Udaariyaan 1st October 2021 Written Update Big twist

Udaariyaan 1st October 2021 Written Update Big twist

Udaariyaan 1st October 2021 Written Update Big twist It becomes a very painful moment for Tejo to end her marriage for the sake of Fateh and his family’s peace. Jasmin isn’t concerned or affected by Fateh’s feelings. She doesn’t care for Tejo as well. Jasmin thinks just for herself. Tejo gets blessed by Virk family, who tried hard to settle Tejo with Fateh. They wanted to ensure her happiness, but failed to give her a peaceful marriage. Tejo is glad to receive their love and respect, along with their support. Fateh loses the support from his family members. He still thinks that Jasmin has made sacrifices for his love. He still regards Jasmin a right person.

Fateh doesn’t want Tejo and his name to get maligned in the court because of Jasmin. He wants to get the divorce on mutual grounds, without any drama. Jasmin is too happy that Fateh will be finally freed from the unwanted relation with Tejo. She gets a wide smile on her face, while Tejo and Fateh remorse on their dying relation. Tejo doesn’t think she should cry once again on something that’s killed much time before she doesn’t want her sorrow to become a hurdle for Fateh to move on. A really nice scene. Fateh and Tejo’s true to life’s sorrowful expressions melts the heart.

Tejo wishes the divorce stops, but is helpless. She has made her mind to free Fateh, but expects a miracle. Gurpreet also realizes her sacrifice. She is also sad for Fateh and Tejo’s marriage breaking. At the court, Fateh tells the judge that he has made many mistakes, he doesn’t want his wife to get punished. He tells that hew wants to relieve Tejo from the unwanted relation.


The judge counsels them to know if there is any hope left in their relation. She asks Tejo the reason for the divorce. Tejo sadly tells that their love has died, she wants the divorce. The judge asks the families what do they want. Khushbeer tells that he is against the divorce. He wants the judge to give them another chance to keep their marriage. Rupy and Satti also tell that they want Tejo’s happiness, which lie in Fateh. They also want to stop the divorce. The families’ opinion influences the judge’s decision. The judge tells that every marriage deserves a second chance. She declares her decision to Tejo, Fateh and their families, leaving Jasmin shocked. What is the decision taken? Leave your comments below. Keep reading.

Udaariyaan 1st October 2021 Written Update Big twist:

The families are upset seeing Jasmin with Fateh. Fateh asks Jasmin to stay outside, he doesn’t want any drama. The judge asks Tejo if she is under pressure to sign the papers, if she has signed the papers by her self will. Tejo tells that she has signed by her own will. Fateh admits that his mistakes are the reason for his divorce, he doesn’t want his wife Tejo to pay for his mistakes. Jasmin gets restless waiting outside. Tejo tells that she wants to end the relation.

Judge asks the families if they are also in favor of the divorce. Khushbeer knows Fateh’s mistake and also the fact that Fateh will realize his mistake and regret one day. Rupy tells that he wants Tejo to live with respect in the society, with all the happiness. Gurpreet also wants to save Fateh’s marriage. Judge asks Fateh and Tejo what do they want. Fateh tells that Tejo is a good wife, she is the best person, she is very supportive and understanding, but the marriage didn’t happen by their wish, they had to marry for the sake of their families.

He regrets that he couldn’t become a good husband, and eventually lost his best friend Tejo. Tejo tells that she respects both the families, their respect is connected with their relation, its better to end the relation before the families’ lose their respect. Judge listens to them patiently. She decides for them. She tells her decision. Fateh and Tejo come out with the families. Jasmin asks Fateh if the divorce has happened. Rupy asks her not to get too happy. Jasmin wants to know the decision. Simran and Buzo also try to know about the court verdict. Khushbeer tells that they will go home and talk.

Jasmin stops him from taking Tejo home. She asks Tejo to go with their parents. Khushbeer tells that Tejo is going to her own home. Fateh tells that Tejo will stay with him, as per the court order. He reveals that the judge decided to give them another chance to keep their relation. He tells that the court has given 6 months time to them to reconcile by attempting to make their relation much stronger. He adds that the divorce didn’t happen, the next hearing will happen after six months. Judge asks them to work out their marriage, instead breaking it. Fateh takes Jasmin home.

Tejo visits a Gurudwara and helps the people there. Jasmin is angered that Tejo isn’t leaving from their lives. She hates Tejo even more. Jasmin tells Fateh that they can’t get married for six months. Abhiraj shares Tejo’s pain. Tejo tells that she feels suffocated in the failing marriage. Fateh asks Jasmin to accept whatever happened and move on. She asks him to apply for a job and make arrangements for their Canada trip. He doesn’t want a daily drama. Tejo tells that she tried to move on by forgetting everything. Abhiraj asks her to keep trying and succeed. He promises to always stand by her.

Tejo thanks him. Fateh asks Jasmin to work hard and win Tejo’s place in the house. He explains how Tejo has won everyone’s heart, she has really worked hard to make her place. He adds that Tejo won’t go anywhere. Tejo asks Satti not to worry for her. Satti asks her how will she stay in Virk house for six months, seeing Fateh and Jasmin there. Tejo tells that everything happens for a reason, she has to fulfill some promises to the Virk family. She wants to get Simran home and fulfill her promise to Gurpreet. She tells that she will unite Simran and Gurpreet. Khushbeer is doubtful that Tejo isn’t happy.

He feels guilty for becoming selfish and stopping Tejo at home, knowing what she wants. He feels he forced his decisions on Tejo. Tejo’s parents cry for Tejo, knowing the sorrow she will go through. Gurpreet admits that Fateh did wrong with Tejo, but he is also helpless to his heart, fate didn’t make Fateh and Tejo for each other. Rupy tells that he wanted Tejo to come back home. He doesn’t want Tejo to bear more sorrow and insult. Khushbeer, Gurpreet and Tejo’s family wants to see Tejo happy. Khushbeer and family surprise Tejo by cooking special dishes for her just to please her. Tejo gets emotional, while Fateh misses his family. Jasmin gets vengeful against Tejo again. Keep reading for next.

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    • 🤔 It means that Isha Malviya aka Jasmin is a very good actress as she plays her role so well to the point of angering people. Isha is only 17 years old but very mature for her young age. Isha is doing a great job in Udaariyaan, I am impressed by her acting skills and maturity. Keep it up young lady.

  1. Second chance is a must. Since tejo has suffered in her first waste marriage. Again this time also the same thing happens. She will lose hope in marriage. And moreover she loves fateh.

  2. They should stay together for 6months before they divorce each other atleast fateh will learn jasmin truth

  3. If the judge wants fateh & tejo to live together for 6months and jassmine stays in the same house it defeats the purpose. jassmine should not be allowed to live in the virks house.
    fateh & tejo also have to share the same bedroom. At the same time if fateh still meeting jassmine like he was before then it is no use tejo & fateh giving themselves 6 months . Under no circumstances jassmine would let it work.

    • Exactly my point
      Jasmine should not allow to stay in same house with them…also fatch should stop seeing jasmine for an occasion


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