Barrister Babu Anirudh to die Major twist 15th October 2021

Barrister Babu Anirudh to die Major twist 15th October 2021

Barrister Babu Anirudh to die Major twist 15th October 2021 After Bondita’s powerful speech, the people against the widow remarriage gather together to make a plan against her. They decide to kill Bondita and end the revolution brought by her in the society. The man tells that Bondita is the root cause of their problems, once they kill her, no other barrister will dare to raise the subject again. The people don’t want anyone to empower the widows, and make them go against their families. Anirudh senses the danger approaching. He runs to see Bondita. The people drag Bondita to the river and throw her down the bridge. They leave her to die, and think they finally got rid of her.

Anirudh finds Bondita drowning in the river. He jumps into the river to save her life. Anirudh and Bondita both fall in a big danger. Will Anirudh be able to save Bondita‚Äôs life? This major twist is introduced after the entry of the old character Batuk Roy Choudhary. Anirudh’s character will be pulled off, while the show is proceeding towards an end soon. The show is constantly in news for its closure. Well, we can’t imagine Barrister Babu without Anirudh. Comment your views and keep reading.

Barrister Babu Anirudh to die Major twist 15th October 2021:


Bondita gets encouraged by Anirudh to answer the people. She tells them that she is in support for the widow remarriage, because every widow has a right to live her life afresh. She doesn’t think a woman should get punished if her husband dies. Kumud’s in-laws react angrily seeing Bondita’s support for Kumud. They declare that they will never let Kumud’s remarriage happen. The man announces that just a man can decide how a woman lives and dies. Bondita gets scared for Kumud’s life when her in-laws drag her away. She follows them to save Kumud, who is pregnant.

Bondita falls into a trouble. She gets caught by them, who want to kill her and end the whole mess. Bondita sends Kumud to call Anirudh. Kumud runs to inform Anirudh that Bondita is in danger. Anirudh runs to the dam to save Bondita from the mad people. Bondita gets drowning, while he immediately jumps inside the waters to save her. He luckily gets a raft floating towards them. He realizes that the raft is weak and can’t tolerate much weight. He makes a sacrifice of his life to save Bondita.

He asks Bondita to promise him that she will keep fighting for the women empowerment and never give up on her happiness. Bondita doesn’t want him to depart. He departs when she faints down and leaves his hand. Anirudh sinks in the river, just when his brother Batuk about him and reaches there. Batuk witnesses Anirudh dying. He goes mad in anger and pledges to kill Bondita.

Bondita gets rescued by some village women. She is rushed to the medical camp. Batuk feels Anirudh dedicated his entire life to Bondita and died for her, she is a selfish woman who doesn’t have a right to live. He tracks Bondita at the medical camp to kill her, and take his revenge. Just then, he receives a shocking news of Bondita’s pregnancy. He spares her life knowing she is carrying Anirudh’s baby. Stay tuned.

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  1. Anirudh, I really don’t like the way he died why most he die, this is not right, he need to be in the show, the show is much more interesting because of him, please bring him back. After everything, then he’s gone, this is not right.


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