Barrister Babu 18th October 2021 Written Update Evil Batuk

Barrister Babu 18th October 2021 Written Update Evil Batuk

Barrister Babu 18th October 2021 Written Update Evil Batuk Batuk feels mixed emotions on learning that Bondita is pregnant. One side, he has lost Anirudh, and on the other side, he gets the good news of Anirudh’s child coming into the world. Batuk holds memories of Anirudh. He loves Anirudh a lot. Anirudh asks Batuk to become the best barrister in the world. Batuk tells that he wants to become the world’s best uncle. He asks Anirudh to get married and give him a little nephew. He wanted to see Anirudh’s marriage. He tells that he knows it well that Anirudh just thinks of Bondita. He requested Anirudh to forget Bondita.

Anirudh realized that Batuk will become the world’s best uncle. Batuk cries missing Anirudh. He wants his little nephew. He wants Anirudh’s last sign from Bondita. He senses that Anirudh is alive when he hears his voice. He runs to see and hears Anirudh’s voice on the radio. He hears Bondita’s speech for supporting widows. He doesn’t want Bondita to have her rights on her child. He gets provoked by her words. He tells that nobody can stop him, when he snatches her child.

He mentions that he hates Bondita, he will never let her take away Anirudh’s child, she can never get her rights on the baby by following her rigid principles. Trilochan learns about Bondita and Anirudh’s threatened lives. He reaches the medical camp and meets Bondita. He learns from the doctor that she is doing fine. He rushes to find Anirudh. He hopes that Anirudh is alive. Batuk makes a devilish plans to weave a trap for Bondita by his single lie. He wants to take his revenge on Bondita to compel her to give away Anirudh’s child to him. He takes Anirudh’s disguise for this purpose. He looks exactly the same as Anirudh. He takes an advantage of this fact. He goes to meet Bondita.


Bondita is traumatized with the thought of losing Anirudh. She begs Trilochan to call Anirudh once. Trilochan feels helpless seeing her state. He learns the good news of her pregnancy. He wants Anirudh to come back for the sake of his coming baby. He gets a shocking news that Anirudh has drowned in the river, he would have died by now. He can’t believe this upsetting news and slaps the man. Trilochan pleads to Matarani to return his son. He can’t lose Anirudh. Batuk acts like Anirudh when he meets Bondita, but reveals his truth to Trilochan. He tells that they have lost Anirudh, but they have to support each other in this time.

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He tells her that he will be acting Anirudh in front of Bondita to save her from trauma. He asks Trilochan to keep this secret. Trilochan tells that it will be wrong. Batuk asks him to let him play this drama for the sake of Bondita and Anirudh’s child, the child will suffer if she receives a trauma. He tells that they will tell the truth to Bondita once they get the baby from her. Trilochan hugs him. Bondita gets conscious and meets Batuk. She thinks he is Anirudh. She thanks Trilochan for bringing back Anirudh. She seeks his blessings that she remains a Suhaagan always.

Barrister Babu 18th October 2021 Written Update Evil Batuk targets Bondita Full Detailed Update:

The doctor informs Batuk that Bondita is going to be a mother. He is shattered as well as happy that his late brother Anirudh’s baby is in Bondita’s stomach. He comes outside becoming sad and remembers Anirudh and his conversation about loving Indian tea even after staying in Italy. Anirudh insists Batuk complete his studies and become Tulsipur’s best advocate. Batuk replies that he will become the world’s best advocate but not before becoming an uncle. He tells Anirudh to forget Bondita as she will not come back and marry some other girl. Batuk warns Anirudh that if he wants someone to call him uncle before calling his father then it’s completely his call. Batuk tells Anirudh that his baby will be very dear to his life and he will do anything for him/her. Batuk’s dream breaks and he feels the need to have Anirudh’s baby in his hands.

