Yeh Rishta Kartik in danger 7th October 2021 High point

Yeh Rishta Kartik in danger 7th October 2021 High point

Yeh Rishta Kartik in danger 7th October 2021 High point Yeh Rishta Kartik in danger 7th October 2021 Written Update Kartik says that they need to take Arohi with them as she might need Sirat at night while Akshu can stay with Suwarna. Sirat says that Suwarna takes care of the kids the whole day and she too needs rest. Sirat insists on taking Akshu and Arohi along with them. Mukesh keeps an eye on Sirat and Kartik to find out what are they planning. He sees them going out in the car and follows them. Sirat is clueless and asks Kartik where are they going but he tells her to have patience as she will soon come to know. Mukesh keeps following Kartik and Sirat but his scooter gets stranded on the road but he is still determined to follow Kartik and Sirat.

Kartik finally tells Sirat that he has planned out away and has arranged for coach Arvind to give her personal training at night. Kartik is aware that it will be extremely tiring for Sirat but she has to be strong till the championship and manage it. Sirat is happy that Kartik is going out of the way to make her win the championship and thanks him for his support. Coach Arvind warns Sirat that the news of him giving private coaching to her must be kept a secret from the federation members, friends, family, and especially Mukesh as if it comes out Sirat can lose the chance of taking part in the championship. Mukesh is frantically looking for Kartik and Sirat’s whereabouts.

At home, Manish is pissed off at Sirat for taking liberty and practicing in the evenings too. Suwarna informs Manish that it was Kartik’s planning and not Sirat’s to practice two times. Manish warns Suwarna that Sirat’s decision can create huge chaos in their life and they all might have to suffer. Sirat is practicing when she notices that a block of wood is about to fall on Arohi but Akshu saves her sister. Sirat is assured that her daughters are there for each other and informs Kartik that she is not stressed about their well-being. Mukesh finally reaches the spot where Sirat is practicing with Arvind and understands that she is taking private training from him.


Mukesh cannot tolerate this and makes an evil plan to make things more difficult for Sirat and decides to make a complaint to the federation committee. He plans to gather proof against her and show it to the officials. Kairav and Vansh are very excited about the picnic plans made by the Goenkas and they decided which game to play first. Akhilesh and Manish are ready to go in their suits but Surekha tells them that they are going for a picnic and not a conference. Suwarna asks them to change and come but Manish says that they cannot do so as if someone calls them to have a meeting through a video call it might not look good. Suwarna and Surekha are in no mood to listen and ask their husbands to wear casuals as they getting late. Kartik is upset at Sirat for her idea of sending them for a picnic while she will be practicing here.

Sirat cannot go because she has a qualifying match to clear and tells Kartik that Boxing is only fun for her so she will have fun practicing while they will have fun playing badminton. Kartik says to Sirat she is right but they could have gone on another day when she would have been free. Sirat says that they have been planning for 6 months and her practice has made Suwarna, Surekha, and Dadi also super easy and the picnic can give them relaxation. Kartik reluctantly agrees and taunts Sirat that she will miss all of them. Sirat agrees that she will indeed miss them but will be assured that they all are having fun. Kartik says that he will not be enjoying and will miss her. Suwarna and Gayu tease them.

Kartik declares that after Sirat wins the Asian championship they will have a huge picnic party. Dadi gives food to Sirat and asks her to take special care of her food intake because when mother will he healthy the kids will be healthy. Sirat’s fellow boxer appreciates her for getting the form and technique perfectly and tells that she will definitely qualify for the match. Mukesh asks Sirat that he did not teach her that punch where did she learn it from. Sirat tells him that she has not become a national champion so easily. Mukesh asks her to do 50 Crunches and lunges and vows to destroy her confidence. He thinks that once he gets strong proof against her then he will ruin her boxing career.

The Goenkas are having fun playing a game of Lagori. Mukesh checks Sirat’s bag and decides to check her phone to get proof. Her phone is locked but Mukesh finds something and decides to ruin her dream of winning a medal at the Asian championship. Sirat checks her phone and cannot see any video sent by Kairav. Kartik feels that Sirat was right as after coming out all the family members are feeling good. He wishes if she would have been here the excitement would have increased.

Mukesh threatens Sirat but Kartik comes and stops him and warns him to stay away from his wife. Mukesh pushes Kartik and the latter gets hurt. Manish and Kartik are shocked to know from the doctor that Kartik has got an internal injury and might need an operation. How will Sirat handle the crisis now? Will she sacrifice her dream of winning the Asian championship? Keep reading.

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