Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th October 2021 Written Update Rudra rages

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th October 2021 Written Update Rudra rages

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th October 2021 Written Update Armaan tries his best to hinder Rudra and Prisha’s first night. He doesn’t want them to unite. He creates many problems for them. He turns raged when he finds them getting close. Armaan tells that they can never celebrate their first night. He keeps a watch at them. Rudra tells Prisha that nobody can stop them from their romance. Rudra and Prisha have a bath to get clear of the itching powder. Rudra tells that the room isn’t suitable for their first night, while the bed has become their enemy. Prisha comes up with a solution.

They make their bedding on the ground. Rudra and Prisha are seen getting intimate, which shocks Armaan. Armaan wants Prisha to stop. Rudra and Prisha get disturbed when someone knocks the door. They find Anvi at the door. Anvi tells that she is too scared and wants to sleep with Prisha. Rudra doesn’t get angry that Anvi came at that time. Prisha asks Anvi who got her to the room.

Anvi tells that Armaan dropped her at home. Rudra realizes that its Armaan’s plan to ruin his wedding night. He goes to Armaan’s house and confronts him for his drama. He knows that Armaan wants to separate Prisha and him. Armaan acts innocent in the matter. He confesses that he loves Prisha and wanted to marry her, Anvi also loves Prisha, she was inconsolable and he had to drop her to Prisha’s home. Rudra warns him against using Anvi to hinder his first night. Armaan denies the allegation. Rudra declares that Prisha is just of him. Armaan is happy that Rudra couldn’t celebrate his first night. They both get into a heated argument. Keep reading.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th October 2021 Written Update:

Rudraksh takes Prisha to their bathroom and gets romantic with her in the shower. They get intimate, Prisha feels shy. Armaan wonders what Prisha and Rudraksh and Prisha are doing in the bathroom. He thinks he will not let his plan fail this time. Prisha and Rudraksh come out in bathrobes. Prisha says she feels fresh. Rudraksh says it’s good as he will not let sleep the whole night. He further says what to do as they can’t use their ruined bed. Prisha comes up with a plan and prepares their bed on the floor. Armaan gets shocked and Rudraksh gets happy. Prisha and Rudraksh again get romantic.

Rudraksh asks Prisha her reason for crying. Prisha says that she is not able to believe that she is in her house with him and her family. Rudraksh asks her to believe as they are one now. They get into each other’s arms. Before they could further celebrate their first night, someone interrupts them by knocking on their door. Rudraksh opens the door and gets shocked seeing Anvi. Anvi runs to Prisha’s arms and lap. She says that she will sleep with her only. Rudraksh asks why she came here. Anvi says she was missing Prisha and wants to be with her only as she is sacred. Prisha tells Anvi to not be scared. Anvi asks her if she would get angry with her? Prisha and Rudraksh tell Anvi they are not angry.

They ask Anvi whom she came with? Anvi tells them that Armaan dropped her to Khurana Mansion. Armaan sent her to Prisha as she was crying in her sleep. Rudraksh thinks to teach Armaan a lesson as the latter is not letting Prisha and him be together. Rudraksh asks Prisha to make Anvi sleep with her, he has to go somewhere. She asks where, he replies nearby. Rudraksh reaches Armaan’s house and shouts at him. Armaan asks why he is here? Rudraksh blames Armaan for ruining his and Prisha’s first night by sending Anvi. Armaan pretends to be innocent. Rudraksh gets angry and asks him not to fool him.

He tells Armaan that he knows he doesn’t want him and Prisha to get together. He blames Armaan and Sanya for planning against him and Prisha and trying to separate them. Armaan accepts that he loves Prisha but still acts that he didn’t plan anything to separate Rudraksh and Prisha. He says that his love is pure and thus he didn’t plan anything. Rudraksh refuses to believe Armaan. Armaan says Prisha was his life and asks Rudraksh to think of Anvi how would she feel seeing Prisha away from her. He says to Rudraksh that he doesn’t care if he believes him or not. Rudraksh asks Armaan to be a man and stop using kids.

Armaan asks Rudraksh to tell him if he has a problem from Anvi and Prisha’s meeting. He says he will ask Anvi to stop meeting Prisha. Rudraksh doesn’t believe Armaan’s drama. He tells Armaan that he has a problem with him, not Anvi. He further warns Armaan to not come in between him and Prisha. Rudraksh tells Armaan that Prisha will never return to him and if he tries any cheap tricks again, he will regret. He leaves and Armaan feels happy recalling his plan.

Armaan recalls how he fooled Anvi and made her believe that she was missing Prisha in her sleep and sent her to Khurana mansion. He thinks that he will separate Prisha from Rudraksh by using Anvi again and again. He also thinks that Prisha will never believe him. Rudraksh returns home and tells Sharda about how Armaan is trying to separate him and Prisha. Sharda calms him and tells that if he is good and honest, he will always win. Next morning, Prisha tries to find Rudraksh. She finds him and wakes Rudraksh sleeping in another room. Rudraksh and Prisha get romantic again. Saaransh arrives there and asks Rudraksh if he was kissing Prisha. Saaransh asks them to kiss him. They enjoy a cute time with each other and Anvi joins them.

After some time, Prisha is seen helping kids in their studies. Rudraksh again gets romantic with Prisha. Prisha asks him to start his music career again and meet Mr. Ahuja. They discuss meeting Mr. Ahuja together. Saaransh and Anvi fight and call each other stupid in studies.

On the other hand, Sanya praises Armaan for planting a secret camera in Prisha and Rudraksh’ room. Camera falls from its place due to Anvi and Saaransh’s fight. Sanya gets angry at Armaan seeing the camera fallen. Armaan leaves to hide the camera. Rudraksh and Prisha reach Mr. Ahuja’s office. Mr. Ahuja says that he is already in talks with 5 companies who want Rudraksh to sing for them. Rudraksh says that he has already composed a song. Mr. Ahuja replies he will further talk with those 5 companies.

At Khurana Mansion, Armaan secretly tries to enter Prisha and Rudraksh’s room to hide his camera properly. He mistakenly collides with Sharda. In the next episode, Sharda will tell Rudraksh that his doubt on Armaan is correct. She will further tell him that she closed the door, even then he entered their home. Sanya and Armaan will discuss that if Sharda too has a doubt on them. A lawyer will come to Khurana Mansion and give good news to Prisha and Rudraksh. He will tell that they got Saaransh’s custody as well as his properties and trust fund on their name. Both Rudraksh and Prisha will plan a date with each other. Armaan will overhear them and think to stop or ruin their date.

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