakshi. He tells that its not Preeta’s mistake behind Sonakshi’s matter. She asks him if he is saying everything to make her feel good. He tells her that she is really good, she has thought a lot for Sonakshi already. He feels Sonakshi has brought a storm in their lives. He tells that he is talking to Preeta angrily just because of Sonakshi, who isn’t letting peace enter his mind. Sonakshi’s real intentions come to the core, when she is alone in the room and thinks of Karan. She turns out to be Karan’s another obsessed lover.

Karan wants Preeta to stop discussing Sonakshi. He asks her to just promise him, she will not keep thinking of Sonakshi. Preeta promises him. He just wants peace in their lives, knowing happiness will come with Pihu. He tells Preeta that its better if Sonakshi is away from their lives. Preeta needs to understand this. He confesses his love for Preeta and hugs her. Karan and Preeta’s photo frame falls and breaks. Sonakshi tells that it had to break some day or the other. She fakes her goodness in front of everyone.

Preeta and Karan spend quality time. Meanwhile, Shrishti returns home from shopping. She asks Sarla her opinion about Sonakshi, because she herself feels that Sonakshi is a cunning woman. Sarla tells that even she felt Sonakshi’s love and care for Pihu was fake, she was shedding fake tears in front of the family. She doesn’t believe Sonakshi. Shrishti asks her to alert Preeta about Sonakshi. Sarla tells that its no use to tell Preeta, she is good-hearted and doesn’t suspect anyone.

Shrishti informs her that Yashvardhan has ended ties with Sonakshi and left her in the Luthra house. Sarla feels Preeta should see the truth herself and realize Sonakshi’s wrong before its too late. She asks Shrishti to pray that Preeta gets some smartness to differentiate between right and wrong. Shrishti wants to know Sonakshi’s truth. Sarla tells that Sonakshi is a wrong person in the Luthras, she has surely come to create a rift between Karan and Preeta. Preeta asks Karan why didn’t he go to pick Pihu from the school. He tells that Rakhi and Mahesh have gone to pick her, he couldn’t refuse to them.

Preeta shows him attitude, and tells that she learnt it from him. Karan laughs on her attitude. She asks him not to make fun of him. He tells that everyone’s wives and babes know his charm. She tells that he has fallen in love just with her, because she is so amazing. He reminds that she fell in love on first sight with him. They reminisce the sweet moments of the past. They pull each other’s leg. She gets jealous when he talks of his ex. She tells that she will not forgive the girl who tries to come in his life and create problems for them. Pihu comes home and rushes to Karan and Preeta.

She tells them that Sonakshi has given her the balloons and asked her to thank. Preeta tells her about Ganpati’s arrival home. Sonakshi is still on the wheelchair. Sherlyn asks her why is Karan so important for her that she ended her relations with her dad. Sonakshi tells that she saved Karan for Preeta’s sake, she is indebted towards Preeta for her true support. She asks Sherlyn to believe her. Sherlyn asks her to keep her stories to herself. She questions Sonakshi her motives. Sonakshi tells that she will leave the country in some days. Sherlyn asks her to confess the truth. Sonakshi doesn’t answer her. Sherlyn keeps an eye on her. Sonakshi hides Yashvardhan’s incoming call. Sherlyn suspects Sonakshi’s big game.

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  2. sonakshi you know that karan he will not talk to you sonakshi that karan he gets upest because of you sonakshi so please change your topic understand that dr preeta please you don’t talk with sonakshi I don’t like it if risbhah he come what will do you can’t do anything never dr preeta please try to understand that.
    dr preeta but you can do it.
    dr preeta you say for sonakshi go back his house don’t waste the time okay.
    now itself.

  3. This so crazy. Repetitive. Come on. Same story line again. How many more crazy girls for Karan
    N Rishab out of the picture. Sonar go to London and get a new life.
    Why is Kareena always staying at her mother’s house? No story there?
    Mahesh accident story is forgotten n Sherlyns lies?

  4. This so crazy. Repetitive. Come on. Same story line again. How many more crazy girls for Karan
    N Rishab out of the picture. Sonar go to London and get a new life.
    Why is Kareena always staying at her mother’s house? No story there?
    Mahesh accident story is forgotten n Sherlyns lies?


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