Anupama 5th November 2021 Written Update Dolly’s curse

Anupama 5th November 2021 Written Update Dolly's curse

Anupama 5th November 2021 Written Update Dolly’s curse Anupama makes Devika smile. Kanta (Anupama’s mother) starts crying. Anuj asks her what happened? Anupama and Devika too ask the same thing. Anuj asks Kanta to share if something is troubling her. Kanta says earlier she was too a typical mother who restricted her daughter from doing anything because of society’s fear. She also says that now she understands that she taught Anupama everything wrong because of which she tolerated her in-laws’ nonsense. Kanta says that she should have allowed Anupama to enjoy with her friends and make male friends too.

She apologizes to Anupama for not letting her be happy because of society’s fear. Kanta praises Anuj and his friendship with Anupama. She clicks a group photograph of Devika, Anupama and Anuj. At Shah house, Kinjal and Nandini give Bapuji his medicines. Bapuji takes his medicines and says Anupama left the mini Anupama in the house. While Kinjal accepts herself as mini Anupama, Nandini calls herself junior mini Anupama. Kinjal says she and Nandini will try so that nobody feels incomplete without Anupama. Bapuji advises them to become Anupama version 2 instead of version 1, who tolerated the nonsense of Shah house.

Bapuji asks Nandini and Kinjal to never tolerate wrong things and instead raise voice against it. He says he will not stay quiet, if anything wrong happens. Kavya hears their conversation from behind and thinks Anupama is controlling Bapuji from outside using her daughter-in-laws. She thought she would convince Bapuji by making him drink badam milk. Kinjal asks Bapuji to take rest and tell her and Nandini if he needs anything. Kavya comes there and offers badam milk to Bapuji. He accepts it and thanks her.


Kavya asks Bapuji to try forgiving her, considering her as his daughter. Bapuji replies to Kavya that she will get troubled in her trials of becoming a daughter. He tells her that if he will consider her his daughter, being a father he will have the rights to restrict her from doing somethings, scold her for her wrong doings too. He asks if it will be okay for her? Bapuji explains to Kavya that every father-in-law can become a father but not every daughter-in-law can become a daughter. He leaves and Kavya feels that it is very difficult to live in a joint family. She thinks how Anupama used to handle everything?

At Kanta’s home, she leaves the house for some work. Anupama and Devika tease Anuj and all three dance on the song, “Dil Chahta Hai”. Pakhi shows Anuj, Devika and Anupama’s picture to Kinjal. Paritosh sees Anuj with Anupama in the picture and gets angry. Kinjal and Paritosh fight, talking about Anupama and Rakhi. Paritosh asks Kinjal why can’t she concentrate on him too. Kinjal clears him that she can’t live with a man who cannot respect his own mother. She leaves telling Paritosh that now the choice is his.

Anuj tells Anupama that he needs to leave as GK must be waiting for him. Devika thinks that her act of sleeping got wasted. She prays to god to do something that Anuj himself confesses his love for Anupama. Anupama prays for her family’s well being. Kavya on the side puts her name’s name plate on the Shah house main door. This turns out to be her dream. Next morning, Baa is seen making ladoos and thinks that her house can work without Anupama. She thinks that Anupama will get alone and will long for her family. Baa further thinks Anupma will celebrate Diwali alone and grow old alone. She also thinks that she will celebrate the festival happily with her family.

Kavya asks Baa what she is blabbering. Baa says that she will celebrate Diwali happily with her family by making sweets and good food. She reveals that Dolly and Sanjay will be arriving too. Kavya thinks she can’t waste her first diwali after marriage in the kitchen. Baa says Anupama’s diwali will be black wherever she celebrates it. Vanraj asks Baa to not talk about Anupama behind her back. Bapuji shows Kinjal a nazar battu he brought for Anupama’s new home and says out loud that it will protect Anupama from evil eyes.

Kinjal says now there will be no evil eye on Anupama and her happiness. Vanraj, Baa and Kavya get shocked. Kavya asks Anupama’s home? Kinjal replies yes Anupama got her new home. Baa asks if Kanta too threw Anupama out of her home? Kinjal replies that Anupama didn’t want to depend on her mother and brother. Baa says it is just a show, as Kanta would have not accepted Anupama. Kavya puts fuel to the fire and says that Anupma would have shifted to a new house so she can spend time with Anuj.

Baa asks where he and Kinjal are leaving to? Bapuji reveals that he and Kinjal are leaving to celebrate diwali in Anupama’s new home. He also reveals that Pakhi, Samar and Nandini have reached there too. Vanraj requests Bapuji to visit Anupama’s new home some other day.. Bapuji replies that his heart will be there only even if he doesn’t go there and asks him to let him go. Kinjal says she prepared halwa for Anupama. Baa doesn’t allow Kinjal to take it. Kinjal leaves the halwa and leaves for Anupama’s new home with Bapuji.

Kavya instigates Baa saying that everybody still cares for Anupama. Baa throws the sweets she made in anger and shouts on leaving Bapuji and Kinjal. Next Anupama is seen entering her new house with Devika, Anuj and Shahs except Vanraj, Baa and Kavya. In the next episode, an angry Vanraj will ask Dolly to leave his house if she thinks that Anupama is right and he is the devil. Anuj will gift a snow globe to Anupama saying that she is similar to the statue inside alone but happy in her own world. On the other side, Dolly will leave Shah house telling Vanraj that nobody can remain happy by hurting others.

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