Bhagya Lakshmi 18th October 2021 Full Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 18th October 2021 Full Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 18th October 2021 Full Written Update Dadi lovingly admires the decoration done by Lakshmi. Aayush comes there and asks her if she knows who is the prettiest lady in the house after Neelam. Dadi replies that she knows that it’s his mother’s mother which is her. Aayush warns her to be careful and let him know if she needs help. Dadi is confused and asks Aayush why will she need help to which he replies that he observed few old men staring at her. Dadi is happy and looks around but Aayush stops him as she is looking very gorgeous.

Dadi says that she is like that only from her childhood but today only he saw her in a Punjabi attire. Aayush says Dadi that she must have floored boys in her college days and asks if how many guys had proposed to her. Dadi says to him that her era was not like today’s times and during that time they used to talk with eyes. Dadi tells Aayush that she had loved a guy back then during her time. Aayush says Dadi what is she speaking and if grandpa knew this. Dadi punches Aayush in his stomach and says that she is talking about his grandpa only. Aayush teases Dadi and Shalu comes there. They both again start arguing.

Sonia senses that Shalu is trying to impress them and enter their house but Karishma says that every middle-class girl tries it and it is not a big deal. Sonia tries to explain to Karishma that Shalu is trying to woo Aayush but Karishma feels that it is because Aayush likes Lakshmi he is trying to be helpful and they do not have to worry as after a year Lakshmi and Rishi are going to separate. She says that Lakshmi will be out of their house. Virendra comes and asks Karishma about not wearing the Punjabi dress and she says that she did not like the fitting.


Neelam and Virendra’s guests are ready with their Punjabi attires and call Virendra. They all are happy. Karishma tells Sonia that they were praising Lakshmi but now they will insult her. Virendra calls for a DJ to play songs. Karishma asks Lakshmi to call the Dj as any party is incomplete without the music. Lakshmi is scared as she remembers the DJ canceling at the last moment. The guests suggest that if the theme is Punjabi then the songs must also be Punjabi. Lakshmi is tongue-tied and Karishma purposely asks her constantly about the DJ. Dadi and Shalu come and stand beside her for support.

Lakshmi says that she could not arrange for a DJ leaving everyone shocked. Karishma taunts Lakshmi that without DJ and music there is no party at their house. Karishma further tells her that she arranged all the things so properly but not the DJ. She tells Lakshmi to have asked for help if she was confused.

The guests tell that there is no DJ at Neelam’s party it will be so boring and go to sit. Neelam scolds Lakshmi that she should have arranged the music and by not doing so she spoiled her day. Rishi tells Lakshmi that she should have told him and he would have helped her. Karishma adds fire to the fuel. Virendra asks her to stop and let Lakshmi speak. Lakshmi says that there is no DJ or songs but there is live music as the theme is Punjabi the music will also be Punjabi.

Lakshmi asks the guests to be ready and seeks permission from Dadi to have fun. Dadi gives her nod and Lakshmi calls a team of dancers and drummers who come in playing Punjabi music on a Dhol. Gurucharan chacha comes dancing along with them. Gurucharan takes in Virendra to dance with him and he dances. Virendra goes near Neelam and asks her to forget everything for 10 minutes as it is their day and enjoy it to the fullest. Neelam agrees to dance with Virendra.

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Virendra makes Neelam laugh heartily with his funny dance steps. He remembers his question to Neelam about laughing widely during their initial marriage days to which she had replied that she did not felt like laughing loudly in these years. Neelam is in full form and dances happily with Virendra. The guest cheer Virendra and Neelam for setting up the mood. Aayush, Devika, Aahana and Shalu take over the dance floor. Sonia and Karishma see Shalu pushing Aayush while dancing and get angry. Rano and Neha enter the party and give a gift to Virendra and Neelam. Rano sees Shalu dancing beside Aayush and tells Neha to go and dance with Aayush. Neha pushes Shalu and starts dancing with Aayush leaving Shalu shocked. The guests thank Neelam for such a lovely experience. Dadi asks Rishi and Lakshmi to go and dance.

Rishi says no. Lakshmi challenges Rishi to defeat her in dancing and he accepts the challenge. He asks the musicians to change the song as he wants to prove to someone that he doesn’t do fake dancing. The new song begins and Aayush and Dadi cheer for them. Rishi and Lakshmi burn the dance floor leaving Malishka fuming in anger seeing their closeness. Malishka is about to leave but Karishma stops her.

Aayush, Karishma and Malishka go dancing. Malishka falls on Rishi and starts dancing closely with him. Dadi and Gurucharan are shocked to see them like this. Gurucharan doubts Rishi and Malishka’s relationship. Rishi smiles at Lakshmi and she appreciates his dance. Neha purposely shouts at Aayush that he stepped on her leg and it is paining a lot. Aayush takes her upstairs to apply medicine. Shalu understands Neha’s trick and decides to follow them up.

Gurucharan chacha is shattered to know about Rishi and Malishka’s relationship being more than just good friends. He asks God why this had to happen with an innocent girl like Lakshmi and seeks strength to convey it to her. Rano bumps into Karishma and greets her but she walks away angrily. Rano thinks that she must not be so rude as soon they will become relatives but she will only understand once Neha comes into this house. Rano dreams that she will have more power than Neelam in this house after Neha marries Aayush.

She also desires to acquire a family necklace and for that, they need to convince Aayush quickly. Aayush takes Neha to a guest room and offers to bring medicine. Neha starts evaluating Aayush on his nature and qualities. Neha had thought that Aayush will apply for medicine from the tube but he gives a tablet instead. She is tensed and refuses to eat it but Aayush insists on taking it.

Shalu comes there and gets angry seeing Aayush taking so much care of Neha. She goes inside and informs Neha that Rishi is looking for her. Neha is very excited and goes running but remembers that she is supposed to be hurt. Neha pretends to get healed quickly by Aayush’s tablet and goes away. Aayush asks Shalu if she is jealous of Neha and she replies that she only came to help him and he is only showing her attitude. Karishma catches hold of Malishka and lectures her on Rishi listening to everything Lakshmi asks him to do.

Malishka is stressed to know this but is in denial that Rishi cannot betray her for Lakshmi. She is sure that Karishma has unnecessarily given her stress and gone away. Will Gurucharan chacha be able to tell about Rishi and Malishka’s closeness to Lakshmi? How will Lakshmi react to Rishi’s betrayal? Keep reading.

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  1. rano if you talk like this Lakshmi otherwise she will gets upest because of you rano so please don’t do that all the gust is there down but you still up if you stand there no use of this rano you don’t waste the time please go down understand that what i am saying for you rano.
    rishi if you go there to shanaya than Lakshmi she will gets upest because of that rishi please you don’t do that rishi please try to understand that rishi please you do make upest for Lakshmi she is innocent like you rishi now please you don’t go near to shanaya I don’t like it but i like rishi and Lakshmi.
    rishi please you can love for Lakshmi.
    rishi you can do it.
    rishi I promise you that but you can do it.

    • I didnt understand your comment bt i think u talked about rishis gf malishka. Shanaya was the girl who accused rishi for molestation


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