Sasural Simar Ka 11th November 2021 Full Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 11th November 2021 Full Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 11th November 2021 Full Written Update Simar hands over the cup of tea to Aarav. Badimaa tells that they shall leave. Aarav tells that he will finish the tea and come. Badimaa tells him that she will save him from every problem. She makes him return the hot tea cup to Simar. Aarav sees Simar, while he leaves. He gets Yamini’s call. She answers his phone call. She hears Yamini’s voice. She asks who is she. Yamini recognizes her voice and lies. Badimaa asks her to call later. Yamini speaks to Aarav when he reaches home. She tells him that love comes with pain. He asks if Simar has come home. She sees Simar at the door. He asks her to stay connected. He wants to hear Simar’s voice.

Yamini welcomes Simar. She asks Simar why did she go for the urgency. Simar tells that nothing is fine. She gets peace with Yamini and her music. Yamini tells that a person goes where he finds peace. She tells that music has the power to unite hearts. She asks Simar to sing and bring her heart at peace. She wants Simar to share her sorrow. Simar talks about the pain of separation. Aarav feels bad. Later, Simar sings a melodious song. Aarav and Yamini smile hearing her. Samar reaches there and he is also amazed to hear her captivating voice. Samar claps for Simar. She imagines Aarav there. Samar gives him a candy.

Badimaa enters Aarav’s room. She asks him to respond. She asks who was he talking to. He tells that she doesn’t know. She tells him that he isn’t going to office regularly. She asks him to forget the past and stop being a crazy lover. She asks him to take the bail papers to the police station, and get Shobha and her family released. She asks him to warn Shobha from her side. Aarav tells her that he will handle everything as always. She feels sad for him, but can’t help. She asks him to forget Simar and move on in life.


She blames Simar for just humiliating their family. Simar asks Samar how did he like the song. He tells that he has changed her mind. She refuses to work with him. He asks the reason when her voice is so soul-touching. She doesn’t entertain his requests. She thanks Yamini for the right advice. She makes a leave. Yamini tells Samar that Simar can’t sing by her heart until their connection is created. Samar runs after Simar to apologize again. He asks Simar to focus on the music album. She tells that she has a problem with his attitude. He is confident that he can convince her.

Aarav calls him. Samar tells that Simar is a powerhouse of talent. He is also stubborn now that he will do the album with Simar. Aarav asks what has happened that he changed his mind. Samar tells that her voice has touched his heart, he loves challenges and its a challenge for him to convince her. Aarav tells that he will fund the project when Simar signs the album. Samar finds them stubborn. He tells that they should have been a couple, they both are similar. He gets Simar’s ID card. He learns her address.

He makes a plan to convince her. Reema tells Badimaa that Roma will withdraw the case when her conditions are met. Badimaa asks her how did she help the Oswals this time. Reema tells that she has to prove that she has changed. She claims that she has accepted the family by her heart, unlike Chitra, who always backstabs. Badimaa asks her to say it straight. Reema tells that she will tell her everything once Roma’s matter gets solved.

Simar accompanies to the police station. She gets a push from someone. She falls in Aarav’s arms. They cross paths again. They meet the Inspector and tell that they will be signing as the witnesses. Aarav tells that their relation doesn’t need any name. Inspector asks their relations with Roma and Kashyap family. They tell their relations and sign the papers. Roma wants the Kashyap family to sign on the contract. Simar asks Roma to think once again.

Reema meets them. She tells that the conditions are to protect Roma’s self-respect and future. Aarav tells that its important that Roma feels safe, she has a right to do anything for her safety. He doesn’t get against the contract. He doesn’t want anyone to oust Roma from the house, just Simar was ousted. He asks Roma not to feel ashamed. He supports Roma. He feels proud that she took a stand for herself and understood her value. He wishes Simar was also daring like Roma. He tells that he will get the contract signed by Shobha. Roma asks him to read it once. He tells that there is nothing to read.

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