Udaariyaan 21st September 2021 Written Update Peak drama

Udaariyaan 21st September 2021 Written Update Peak drama

Udaariyaan 21st September 2021 Written Update Peak drama Tejo gives a befitting reply to Fateh when he suspects her. Tejo makes it clear that he will regret a lot for his mistakes, and she will wait for the day to see his tears. She wants to see his tears of repentance. Fateh’s mood gets ruined because of Tejo when he plans the romantic surprise for Jasmin. He didn’t know that she will be calling Buzo home to make him jealous. He is doing wrong with her, but gets too furious when he finds her with someone. Though he has no right to get angry on her, even if she has a relation with anyone, he acts like a dominating controlling husband, just to prove to the family that Tejo is also cheating on him.

He wants to prove to the family that Tejo isn’t any obedient wife, but a fraud who is fooling all of them. He thinks his relations with his family will get better if he proves Tejo wrong. Gurpreet comes in Fateh’s words, when she finds Tejo with Buzo. Gurpreet and Fateh are the only two who suspect Tejo, while Khushbeer and family believe Tejo’s good conduct and character. Fateh creates the unwanted drama to question Tejo about her assumed affair. He leaves Tejo speechless by his dirty remarks. He leaves his best friend ashamed by his mentality.

Buzo doesn’t know how to tell him about Simran. Fateh wants Tejo to answer him and the entire family. He compels Tejo to speak up if she is righteous. Simran’s stay in the pind isn’t known to the family. Simran’s truth is just known to Buzo and Tejo. None of the Virk family could imagine Simran’s coming to defend Tejo. This becomes like an unexpected shocker for the family. Will it be really Simran or someone else? The track ahead brings Fateh’s repentance towards Tejo for his wrong mistakes. It will be worth a watch to see Fateh’s heart getting inclined towards Tejo’s goodness, while Jasmin tries hard to hold him along. Keep reading to know the peak drama coming up.


Buzo wants Fateh to listen to him once. Fateh asks him to get lost from his house, before he punches his face. Fateh asks Tejo how will she hide her romance. Khushbeer and Dada ji take a stand for Tejo, but Gurpreet supports Fateh. Gurpreet tells them that she has also seen Tejo and Buzo together in the kitchen. Tejo tells them that Buzo was just consoling her when she was crying. Fateh asks her not to fool them further. Jasmin likes the drama, seeing her sister getting defamed. Khushbeer asks what had happened. Fateh asks Tejo to tell the truth to the family. He yells at Tejo and demands the truth.

Finally, Simran’s entry happens in the house. The family can’t believe Simran’s return. They get too happy seeing Simran back. Gurpreet, Fateh, Mahi and Amrik hug her happily, but Simran stops Fateh. Simran didn’t know he has a disgusting mind. Gurpreet asks Simran when did she come to India. Khushbeer questions Simran the question for her coming. Simran tells them that she has come for Tejo’s sake.

Khushbeer asks Simran if she is coming from Canada just for Tejo. Simran admits the truth that she has come from the nearby village, she had left Canada three years back, she is living in the village isolated and secretly. The family asks her if she is joking. Simran tells them that she had lied to them, the video calls were fake, she had to cover up the sorrowful chapter from them. Gurpreet asks her about Amanpreet. Khushbeer turns raging.

The family wants to know about Simran’s marriage. Tejo worries that Simran will get rebuked by Khushbeer. Khushbeer asks Simran to get lost from the house. Fateh asks him to give a chance to Simran to speak. He wants to know what isn’t she able to tell them. He tells her that he will support her, what is the secret known to Tejo and Buzo, which they don’t know. Fateh asks Buzo if he knew about Simran. Simran stops Fateh from hurting Buzo. The drama gets unexpected for the entire family.

She tells them that when she returned from Canada, she met Buzo, who settled her and got a job for her, he handled her like a true friend and she fell in love with him. Fateh reprimands Buzo for cheating him. Buzo tells that he was helpless to hide about Simran. Simran tells Fateh that she has sent Buzo home to find about Tejo. She has shown courage just for Tejo’s sake. Tejo gets a clean chit in Fateh’s eyes. Simran tells Fateh that Tejo has encouraged her and assured her that things will get fine in the family.

She proves Tejo’s innocence, leaving Gurpreet and Fateh ashamed of their dirty minds. Simran tells Fateh that she had to come out in front of everyone just to stop Fateh from staining Tejo’s character. She tells them that Buzo has a relationship with her, not Tejo. She reveals that Tejo used to come to teach the kids in her village, where they met. She clears that Buzo is like a brother for Tejo. She tells Fateh that she is ashamed to call him her brother, she never expected this from him. She is glad that Tejo supported her, after understanding Buzo and her relation.

Gurpreet asks Simran to forget everything and come back home. Khushbeer doesn’t forget Simran’s mistake. He asks Simran why was she hiding her face for three years. He wants to know her truth. He rebukes Buzo for hiding a big thing from Fateh. He feels destroyed by his own children. Simran wants to tell them about Candy. Tejo doesn’t think Simran should tell them about Candy. Simran tells Gurpreet that she can’t tell them the truth. Nimmo asks Khushbeer to ask Tejo, why didn’t she tell them the truth. Simran tells that she had asked Tejo to not reveal anyone about her.

Fateh asks Simran if she trusted Buzo more than her family. Simran tells that Tejo is her family. She sings Tejo’s praises. She asks Fateh how could he cheat Tejo and then stain her character. Khushbeer asks Simran not to lecture and leave at once. Tejo pleads to Khushbeer to forgive Simran and accept her. Tejo tells that Fateh did wrong, but he is still living in the house, Simran’s mistake isn’t bigger than Fateh’s mistake. Khushbeer tells that he is against Fateh and Jasmin as well. He threatens to leave the house if Simran comes to stay.

Simran tells that she has hurt him by arriving home, but she just came to prove Tejo’s innocence. She knew that she is a curse on them and should leave from their lives. She apologizes to them. She promises to never come back to them. Khushbeer warns the family against going after Simran. Gurpreet and Tejo still rush after Simran. Simran tells Gurpreet that she doesn’t want to trouble Khushbeer more. She feels sorry for Tejo. She asks Tejo to look after her mother. Tejo consoles Gurpreet. Fateh regrets his thinking and feels very guilty for suspecting Tejo, while Jasmin tries hard to make him against Tejo. Fateh doesn’t listen to Jasmin and realizes his grave mistake. Keep reading.

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  1. Fateh ka jashmin ke sath secret romance chalrahatha wo kuch nehi …jija sali romance khulan khula chal raha tha wo kuch nehi but jab se serial start hua he tab se Tejo ki ek v galti nehi fir v usiko sab suna rehe hen …Tejo ki character or ungli utha rahe hen but Fateh apni loyal, inocent wife ko cheat kiya fir v usko ijjat se apni ghar me rakhe hen or koi kuch nehi bol raha he or wo apni girlfriend ko ghara me rakha hua he fir v wo sab thik he but Tejo itni achi he …fir v usike uper kichad uchal rahe he….ye makers , writers or kitne girayenge ek lead actor ko….Fateh ka character ye serial me pura ghatiya dikha rahen he…. disgusting….


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