Udaariyaan 13th October 2021 Written Update Tejo arrested

Udaariyaan 13th October 2021 Written Update Tejo arrested

Udaariyaan 13th October 2021 Written Update Tejo arrested Jasmin gets enough of Tejo. She can’t tolerate Fateh also chanting Tejo’s name all the day. Fateh gets happy seeing Simran home. He is indebted to Tejo who made the impossible possible. He feels nobody else could have convinced Khushbeer to accept Simran. He likes to see the family happy with Simran. He asks Jasmin to keep herself away from Simran, if she can’t give any happiness to her. He doesn’t want Jasmin to speak ill about Simran and Tejo.

Simran also wants Tejo and Fateh to get back together. Jasmin decides to lay a trap for Tejo once again. She makes a call and speaks as Tejo Virk. She keeps the plan a secret. She tells that she has made arrangement to send Tejo away from the house. Jasmin talks as Tejo on the call, while nobody gets aware of it. Later, Fateh gets a call and learns that police has arrested Tejo. He worriedly tells that he will rush to the police station and see Tejo.

Jasmin finds him worried and overhears his conversation. She is happy that Tejo got arrested. After Fateh leaves, Jasmin tells that Fateh would be going to the police station, but its no use, he can’t help Tejo this time. She mentions that even Fateh won’t be able to help Tejo and save her from the huge mess.


She is satisfied that Tejo will get rotten in the jail for some days. She wants Tejo to suffer and leave from Fateh’s life. What has Jasmin done to get Tejo arrested? Did she call up Jass and lay a trap for Tejo? Jasmin will be using Tejo’s past to ruin the present and future. Jass will be soon entering Tejo and Fateh’s lives. Jass and Jasmin will be joining hands and become the evil duo to ruin Tejo and Fateh’s marriage. Can you guess what is Jasmin up to this time? Comment below. Keep reading.

Tejo asks Gurpreet to never misunderstand Simran after knowing the truth. She adds that Simran has struggled for six years. She wants Gurpreet to encourage Simran to live happy. Simran apologizes to Khushbeer for breaking his dreams and hopes. She regrets that she lost his faith. Gurpreet tells that Khushbeer loved Simran a lot. Khushbeer tells Simran that daughters aren’t like her, she didn’t care for her father’s love and respect. He praises Tejo who is a perfect daughter. He tells that Tejo has fulfilled a mother’s wish and made a father proud, she is selfless and can make any sacrifice for the family.

He rebukes Simran for her mistakes. Gurpreet is impressed with Tejo and accepts her as a daughter. She asks Tejo to call her mummy ji, instead aunty ji. She emotionally hugs Tejo. Khushbeer tells that Tejo and Mahi are his two daughters now. He doesn’t get affected by Simran’s tears. He doesn’t want Candy to get raised without a family. Simran breaks down after seeing his annoyance. She tells Tejo and Gurpreet that Khushbeer is really upset, he will never forgive her. She feels she isn’t a good daughter like Tejo.

Fateh finds Simran crying. He cheers her up, and unknowingly comes closer to Tejo, leaving Jasmin angered. Jasmin wants to find some way to oust Tejo. She receives a shocking call and gets a great idea to trap Tejo. She calls the investors at the academy. She comes up with a drama to upset the investors and vendors. She puts the entire blame on Tejo. She tells that she has recently joined the academy. She reveals that Tejo didn’t clear anyone’s payments. She asks them to take an action against Tejo. Tejo gets gifts for the kids to gift on Kanjak puja. Simran tells that Candy is really excited to live in their family.

Tejo feels upset that she isn’t Candy’s Mami, but can become his Maasi. Nimmo curses Jasmin for ruining all the relations. Mahi tells that Jasmin has gone to the academy. Jasmin provokes the investor against Tejo. The investor angrily sends the police to Virk house to get Tejo arrested for the fraud. Khushbeer and Gurpreet receive a shock on knowing about the arrest warrant. Khushbeer defends Tejo. He takes a stand for his daughter Tejo. Inspector accuses Tejo for not returning the share to the academy investors.

Gurpreet also shows her faith on Tejo. Inspector mentions that he has the arrest warrant, the case is filed by the investors, she has to be present in the court. Tejo finds Khushbeer getting hyper. She asks him to let the police do the duty. Tejo gets arrested. Jasmin wants peace for some days. She meets Fateh at the academy. She hides his phone. Khushbeer knows that Fateh and Jasmin’s careless behavior is making Tejo pay this price. He rushes to the police station to help Tejo. He calls Fateh.

Jasmin engages Fateh in an argument. Fateh gets Khushbeer’s call on another phone. He learns about Tejo’s arrest. Jasmin states that Tejo might have done something wrong. She doesn’t think he can save Tejo. Khushbeer doesn’t move until Tejo gets released. He meets Tejo’s family, who questions him about Tejo’s arrest. Fateh reaches there with Jasmin. He tells Khushbeer that he will sort out the matter. He has no idea that Jasmin is behind this. Jasmin’s family questions her if she has put Tejo behind the bars. Like always, Jasmin acts innocent. Khushbeer gets his lawyer to arrange the bail. Khushbeer returns home on Fateh’s word. Jasmin doesn’t think Tejo can get any help from them.

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  1. Waste jasmine itni ghatiya behen b Ho sakti I can’t believe… Just eagerly waiting to see jasmine badtime and nobody to come for her rescue

  2. You can’t have a bad sister in the plot like Jasmine in the whole story, Far away from reality and Tejo is tolerating her all the time why?

  3. Now.i think you should shoe that jasmin is not able to do any thing and Fateh also stated knowing certain things about her story ko age badao

  4. I said it again and again that Jasmin’s has a personal hatred for her sister and from a psychological angle, we should be looking at the when and why her hatred cuts deep. Everyone thought it was all about Fateh, but it is not. She has stepped in to separated the two, yet she’s not satisfied. Something is wrong somewhere. When we have siblings rivalry of this kind, we must be dealing with something in the past that has metamorphosis into this… It is sad.


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