Kuch Rang Pyar Ke 9th November 2021 Written Update The Verdict

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke 9th November 2021 Written Update The Verdict

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke 9th November 2021 Written Update The Verdict Mrs Verma says that she is not scared of anything as she has seen her son die. Ishwari tells Mrs Verma that she is also a mother and doesn’t give anyone a right to break her family. Sanjana’s lawyer tells Dixits that they have not legally adopted Sohana and cannot establish their right on her. He requests them to hand over Sohana to her grandparents. Aayush tells his grandparents that Sohana is happy with them in this house and asks them to let her stay here. Aayush promises his grandparents to take care of Sohana and regularly come to meet them.

Aayush assures his grandparents to take good care of them so that they will never feel lonely. Sanjana and Vermas decide to leave and give one day’s time to Dixits to decide. Sanjana asks Sonakshi to think about her proposal. Aayush pacifies Sohana. Sohana cries but Aayush makes her understand. Sohana feels that Sonakshi and Dev are not her real parents but Aayush explains to her that real parents are those who give real love. Sohana is sad that Sonakshi and Dev lied to her. Aayush tells her that they are all a family now.


Neha is pregnant and sees her pregnancy report. Sonakshi tells Dev about Sanjana’s deal. Dev is angry but Sonakshi calms him down. Dev decides to speak with their lawyer and find out a solution. Sonakshi informs Dev that Sohana needs them right now. Sonakshi and Dev go to see Sohana and Aayush tells them that Sohana was crying and then slept. Dev praises Aayush for taking care of Sohana. Aayush is scared that Soha will go away but Dev assures him that nothing like this will happen.

Sonakshi and Dev speak with Sohana and try to cheer her up. Sohana is very quiet and just stares at Sonakshi and Dev. Sonakshi becomes emotional and asks Sohana to forgive her and Dev. Sonakshi and Dev catch their ears and ask sorry from Sohana. Aayush shows Sohana a video of her cheerful times with Dev. Sohana smiles and hugs Sonakshi and Dev. Sohana tells that Dev and Sonakshi will always be her parents and she will be their princess. Sohana tells Sonakshi to not let her go anywhere and Sonakshi agrees.

Dev also promises Sohana that they will always stay together. Sonakshi and Dev get a letter which shocks them. They both go to Verma house to speak. Dev questions them about the court orders and Mrs Verma says that they didn’t have another option. Sonakshi requests Vermas to not listen to Sanjana as she cannot be trusted. Sonakshi tells Vermas that Sanjana is doing all this to trouble them. Vermas are confused as to why Sanjana wants to trouble Sonakshi and Dev. Sonakshi tells that Sanjana has a selfish motive and wants to acquire Dev.

Sonakshi and Dev request Vermas to not listen to Sanjana who herself has bad intentions. Sanjana brings tea and snacks for Vermas and the guests. Mrs Verma informs Sanjana that she was right as they both have come to provoke them against her. Sanjana does emotional drama. Mrs Verma pacifies Sanjana. Mr and Mrs Verma take Sanjana’s side and warn Sonakshi and Dev to either give away Sohana or wait for court orders. Mr Verma asks Sonakshi and Dev to leave. Sonakshi warns them that they are doing wrong. Sanjana tells Sonakshi and Dev that her intentions and love are very stubborn which they will witness in the court. Sanjana tells them that they both have to bend in front of her stubbornness. Sonakshi gives a good lecture to Sanjana. Sanjana shuts the door on Sonakshi and Dev’s face.

Sonakshi and Dev’s lawyer presents his case in front of the judge in the court. Sanjana’s lawyer also presents his side of statements to the judge. Sanjana’s lawyer questions Sonakshi and Dev about being separated for 7 years and taking couple therapy. He goes on to say that Aayush ran away from their house because of Sonakshi and Dev. The lawyer adds that no one should get parents like Sonakshi and Dev. Sonakshi, Aayush, Dev and Sohana are playing with cards. Sanjana enters their house with the Vermas and their lawyer and hands over the paper to Dev. Sanjana informs them that they have won the case and have come to take Sohana with them. Dev drops the court paper in shock. How will Sonakshi and Dev handle the situation? Will Sanjana be successful in breaking Dev and Sonakshi’s family? Keep reading.

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