Imlie 12th October 2021 Written Update Big twist

Imlie 22nd December 2021 Written Update Imlie rages

Imlie 12th October 2021 Written Update Big twist Imlie walks sadly recalling Malini’s words as well as behavior. She finds a tape and join forms pieces with it. She goes to get it photocopied and prays to god for her career. Photocopy of the torn form comes out good. This makes Imlie happy. Malini on the call tells Anu that she tore all the forms to make sure that Imlie doesn’t get an internship in Aditya’s office. Anu praises Malini and tells her that she is also trying to insult and throw Meethi out of their house. Malini says she wishes to send Imlie away from Aditya’s life.

Anu says to Malini that their wish will come true soon. Meethi over-hear their conversation and thinks that she will not go anywhere till she settles Imlie with Aditya and her in-laws. Malini says journalism internship is just and excuse for Imlie to be near Aditya. Anu feels happy seeing that Malini is following her footsteps. Malini says that Imlie knows that she will block all her ways to Aditya. Imlie comes there and tells Malini that she will make new way for herself.

She gives papers to Malini and asks her to tear all of them if she wishes. Imlie advises Malini to not tear any paper. She explains to Malini the importance of papers as many trees are cut to make papers. Imlie also explains to Malini that teachers should make their student’s future bright instead of ruining it. Anu hears it and feels angry. Imlie leaves Malini by asking her to decide if she wants to brighten her students’ future or ruin it. Anu feels angry thinking that Imlie taught a lesson to Malini.


Anu asks Meethi to bring coffee for her fast. Meethi returns with coffee and Anu wonders how Meethi is walking normally. Meethi shows the broken heels to Anu. Anu gets angry seeing that Meethi ruined her designer sandals. Meethi says she found a solution to her problem. Anu asks Meethi if she knew how expensive her sandals were. Meethi says she can get it fixed by her known cobbler in just 10rs. Meethi leaves giving coffee to Anu.
Imlie asks Tripathi’s if they will love having ice-cream.

Nani makes everyone smile by asking them to give her what they don’t want to eat. Imlie serves everyone ice-cream. Rupi asks Imlie the reason for her ice-cream treat. Imlie tells that her day went well. She asks Aditya to fill information about his newspaper company in her internship form. Malini thinks of a way of stopping Imlie to intern in Aditya’s office. Pankaj jokes that Aditya will boss Imlie in the office too. Harish jokes too and calls Aditya hitler. Rupi says it’s good that Imlie is taking inspiration from Aditya to become a journalist.

Nishant asks Imlie, what type of journalist she wants to be. Imlie replies that she can’t become a journalist like Aidtya. Aditya says to Imlie, she should not talk like that. Imlie jokes that why should she become a boring journalist like him. Everyone laughs on the dining table. On Rupi’s insistence, Imlie pretends to be a journalist. Imlie interview Nani first and makes everyone laugh. Then she interviews Nishant and calls Pallavi Canteen didi. Where Nishant makes everyone emotional by telling that he misses Pallavi, Imlie’s antics makes everyone enjoy the interview.

Imlie then starts interviewing Pankaj, Malini interrupts them showing that she feels like vomiting. Everyone worries for Malini. She pretends to be unwell and ruins Imlie’s form. Aparna asks Imlie to not feel bad as Malini doesn’t do it on purpose. Aditya asks Imlie to not worry as he will directly send her an appointment letter by talking to the director of his newspaper company. Malini acts innocent and pretends to apologize to Imlie.

Imlie asks aren’t coincidences increasing in her, Aditya and Malini’s lives. She gives examples of pooja at chaturvedi house, Malini’s feelings of eating chat and present day example of Malini vomiting on her form. She asks Malini to make excuses daily. Radha asks Imlie, why is she taunting Malini and defends Malini. Malini again play innocent and ask Imlie to try next year for internship. Aditya says that Imlie will do an internship with her present batch only, shocking Malini.

Tripathi’s decide that they will worship Durga Maa’s avtars next nine days and will keep fasts too. Aditya asks Imlie to just prepare for her internship. Aditya leaves and Malini insults Imlie. Imlie tells Malini that she will pray to Durga Maa to teach Malini a mother’s responsibility. Next morning Harish asks Sundar to prepare tea and breakfast for upcoming committee members. Imlie asks Harish’s help in her studies.

Harish asks Imlie to leave as Navratri committee members will arrive soon. Imlie emotionally convinces Harish to help her with studies. Harish agrees but mistakenly collides with Sundar. Harish gets injured and Rupi calls the whole family. Tripathis’ get worried for him.

Tripathi’s bell rings, Aditya goes to open the but slips. Imlie saves him and both of them fall into each other’s arms. Malini sees them and feels angry. She asks Imlie to open the door. Pankaj goes to open the door. In the next episode, on Tripathi’s insistence, committee members will give Imlie the chance to make God’s idol/statues for Navratri. Harish will ask Imlie to not break his belief in her and handle the responsibility given to her well. Malini will think of a plan to make Imlie commit a mistake and get scolded and ousted by Committee members.

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