Imlie 15th October 2021 Written Update Danger strikes Aditya

Imlie 15th October 2021 Written Update Danger strikes Aditya

Imlie 15th October 2021 Written Update Danger strikes Aditya Sundar, Nishant, Rupi and some other members of Tripathi family try keeping committee members busy in clicking their photographs. Malini sees all this and says that it’s 5:30 pm and they should perform Devi Maa’s aarti now. Committee members ask Tripathis about Imlie and 9th Idol od Devi Maa’s. They get angry at Tripathi’s for recommending Imlie’s name for such a big responsibility. Malini thinks Devi maa is on her side and helping her. Tripathi’s once again makes Committee members busy in photoshoot. Imlie is seen drying her handmade idol of Devi Maa with the driver. Driver asks Imlie to bring water for him. On her way to bring water, Imlie see Malini giving money and the lost idol of Devi Maa to poor people.

At Chaturvedi house, Anu gets angry seeing Meethi performing the Devi Maa’s pooja. Dev asks her to let the pooja be performed in silence. Anu tells them to do Pooja as much as they want because at Tripathi house Malini will ruin Imlie’s reputation. Meethi with confidence says to Anu that her and Malini’s all plans failed and will continue failing. Anu says let’s see who will get Devi Maa’s blessings. Malini comes to Imlie and asks her to tell the family that she stole Devi Maa’s ninth idol. Imlie refuses to do so and says that she is happy that Malini did nothing wrong with Devi Maa’s idol.

Imlie says at least something good is still left in Malini. Malini says she is right since starting and fighting for her rights of being Aditya’s wife. Imlie asks Malini if she is right then why is she doing all the bad things behind everyone’s back. She tells Malini that she still has time left to leave her evilness for her upcoming child. She asks Malini to not break Aditya’s trust in her. She further tells Malini that they will have to live together after the baby’s birth too. Malini replies that she doesn’t want to live with her as she cannot share her husband with anyone else. She tells Imlie that she backed initially and she (Imlie) and Aditya took her sacrifice for granted. She further says that she felt very alone but will now fight for her rights.


Malini tells Imlie that she will get what is hers. With confidence she says Aditya trusts her a lot and soon Aditya will lose his trust on Imlie fully. Imlie informs angry committee members that the missing Ninth idol is found. Malini wonders how Imlie found the ninth idol. Imlie goes to bring the ninth idol of Devi Maa and gets shocked to find it and the driver missing. Committee members don’t believe Imlie’s explanations. Everyone hears the shunk’s music and goes inside. Aditya tells everyone that it was his fault and everyone blames Imlie.

Committee Members apologize to Imlie and praise her for being responsible. Aditya tells Imlie that truck driver told him about how in few minutes she made exactly same new idol of Devi Maa. Committee members leave to get ready for Pooja and return with their family. Nani asks Rupi to give her a good saree for Pooja. Aparna says she has kept a saree for her.

Aditya receives a tip from his informer about an MLA going to a smuggler’s place. Informer advises Aditya to leave this matter/news as he will give him a tip for some other news. Aditya says he got solid news after so much time he will work on it only. He asks the informer to send him the address, he will reach there.

Tripathis wonders where Aditya is going. His family asks him if he is going for some dangerous work. Aditya assures them that there is no danger this time and leaves from the house. Imlie stops Aditya and tells him that she has a lot of work and would not be able to come to save him. Aditya tells her that she is not his bodyguard. He asks her to be ready for Pooja and assures her that he will return safely. Imlie asks him to take care of himself. Malini gets restless overhearing their conversation. Imlie tries cheering up Triptahi’s mood. She makes everyone busty in their work. Malini thinks now she will defeat Imlie and do the aarti with Aditya.

Aditya reaches the address the informer gave him. Informer seems scared and asks Aditya to be careful. Aditya secretly enters the smugglers place and starts performing his sting operation on the drug smuggler and MLA. he records MLA assuring the smuggler that he will handle drug’s transportation. In the next episode, Aditya will be seen running away from Smugglers and MLA’s goons. MLA and Smugglers goons will be seen running behind Aditya (on bike) with their guns.

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