Udaariyaan 20th September 2021 Written Update Simran’s entry

Udaariyaan 20th September 2021 Written Update Simran's entry

Udaariyaan 20th September 2021 Written Update Simran’s entry Fateh gets to catch Buzo and Tejo together in the kitchen. He gets mistaken of their relation since his mind is filled with filth already. He is cheating Tejo, and assumes that even she is cheating him by having an affair with Buzo. He first thinks that Tejo has decided to give him divorce easily because she also wants to marry Buzo. He wonders about her step to change her decision. He thinks about Tejo and Buzo’s relationship and its future if the divorce doesn’t happen. While he is occupied with his thoughts, he spots Buzo and Tejo together.

Buzo learns that Tejo isn’t giving the divorce to Fateh and wants to fight for her relation, by going against Fateh and Jasmin. He learns of Jasmin’s evil plans how Jasmin has made Fateh against Tejo in the dead rat’s chapter. Buzo supports Tejo’s decision. He always knew that Jasmin isn’t right for Fateh. Buzo holds Tejo when she cries and consoles her like a good friend. Fateh thinks they are share a hug while the family is away. He thinks Tejo has brought her affair inside the house, by calling her lover home. He gets outraged at the sight. He shouts angrily, while Buzo gets scared of his anger. Fateh drags Buzo out of the kitchen and questions him.

He asks Buzo if he comes home just to meet Tejo. He reprimands Buzo for carrying the affair at home. He wants Buzo to leave the house. He yells at Tejo to know the truth. He asks Tejo if she will hide the truth from the family forever. He asks her to tell the truth to the entire family that she has an affair with Buzo. Tejo weeps in sorrow, but decides to answer him. She wonders how will she take Simran’s name. Fateh accuses Tejo for being characterless and cheating him. The entire family witnesses the drama.


Simran makes an entry in the house and tells Fateh that she will tell them the truth. Simran’s entry brings a shocker for the entire family. Khushbeer, Gurpreet, Biji and Fateh are left stunned by Simran’s coming. Simran will be revealing about Buzo and her relationship, and her stay in the nearby pind, where Tejo used to visit her. Simran and Candy’s coming to clear Fateh’s dirty mind. Fateh realizes that Tejo has done everything for the sake of his sister. He isn’t able to forgive himself.

He tells Tejo that she has done much for his family and he is much grateful to her. He thanks her for acting as his wife and attending an important function to keep his family respect. Fateh melts his heart towards Tejo once the misunderstandings get cleared. Jasmin barges into their room and drags Fateh out with her, telling him that its time that they tell the world that she is his wife. Jasmin wants Fateh to marry her, by leaving Tejo at once. What will Fateh do? Keep reading.

Udaariyaan 20th September 2021 Written Update Simran’s entry:

Fateh worries that Jasmin served the spicy snacks to Khushbeer’s friends. Fateh rushes inside the house to check. Khushbeer’s friends like the snacks a lot and praises Jasmin. Fateh gets confused. Khushbeer sends off his friends. Jasmin asks Khushbeer for her reward. Biji tells Jasmin that she doesn’t deserve anything, Tejo cooked the snacks, else Khushbeer’s respect would have lowered in front of his friends. She asks Jasmin why isn’t she telling them the truth, will she fool everyone like she fooled Tejo. She scolds Jasmin. She tells the family that she has seen Tejo cooking the snacks.

She reprimands Jasmin for not doing anything well. She asks Jasmin to go and thank Tejo for saving her. Biji tells Gurpreet that very soon Fateh will know Tejo’s worth. Fateh consoles Jasmin and applauds her for attempting to win everyone’s heart. Jasmin tells him that his family saw her bad cooking skills, but didn’t see her burnt hand. She tells him that nothing can change till Tejo is in the house, Tejo did this just to insult her. He tells her that Tejo did this to save the family and Jasmin’s respect. She tells him that Tejo had to act great, she asked Biji to load her with the cooking burden.

