Kumkum Bhagya 15th November 2021 Written Update Wicked twist

Kumkum Bhagya 15th November 2021 Written Update Wicked twist

Kumkum Bhagya 15th November 2021 Written Update Wicked twist Prachi dreams of Ranbir stopping her and reconciling with her. She wishes that Ranbir never told all these bitter things to her. Prachi cries a lot when Ranbir comes there and still accuses her for the illegitimate affair. Ranbir asks Prachi to not waste time and just get away from his sight. He hates to tolerate her in the house, in his room and in his life. He asks Prachi to never come back to show her face which will remind him the cheat. He wants to forget Prachi. Prachi tells him that she feels this is like a dream, if this isn’t a dream, then maybe the two years they lived together in their marriage is a dream.

Ranbir tells that they can love each other in their dream, but he got cheated by her in reality. He regrets that she ruined their beautiful love, which fell short for her. On the other hand, Pallavi does the last right rituals for Siddharth. He stops her on seeing her pour the water on her head, wearing white clothes. She tells him that she is doing the rituals to end her relation with him. She declares that he has no relation with the family now, and asks him to leave, along with Prachi.


Ranbir and Rhea oust Siddharth and Prachi from the house, without listening to Siddharth’s clarification. Siddharth has found out Aaliya’s crime, but Rhea doesn’t let him say anything. Prachi steps out of the house. Ranbir feels heartbroken seeing Prachi leave, but Rhea gets her wicked smile. Rhea sees Ranbir lonely and devastated. She thinks she can easily win Ranbir now in Prachi and Siddharth’s absence. Keep reading.

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  1. Reha must be punished for her cunning mind to separate Prachi and Ranbir .Prachi is always 8nnocent but reha is very bad girl and all family members are fool8sh they cannot seen the real face of reha they always asked Prachi wrong and support reha for her false stories this is unfair Prachi and Ranbir jodi is best Ranbir is seeng nice with Prachi not reha

  2. Change the script writer. Too many retotions.

    Change the script writer!!!
    Does evil always win over good?
    Everybody deserves to justify their actions at least once.

  3. Hi I am living in Jamaica but I can’t get to watch them anymore. I don’t know what is wrong with zee 5 I Uninstall and then install it back

  4. ranbir this aliya she went to room number 505 not pranchi she didn’t do anything for you ranbir please try to understand that what i am saying for you ranbir.
    rhea if you talk like this to pranchi otherwise she will be change now see what i will do now rhea keep it your mind understand that rhea you do if you do want i don’t care at all never pallavi you can’t understand that pallavi this aliya she went to room number 505 that only aliya she didn’t her planned hunderd persent.
    ranbir if pranchi she be will change herself
    ranbir you can go near to pranchi not rhea.

  5. The whole storyline is crap and full of lies, hence alia n rhea shud be dead, and why do evil people always get away with murder? I hate so much pallavi, no good either, thinks herself to be queen? My foot, not even a good wife, mother, or actress..change the storyline and script..how come rhea does not allow anyone to speak truth abt her, and prachi is very stupid to think she changed, open ur eyes prachi and look carefully, dont trust her evil intentions even though ur sister..both alia and rhea..are evil woman in a nice family drama, so both shud be dead n chucked out, cannot stand to see them both inc pallavi and vikram, no good for nothing both of them

  6. Yaar writer babu. Bhut ho gaya. Kab tak ghiste rahoge bhai. Kuch naya likho. Ek badmaash lady aur ek super shareef lady. Koi normal lady to kisi bhi serial may hoti nahi. aur wohi ghisa pita game.

  7. how the fack sid found out the truth n no one knows the truth still?
    Rhea is God?
    i am fed up of Rhea Rhea dpibg her nastiness n getting away.
    Rhea can tell lies on everyone but no one can speak the truth bout her.
    idiot writers ektaa n zee tv

  8. so for the next flipping episodrs ard full rhea ranbir and pallavi? oh goodness sake the facking viewets cant take much more of the blasted rhea n her shit lies n deceit anymore.
    best u rename this show Rhea the Scrupulous but victorious woman.

  9. Writers ….. In reality the good people win ……. But in your story line the evil wins all the time ……. Again the same tract ……. Please come up with some thing intresting not will some thing foolish ….

    • I don’t know why the bad people always win over the good ones, Nigeria is getting fell up with your foolish story. Are u telling me that your culture base on evil and nothing else, u better change that foolish story of yours and let the good people overcome the bad ones, let the bad ones be expose.

  10. Change the story now its high time… Why does prachi and pragya has to suffer all the time. Its becoming very silly and the fact that there is no truth in it.

  11. Writers please change the story line we have watched this movie for 8years we are tired with history repeating its self this also happened to purab and Deesha did she find the truth about what happened no,please please the this series has just started to be boring


  13. It started with Abhi and Pragya now it’s Ranbir and Prachi don’t you think this is too much boring please show us love between Ranbir and Prachi at least live story in action remove Ayla and Rhea so boring


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