Imlie 1st October 2021 Written Update Spoiler Trouble for Imlie

Imlie 1st October 2021 Written Update Spoiler Trouble for Imlie

Imlie 1st October 2021 Written Update Spoiler Trouble for Imlie Greenwoods and City College gets announced as finalists of inter-college hindi debate competition. Imlie and other students clap. Anchor announces that both college teams will send their candidates for the final round. He asks everyone to decide who will be their candidate for the final round. Students discuss who will go. Imlie’s college team send Imlie as their candidate. Anchors announce the topic of debate competition, which is “Jeevan mein vyakti ko kathin nirnaya lete hue, buddhi se kaam lena chahiye ya phir bhavnaon se?” (Whether a person should make difficult decisions in life, through the brain or through emotions?).

Hearing all this Imlie recalls how Malini told her that she is pregnant. Imlie starts giving her points on the topic. With confidence she says that a person should make decisions from the brain not through emotions. She further explains that emotions always make a person weak and force him/her to make decisions which may prove wrong. She also says that the brain works with logic and helps the person make logical decisions, which may prove right most of the time. Everyone clap for Imlie. Imlie feels happy. Anu distributes sweets to her servants in a happy mood. Dev comes there and asks her why she is distributing sweets.

She says to Dev that they are going to become maternal grandparents. She calls the grandparents post tacky. She says she will find a cool name for her till the baby comes to the world. She continues distributing sweets and asks the servant about Meethi’s whereabouts. Dev stops Anu from calling Meethi. She taunts Meethi saying she will feed her the sweets of Malini’s win. She forcibly puts the sweet in Meethi’s mouth. Meethi says, a win which is just for show cannot be called a real win. She tells Anu that feeding sweets cannot make her sour heart and words sweet. Anu gets angry and says she is showing attitude to her in her own home.


Dev asks her to behave. Dev tells Anu that Meethi can live in his house as he is Imlie’ father and Meethi is Imlie’s mother. Anu says, Meethi can live in their house but on her terms. She calls her servant Shambhu and gives all servants a month’s leave. She says now Meethi will do all the household work. Dev stops Anu and apologizes to Meethi. Meethi says it’s okay, as the empty mind is the devil’s house. Through this phrase she taunts Anu that she has an empty mind, which has become full of evilness. Anu gets angry with her. Meethi again taunts Anu, saying that she will not charge anything for doing household work but will charge for Anu’s mental harassment with her. Meethi leaves. Dev smiles and leaves, calling Anu disgusting.

Anu thinks Meethi and Imlie has a lot of attitude and wishes to kill them like an ant. She receives a call from Malini and advises her to use her pregnancy to stop Aditya from leaving her. On the other hand, Imlie is announced as the winner of the Inter-college debate competition. Imlie gets happy hearing this. At Tripathi house, Aditya recalls that he had to pick up Imlie from Debate competition. Nishant advises him to go and win Imlie’s heart back. Aditya says he is trying a lot but Imlie is ignoring him. He gets into thoughts when Nishant says he is lucky that Imlie is angry at him. Nishant explains that Imlie is not wrong in being angry at him even after what he did to her. He asks Aditya to give Imlie some time.

Imlie receives an award from the judges of the inter-college competition. Radha (Badki Kaki), asks Malini what she feels like eating in this pregnancy time. Malini tells her she wishes to eat Dahi Bhalle from the chart corner. Radha tells her that Aparna too wished to eat all this during her pregnancy. Radha stops Aditya and asks him to take Malini to Chaat corner. Aditya tells that Nishant will go with Malini, he has to pick up Imlie. Malini asks Aditya didn’t Imlie tell him that College arranges a bus for girls from the competition. He replies that Imlie is still angry with him.

On the other side, Imlie’s college mates congratulate and thank her for winning the competition. They offer Imlie to drop her home, but she tells them that Aditya is coming to pick her. Aditya thinks of Imlie and wishes she returns soon. He goes with Malini to the chat corner believing her words. Imlie waits for Aditya till late night. Malini thinks she will always win using her child. Malini receives Imlie’s call on Aditya’s phone and doesn’t reply. She thinks that all her life, Imlie will wait for Aditya. Malini doesn’t let Aditya know that Imlie is still waiting for him to pick her up.

Imlie keeps waiting for Aditya. Unaware of Imlie’s whereabouts, Aditya goes on a drive with Malini. Imlie starts walking from the place of the debate competition. Malini is happy with Aditya. On the other hand, Meethi is seen doing household work at Chaturvedi house. She worries about Imlie and is about to call Aditya but Anu stops her. Anu tells Meethi that Aditya has gone on a drive with Malini. Meethi gets shocked and worried about Imlie being alone. Anu tells Meethi that Imlie will always stay alone. She asks Meethi to see that Aditya, Malini and their baby are looking happy together in the pictures sent by Malini.

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Meethi says pictures do not always show the truth. She further says to Anu that she knows how Malini is using Aditya’s weakness and trapping him. Both Meethi and Anu get into war words. Meethi says Aditya was forced by Malini, Anu replies that initially Aditya didn’t want to marry Imlie. Anu says that Malini is pregnant with Aditya’s child and Imlie is nothing. Anu leaves and Meethi thinks Imlie worries about everyone, but no one thinks about her. She requests God to help Imlie to keep her away from troubles. In the next episode, Imlie will meet some women unaware of that they are sex-workers and waiting for customers. Imlie will get confused seeing one of those women sitting in a taxi.

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