She tells him that Tejo knows well that she doesn’t know cooking, she intentionally did this to insult her. Fateh gets provoked. He goes to tell the family that they can’t treat Jasmin badly. He tells that a good wife doesn’t need to prove herself by cooking well. He defends Jasmin who got her hand burnt while attempting to cook. Biji praises Tejo for cooking for them since day one. Khushbeer also sings Tejo’s praise, who has done a lot for the family. Fateh asks them to open eyes and understand that Tejo is fooling all of them.

Khushbeer rebukes him for arguing with his dad for a girl’s sake. He leaves the food. Tejo reaches out to Khushbeer to convince him to have food. She asks Khushbeer not to make Jasmin succeed by getting troubled. He tells that Fateh has turned ill-mannered by being with Jasmin. Gurpreet makes Fateh go back to Jasmin and chant her name. She warns him to not misbehave with his dad ever. Khushbeer agrees to have food for Tejo’s sake. Gurpreet tells Fateh that Tejo just kept Khushbeer’s respect, she has done everything for the family.

She warns Fateh that she will not tolerate Jasmin insulting their family. She warns Jasmin against creating a rift between Fateh and Khushbeer. Jasmin blames Tejo for the entire mess. She tells that Tejo is so clever to break Fateh from his family. She accuses Tejo for planting the dead rat in the room to frame her. She tells that Tejo wants to force him to return to her, she has called off the divorce because she loves him. Fateh doesn’t think Tejo loves him, because she loves Buzo. He feels fooled that he believed Tejo. He goes to confront Tejo. He asks Tejo about her game to plant the dead rat.

He tells her that he met the man from whom she bought the dead rat. Tejo can’t believe his madness to believe Jasmin’s plans. He accuses Tejo for insulting Jasmin. He asks her if she is impressing the family by her cooking skills. He questions her about calling off the divorce. He wants to know the reason. She tells that he has got blind in his love. He asks her if she can’t tolerate to see him with Jasmin, because she loves him. She asks him not to give importance to himself, she has torn the divorce papers just to stay in the house and see him regretting.

She tells that she knows her sister well, Fateh doesn’t know anything about Jasmin’s truth. She wants to see how Fateh’s life becomes a drama to laugh upon, because of Jasmin. She tells him that Jasmin is his life’s biggest mistake, she wants to see him crying on his mistake. She clears that he never deserved her love, she doesn’t want him back. She tells that his repenting will be something worth watching. He calls it a dream for her.

He tells her that Jasmin and he will stay happy together. She warns him that his happiness and misunderstanding will end soon. She asks him to know who was playing a game and why. She leaves him with a good advice. He asks her to gather empty bottles and break it to lessen his pain when his mind gets cleared. Tejo feels hurt. Simran wants to speak to Tejo once. She is worried that Tejo isn’t answering her calls. She asks Buzo to meet Tejo and make them talk once. Buzo tells that he doesn’t want to face Fateh. She pleads him to go home and find out. Buzo agrees for her sake. Fateh gets proving to Tejo that he is happy with Jasmin.

He gets gifts for Jasmin. Tejo feels sad. Fateh plans to surprise Jasmin. He decorates the room for Jasmin. Buzo comes home to meet Tejo. Mahi tells him that Tejo is in the kitchen. Buzo finds Tejo crying. She asks about Simran and Candy. She apologizes for not answering Simran’s call. He tells that Simran is too worried for her, they should talk once. He finds Tejo strong to smile after facing so much. He asks Tejo not to tolerate Jasmin.

Tejo breaks down when she gets reminded of Fateh and Jasmin’s affair. Buzo consoles her. Fateh finds them together, and creates a big scene. Gurpreet happens to come at the same time, and sights Fateh’s rage at Tejo. She doesn’t know the truth either. She tells Fateh that she should have believed him before. She adds that she has seen Buzo and Tejo together today, and now there is nothing left to get certain. Gurpreet also gets against Tejo.

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