Barrister Babu 26th October 2021 Written Update Shocking visitor

Barrister Babu 26th October 2021 Written Update Shocking visitor

Barrister Babu 26th October 2021 Written Update Shocking visitor Bondita sees Tapur ready and asks her if she already got ready. Tapur says that she got ready because she felt that she might not come. Bondita says that nothing is more important than her happiness. Tapur is about to argue when Tupur comes and takes her for the ceremony. Bondita finds the letter she had written for Tapur to give it to Somnath but is puzzled as to how it landed here. It was Batuk who had kept the letter there. Bondita understands that Tapur did not give the letter to Somanth and he doesn’t know about her truth. She wonders why Somanth gave a yellow flower to Tapur.

Bondita goes to Somnath and again asks him if he read Tapur’s letter properly and will be with her forever. Somnath says yes. Trilochan says that Lord Shiva’s idol has arrived and asks him to show it to Tapur too. Bondita is confused and asks Somnath about it and he says that he fulfilled Tapur’s wish of worshipping Lord Shiva along with Durga maa. He asks her if now she believes that he will forever be with Tapur. Bondita reluctantly says yes. Trilochan tells Somanth and Bondita to hurry up. Bondita thinks that there was no mention of such a thing in the letter and she must find out the truth.

She searches for the letter in Somnath’s room and finds out that it is not the letter she had written. Bondita wonders who wrote a fake letter and decides to tell it to Anirudh. Bondita goes to her room and blurts out the whole truth in front of Trilochan, thinking of him as Anirudh. Bondita had given a red shawl to Batuk and he had given it to Trilochan leading to the confusion. Batuk is standing behind Bondita and smiles wickedly. Trilochan is angry to know this and doesn’t listen to Bondita.


Bondita tries to calm him but he spoils the celebrations and tells that there will be no ceremony. Trilochan asks the guests to leave their house. Batuk asks Trilochan what happened and he tells that relations connected with truth and dishonesty don’t last long but finish abruptly. Trilochan tells Somnath that he has been betrayed but thanks to Bondita that he came to know about Tapur’s dignity being attacked. Bondita asks Somnath and Trilochan to give her some time as she will clear everything. Trilochan and Somnath leave in anger. Tapur and Tupur are angry with Bondita for spoiling the event. Bondita tells Tapur that if she had told the truth this day wouldn’t have come.

Tapur says to Bondita that she heard her last night saying to Anirudh that she is not happy with her and Somnath’s relationship. Tapur says to Bondita that she did not consider her worthy enough to be the daughter-in-law of this house. Tapur tells Bondita that their relationship is over. Bondita pleads with them but Trilochan comes there and warns them to not make Bondita cry. Tapur and Tupur prepare to leave and Batuk suggests they go and live in his other mansion. Bondita tries to stop them but Batuk promises her that he will bring them back. Batuk thinks that she snatched away Anirudh from him and now he will snatch her sisters and family from her.

Bondita is worried about Tapur and Tupur. Sampurna sees Bondita depressed and suggests she go to court. Trilochan listens to this and scolds Sampurna for suggesting Bondita to go to court when she is pregnant. Bondita assures Trilochan that she will work from home. Trilochan informs Bondita that she is not needed to do any work. Bhari babu brings Bondita’s client inside the house and she asks him why he did not bring papers to show her. The client says that all his papers were ready but whenever he used to it was told that it is a wrong number and Barrister Bondita doesn’t live here. Trilochan asks Batuk and he reluctantly says yes. Bondita is confused about how it is possible and asks him to show the number.

The number is correct and Bondita says that she will find out about the blunder. She asks her client to give her the case papers and tells that she will get back to him. Trilochan tells Bondita it happens sometimes. Bondita checks the landline and finds out that it is working properly. Batuk asks her to let it go. A girl comes and hugs Batuk from behind and says that she missed him. Bondita pulls the girl and asks her who she is and on which relation is she touching her husband.

The girl says sorry for hugging Batuk because she saw him after such a long time and forgot about everyone. The girl introduces herself as Mallika and Batuk Roy Chowdhary’s girlfriend. Bondita is confused as to why the girl is calling Anirudh as Batuk. Will Batuk’s truth come out in front of Bondita? How will Batuk balance the crises brought by his girlfriend? Keep reading.

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