Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th September 2021 Spoiler Evil eyes Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th September 2021 Spoiler Evil eyes Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th September 2021 Spoiler Evil eyes Rudra Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th September 2021 Written Update Armaan and Sanya executes their evil plan Armaan interrupts Rudraksh and Prisha’s romance. Armaan says that it has become a trend of him interrupting Rudraksh and Prisha’s romance. He asks Rudraksh to come with him for his bachelor’s party. Prisha ask Rudraksh what they have planned for bachelor’s party. Armaan tell her it will be like every other bachelor party. Rudraksh and Prisha say, “I love You” to each other and Rudraksh leaves.

On the other side, Prisha’s mother (Vasudha) and a mother-in-law (Sharda) reach Prisha’s hens party wearing western clothes. Sanya praise their looks, saying they are looking 25-year-old in their 50’s. They refuse to believe her. Prisha too arrives in a beautiful pink gown. She too praises them seeing their attires. Sanya ask them to believe her now. She tells Sharda that she is looking very graceful.

Prisha tells Sharda that she saw her in westerns for the first time and she is looking very sweet. Sharda blows a flying kiss to her. Sanya says to Prisha that they should make Vasudha and Sharda’s videos. All the girls shout and cheer for Sharda and Vasudha. Both of them dance and others make their videos. They praise the old ladies. Sanya sends their pics and videos top Prisha’s father (Gopal/GPS). Vasudha and Sharda fails to stop her.


Meanwhile, Boys are too seen enjoying their party. Armaan as per his evil plan ask everyone to not restrict drinking in bachelor’s party. GPS receives Sharda and Vasudha’s western clothes party pics. He tells everyone that he remembered college days. Boys in the party tease him. Digvijay sees the pic and says that Sharda is too looking pretty. This shocks everyone especially Rudraksh and Armaan.

Angry Rudraksh question his comment on Sharda. Digvijay handles his mistake saying that all girl in the pictures is looking very pretty. Armaan make Rudraksh drink again and again. Both Boys and Girls and dance and enjoy their parties to the fullest. Prisha tries to g to Anvi. Sanya stops her from going to Anvi somehow. Girls start playing truth and dare. Vasudha’s turn comes first and she choose truth. Sanya ask her a personal question and starts recording everything. She asks Vasudha was her first kiss with her husband. This shocks everyone. Sanya ask her not to be shy and answer. Everyone encourages Vasudha to answer. Vasudha replies no.

Sanya intentionally records half answer and send it to Armaan. He shows it to GPS in front of all boys. This shocks GPS and he calls Vasudha. He asks her the same question shocking girls. She asks her how he got to know this. He asks her to answer his question first. Vasudha clears his misunderstanding and tell him that she just told the truth as her first kiss was before their marriage. She tells him it was in her college as she had boyfriends then but now, they are married. Vasudha’s answer relaxes everyone. She promises GPS to never cheat on him. Sanya intentionally says in between the call that their male special dancer hasn’t arrived till now.

This surprises, Prisha, Vasudha, Rudraksh and Sharda. Prisha, Sharda and Vasudha ask Sanya why did she call the male dancer. They further say that they are family people how will it look and sound. Sanya tells them that she cannot refuse him now and nothing such will happen what they are thinking. Boys too discuss about it. Rudraksh leaves from the party and meet someone whom Sanya called at Khurana Mansion. Rudraksh makes him leave giving him a lot of money. Sanya thinks why hasn’t the male dancer arrive. The dancer arrives and dances. Except Sanya and her friends everyone feel uncomfortable. Everyone gets surprised and shocked seeing Rudraksh in place of the male dancer.

He tries to go close to Prisha and acts opening his clothes. Prisha ask him to stop as she doesn’t want anyone to see him like this. She covers him. Vasudha and Sharda scold him. They make him leave girls party. Shardha, Vasudha and Prisha tells Sanya to finish the party. Sanya agrees. Rudraksh returns to the boys party and inform them that no male dancer will go to girls party. Armaan makes Rudraksh drink more than he could digest. Rudraksh gets fainted. Armaan leaves Rudraksh in room. He thinks he got successful in his plan.

Next morning, Prisha gets ready as a newly wed bride. Rudraksh goes to her and make her wear her mangalsutra. He asks Prisha what will happened at after their marriage. Seeing Prisha shy he reminds her that they will have their first night after their marriage. Both of them romance in the room. This turns out be Prisha’s dream. She searches for Rudraksh and feels shy. She thinks that people call Rudraksh is mad in love with her. It’s the opposite, she thinks how will she wait for their marriage.

She says, “Mr. Rudraksh Khurana, I am waiting for you”. She also says that she is very much excited for their marriage and thinks to give Rudraksh a bigger surprise in their Punjabi wedding, as he gave her in their South-Indian wedding. Sanya will take Anvi for an ice-cream and ask her to wait near the car till she returns. Here Anvi will get kidnapped. Prisha will get shocked when Armaan will tell her that they will have to cancel the wedding as Rudraksh is drunk and not in his senses.

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