Barrister Babu 22nd October 2021 Written Update Batuk clever plot

Barrister Babu 22nd October 2021 Written Update Batuk clever plot

Barrister Babu 22nd October 2021 Written Update Batuk clever plot Batuk sees Tupur and Tapur busy in the kitchen and sneaks into Tapur’s room. He sees a letter written by Tapur for Som in which she has confessed her feelings and also wrote everything about her bad past. Batuk exchanges the letter with another one written by him and leaves. The next morning Tapur reluctantly gives the letter to Som. Batuk sees everything and laughs. Sampurna informs everyone that breakfast is ready.

Bondita feels happy that there are sweet and sour items for breakfast and asks Sampurna how did she know that she is craving this food. Sampurna says that it was not her but Anirudh who said that he wishes to make her wife happy by giving her favorite food as she gave him the happiness of becoming a father. Bondita does not understand what to have and what not to have and finally settles for Puchka. Tapur insists Anirudh to make Bondita eat Puchka with his hands. Trilochan and Batuk are shocked.

Batuk goes to feed Bondita but his perfume’s smell makes her feel like vomit and she somehow manages to eat it. Bondita is not able to control for long and vomits on Batuk’s pants and shoes. Batuk gets angry at her and says that she spoiled his expensive shoes. He yells at her to go to the bathroom and vomit and warns her to not come near him after vomiting. Batuk goes angrily and Trilochan follows him. Bondita is shocked and remembers her childhood incident when Anirudh had cleaned her vomit without shouting at her.


Trilochan goes to talk to Batuk. Batuk comes out of the shower and tells him that Bondita is mad and how can she vomit on him. He tells Trilochan that now he will have to throw away his pant and shoes and applies lots of perfume on his body to feel better. Batuk says Trilochan that just by studying no one becomes Roy Chowdhary and gets a class. Trilochan says Batuk that Bondita is pregnant and will vomit but Batuk is angry that why he has to vomit on him. Trilochan warns Batuk that now he is Anirudh and not Batuk. Batuk informs Trilochan that he can tolerate everything but not getting vomit on himself. He tells that if he thinks also about it he feels like vomiting and says that he is stinking as if he has been removed from a dustbin.

Trilochan says to Batuk that he should have thought about all these things before taking the disguise of Anirudh and now that he has taken it he must behave responsibly like Anirudh only. Trilochan informs Batuk that Anirudh used to clean Bondita’s bed when she used to urinate on it without making any faces and now too he would have taken Bondita’s vomit in his hands. Trilochan tells Batuk that he will not understand all these things and leaves. Batuk thinks that Anirudh died in order to save Bondita’s life but Bondita only gave him death. He feels that Anirudh went far away from them because of his attempt to save Bondita. Som reads Tapur’s letter in which she has written about her devotion towards Lord Shiva and proposes marriage to Som. Som blushes. In the letter, she asks him to drop an orange flower if his reply is yes.

Som gives an orange flower to Tapur and she happily takes it. Bondita goes into her room and a basket full of paper with sorry written over it falls on her head. She sees sorry cards all over the room. Batuk brings a bouquet for Bondita but she is not convinced. Batuk requests her to accept the bouquet or else he will cover his face with it the entire day and she will not be able to see his handsome face. Bondita accepts the bouquet and tells Batuk that she cannot live without seeing his face.

Bondita tells Batuk that he is not required to do all these things as she forgave him. Batuk is happy and is about to leave the room when Bondita stops him. Bondita asks him if he is ok and Batuk says that he is perfectly fine and tells her that he has written sorry 1000 times. Bondita tells Batuk that he has sent cards to her before also but never counted them as they have always lived in the moment of love. Tapur calls Bondita and informs her that Som does not have any problem with her past. Bondita is surprised that Som did not tell anything but Tupur says to her that Som is open-minded just like Anirudh and Tapur is lucky. Bondita is still puzzled that Som did not ask any question to Tapur.

Batuk comes running and asks Tapur and Tupur that why did they call his wife he was busy telling her sorry. Batuk finds a flower in Tapur’s hand and Tupur says that Somnath gave her. Batuk is happy and calls all the family members to announce this news. He tells Trilochan that Som gave a flower to Tapur and he must start the marriage preparations. Bondita tells Som to ask any questions to Tapur but he says that he doesnt have any questions but has a condition that Tapur will not make medicines and help the other ladies in the kitchen and look after the house after marriage. Bondita says that it is wrong but Tapur agrees to his condition.

Trilochan says that he will start preparations for the ceremony and goes to take Durga maa’s blessings. Batuk says congratulations to Som and Tapur and everyone leaves. Bondita is worried. Batuk has decided to break Bondita’s relationship with her sisters and not celebrate Tapur’s happiness. Bondita asks Tapur why did she agree to Som’s condition of not continuing to make medicine as she learned the talent from Thakumaa. Tupur says that Som accepted Tapur’s past and she can sacrifice her passion for him. Bondita feels that if Som is open-minded then why he has a problem if Tapur works after marriage. Bondita asks Tapur if she had carefully given the letter to Som with her own hands and Tapur says yes.

Tupur asks Bondita to forget about these things and start the preparations as there is very little time. Bondita agrees and Tupur takes Tapur to choose her sari. Bondita is not able to convince her confused heart. Batuk is sadly playing a mouth organ in front of Anirudh’s photo when Bondita comes and tells him that she knew he was hiding something from her. Batuk is shocked and becomes restless. He asks her what is he hiding and Bondita just stares at him. Has Bondita come to know about Batuk’s truth? What new game plan is going on in Batuk’s mind for spoiling Som and Tapur’s ceremony? Keep reading.

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