Batuk hears Anirudh’s voice and thinks that he is still alive. He runs in that direction only to hear his voice on the radio speaking about widows. Batuk hears Bondita speaking about a son being connected with his mother after her husband dies and if someone tries to separate them then the law will deal with them. Batuk asks people to go as Bondita’s speech is over. Batuk disconnects the wire in anger and throws it. Batuk feels that Bondita has snatched Anirudh from him but he will not let her snatch his baby from him. Batuk decides that he will take Anirudh’s baby away from Bondita. He doesn’t care if Bondita is alive or dead as all he cares for is Anirudh’s last momento. Trilochan comes searching for Bondita and asks the doctor to save her at any cost.

The doctor replies that he is trying his best but as there is a lot of water accumulated in her lungs and Bondita’s health is very delicate. Trilochan still insists the doctor and he assures that Bondita will be fine. Trilochan is asked to wait outside till the treatment is going on. Trilochan asks his men about Anirudh and he informs him that he searched the whole river but could not find Anirudh. Trilochan feels that if Anirudh is not found in the river then he must be in some camp. He goes to search for him in camps and asks his men to handle the situation here. Batuk plans to take Anirudh’s disguise and remove Bondita from his family and baby’s life. He decides to make a plan and trap Bondita in it so that she will willfully give her baby to Batuk.

Batuk laughs loudly and says I love you to Anirudh’s baby and I hate you to Bondita. Batuk practices how Anirudh speaks and says that he is coming to meet their child. Bondita dreams about Anirudh and her drowning in water. She gets up and insists on meeting Anirudh. Trilochan goes to Bondita and she requests him to call Anirudh so that she is assured. Bondita falls unconscious and the nurse asks Trilochan to call her husband or else she will slip into trauma which is not good for her as she is going to be a mother. Trilochan says that now Anirudh has to return for his child. Trilochan waits outside the hospital till evening for Anirudh to come but his man informs that a fisherman saw Anirudh drowning in the water.

Trilochan is shocked when his man tells him that Anirudh might not have survived the storm. He slaps him and falls to the ground. Trilochan fights with Durga maa for taking away Anirudh from them and orders her to do anything but send Anirudh back. He sees Batuk and thinking him as Anirudh starts crying happily and thanks Durga maa.

Batuk reveals his identity and tells him that he is not Anirudh. Trilochan asks him to stop joking but he says no it’s me Batuk. He says that there is no trace of Anirudh. Trilochan asks Batuk why is he wearing Anirudh’s stuff and Batuk takes him aside to tell him his plan. Trilochan is devastated and starts crying badly. Batuk asks him to calm down and be each other’s support in this condition.

Batuk tells Trilochan his plan to act like Anirudh in front of Bondita as only he and Anirudh know they are twins. Trilochan says that it is not correct but Batuk tells that it is not wrong but important. Batuk says that Bondita is carrying Anirudh’s baby and they both end up crying. Batuk asks him to forget society, culture, and traditions for the sake of Anirudh’s baby and support him. Batuk tries to explain to Trilochan that Bondita’s health is very sensitive and any bad news will break her and he doesn’t wish that Anirudh’s baby is harmed in any way. For the sake of the baby, Batuk asks permission from Trilochan to act as Anirudh. Batuk promises that as soon as the baby is born he will reveal his identity.

Trilochan reluctantly agrees with Batuk. Batuk informs him that he is now Anirudh Roy Chowdhary. Trilochan hugs Batuk and cries again. Bondita hears Anirudh calling her and gets up. She asks the nurse about Anirudh but she asks her to calm down. Bondita is not able to bear it anymore and is about to get up from the bed when Batuk walks in as Anirudh. Bondita is very happy to see him and says that she was getting very bad thoughts. Bondita is about to hug him but he distracts her by telling her that Trilochan is happy to see her.

Bondita thanks Trilochan for bringing Anirudh to her and asks him to bless her to be a married woman always. Trilochan and Batuk are shocked at Bondita’s wish. Will Trilochan be able to give the blessing of being a married woman forever to Bondita? Will Batuk’s plan of snatching Anirudh’s baby from Bondita succeed? Keep reading.

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