Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd November 2021 Written Update High romance

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd November 2021 Written Update High romance

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd November 2021 Written Update High romance Rudra says it was good that Mishka informed him about Reshma. Flashback shows Mishka and Reshma informing about how Armaan with Sunil’s help planned to fake Sanya’s murder to trap Rudra for separating him from Prisha. He continues telling that when Armaan himself didn’t tell Prisha the truth he asked Prisha to bring Armaan to Khurana Mansion. Prisha brought Armaan to Khurana mansion to make him see Rudra marrying Mishka. Prisha says this way they made Armaan believe that Rudra has moved on and he gets relaxed.

Rudra and Prisha tell Sanya that Armaan made a big mistake about not telling her his next move and she was hiding comfortably. They also tell her that she got caught. Prisha reveals Mishka and Rudra’s marriage too was fake. They also reveal that Reshma believed in Mishka. Reshma thought Mishka was marrying Rudra to get revenge on Rudra. Rudra reveals it was all his and Prisha’s plan. Prisha says Rudra sent her Sanya’s location and she came here by fooling and convincing Armaan.

Inspector Chautala asks where is Armaan? Prisha says that she made a washroom excuse in front of Armaan and came here. Inspector Chautala says she will arrest Armaan from the mall. She thanks Rudra and Prisha for showing her the right path. Inspector Chautala also says to Prisha and Rudra that she will inform them about Armaan’s arrest. Rudra returns home with Prisha. Whole family gets surprised by seeing Prisha alive in front of them. Vasundha hugs Prisha and everyone gets emotional. Sharda asks if she is really Prisha. Rudra says yes. Sharda and Saaransh hug Prisha.


Mishka too comes from behind and Sharda gets angry. Rudra stops Sharda from throwing Mishka out. He reveals that Mishka helped to bring Prisha back. Mishka joins hands in front of Sharda. GPS asks Rudra why he didn’t tell his family about it. Rudra and Prisha reply that it was important to expose Armaan and Sanya. Inspector Chautala arrives at Khurana mansion. She makes everyone happy and relaxed by telling that as Sanya got caught alive all charges on Prisha are taken back. She also makes them tense by telling them that Armaan and his whole family have gone missing. She says that Thakurs may have left the country by now. Inspector Chautala apologizes to Prisha and Rudra.

Rudra replies that Armaan doesn’t exist for them. Prisha says it’s important to find Armaan. Inspector Chauta takes a leave. Prisha feels bad and says that Anvi too went with Armaan. She says she misses Anvi. Rudra says to Prisha that one day Armaan will get caught and Anvi will live with them in their home. Rudra and Prisha hug each other. Sharda wishes her family to live happily from now on. Armaan, Digviyay and Anvi are seen in the car. Armaan recalls how Sunil informed him about Sanya’s arrest. He gets angry thinking Prisha deceived him.

Armaan further thinks to leave the country by crossing the border. He also thinks to get revenge from Prisha in future. On the other side, Prisha and Rudra enjoy being together. Rudra gets romantic with Prisha. He asks Prisha to celebrate the first night. Prisha says they have already done that. Rudra says he doesn’t remember anything from that night. He says now they will celebrate their special first night. Rudra takes Prisha in his arms and takes her to his room. Prisha sees the decorations and asks Rudra if he made the first night’s preparations in advance? Rudra replies yes.

Rudra made her lie on the bed. Prisha agrees to his wish. She says he too will also have to agree to something in future. Rudra gives a black hot dress to Prisha to wear. Prisha finds the dress too short. Rudra convinces her to wear it. Prisha goes to change and Rudra himself changes his clothes and applies the deo. He gets mesmerized seeing Prisha in his gifted dress. Prisha feels shy and goes near Rudra. They hold each other’s hands. Rudra praises Prisha’s beauty. Prisha throws Rudra on bed. She gets bold and gets on Rudra. Rudra gets impressed by Prisha’s move. Prisha unbuttons Rudra’s shirt.

Rudra says to Prisha that she will make him faint. Saaransh comes there and interrupts them. Prisha asks Rudra why he forgot to lock the window too. Saaransh says he can’t sleep. He asks why they are handcuffed. Prisha and Rudra make excuses for playing the chor-police game. Prisha and Rudra think every time someone interrupts their first night. In the next episode, someone will inform Rudra that a new music company wants to have a contract with him. Vasudha will share her tension regarding GPS and a woman with Prisha. Keep reading.

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  1. My favourite show was yeh mohabtein and after it was end I started to follow Yeh hai Chahatein . It was interesting show at the beginning and now I feel that story doesn’t match with title yeh hai Chahatein. It’s being so long we haven’t seen any nice track.. Why full of negativity , no more happy tracks……


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