Bhagya Lakshmi 16th November 2021 Written Update Malishka blurts out

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th November 2021 Written Update Malishka blurts out

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th November 2021 Written Update Malishka blurts out Lakshmi talks to Viraj about Rishi. She shows her faith on Rishi. She tells him that she loves Rishi, but she feels that Rishi loves her even more. She is mistaken that Rishi’s gratefulness and concern are the signs of his love. Rishi and Malishka hear everything that Lakshmi speaks in Rishi’s favor. Malishka finds Rishi chanting Lakshmi’s name. She tells him that she doesn’t love him anymore. After Lakshmi and Viraj leave the room, Malishka asks Rishi to let her go out. Malishka angrily leaves from his room. Neelam finds Rishi upset. She advises him to just respect and value the current relation of his life. She wants him to always remember that.

Rishi is confused. Lakshmi tells Malishka that she will just see Rishi and come. Malishka stops her and warns her against going close to Rishi. She blurts out the truth that she loves Rishi since ever and its Lakshmi who has come between two lovers. She tells that she wants Rishi, he is just of her. Lakshmi is stunned by her confession. She tells that Rishi is her husband first and then Malishka’s good friend. Malishka tells that she isn’t just Rishi’s friend, but his lover since years. Lakshmi can’t believe Rishi and Malishka’s past.

Earlier in the show, Viraj asks Lakshmi to tell him the secret of Rishi and her marriage. He tells her that she would have not married Rishi for love, but made a compromise for his Kundali problem or any other thing. Lakshmi doesn’t want to answer him. She tells Viraj that many times girls have no love for their husbands when the marriage is a compromise, but love happens after marriage, when the girl understands her husband and falls for him. Viraj asks him if she doesn’t love Rishi even after marriage. She tells the secret, which gets heard by Rishi and Malishka as well. She tells that she loves Rishi since the time they got married. Rishi is surprised to hear her love confession, while Malishka is upset. Keep reading.


Bhagya Lakshmi 16th November 2021 Written Update Malishka blurts out:

Lakshmi tells Viraj that Rano got her to this city to get her married off to anyone, but her fate had written Rishi for her. She tells him that Rishi was arrogant first, he broke her promise on their first meet, she also saw a fake Rishi first but now she can see the true Rishi, he is like a God. She tells Viraj what Rishi did for her. She counts Rishi’s favors on her. She is glad that Rishi trusts her, he is true and good-hearted. She adds that she has fallen in love with Rishi.

Rishi overhears Lakshmi’s confession. She tells that she dreams to spend her life with Rishi. She wants to dedicate her entire life to him. She tells that Rishi told her that she is just made for him. Viraj tells that she really loves Rishi, but does Rishi love her as well. She tells that he has to ask this to Rishi. He tells that Rishi isn’t there to answer. He asks if Rishi confessed love to her till now. She tells that Rishi told her many times by his gestures, not words. Malishka is upset.

Lakshmi tells Viraj that Rishi is her guide and support, he takes care of everything about her, he expresses his love by his sweet gestures. She mentions the few instances by which Rishi gave her reasons to love him. She feels Rishi loves her more than she loves him. Viraj asks her why is she smiling. Rishi also smiles hearing Lakshmi. She tells that Rishi had taken care of her when she has fallen sick. Malishka learns that Rishi and Lakshmi have come much closer. Lakshmi feels she has got the best life partner. Viraj wishes her. She tells that Rishi is like a blessing for her. Viraj asks her what cute thing did Rishi do for her.

She blushes. She tells that she wants to go now. Viraj apologizes for crossing his line. She tells that she won’t let anyone do that. They go downstairs. Rishi faces Malishka’s anger. She asks Rishi what else did he go for Lakshmi’s love. She confronts him for his care and love. Rishi tells that Lakshmi was sick and needed his help. She feels that Rishi loves her. Neelam comes to Rishi’s room to meet him. She hears Malishka shouting on Rishi. Malishka calls it enough. She leaves from there.

Neelam sees Rishi with Malishka. Shalu stops Ayush from meeting Neha. She tells that Neha wants to win his love. He calls it a good news. He says he is in demand and loves the news. Shalu tells that Neha isn’t any Miss world. He tells that he doesn’t care. She asks him to believe her that Neha isn’t a nice girl. He tells that he likes Neha, but not her.

He tells that she is just a friend for him, she is not girlfriend type. He asks her not to fall for him and then propose him. Shalu asks him not to misunderstand. Neelam doesn’t want to ask what was going on. She asks Rishi to stop such meetings, else Lakshmi can come to know about their love. She reminds him that its Rishi and Lakshmi’s bedroom, Rishi can’t get Malishka in the bedroom. She asks them not to be foolish and make them ashamed. Malishka walks out. Rishi apologizes. Neelam asks Rishi to respect the marriage until he is in it. She wants him to value his relation. She doesn’t want him to forget Malishka.

She asks him to not lower his character by doing wrong. Ayush goes to meet Neha and help her. She asks him to help her by passing the container. He asks the servant to help Neha. She gets angry when Ayush refuses to help. Ayush agrees to help her. She wants the flour box to fall over them. She plans to create a filmi romantic scene. Shalu also messages Ayush to get his help. Ayush likes his demand. He goes away to help Shalu. He asks the servant to get the container down. He goes away. Neha doesn’t see Ayush leaving.

The flour falls over the servant. Neha hugs him. Rano reaches there and asks who is with Neha. Rano and Neha leave on seeing the servant there instead Ayush. Lakshmi tells Viraj that she didn’t find Rishi. Viraj asks if Malishka and Rishi have run away. Lakshmi shows him Malishka. Viraj asks Malishka why did she leave him alone and go. She replies that Lakshmi can win anyone’s heart, its an art. She asks them to come to burn the fire crackers. Lakshmi sees Rish downstairs. She tells that she will just come. Malishka hinders her from going to Rishi. She takes Lakshmi with her. Viraj tells that he will get Rishi there. Lakshmi finds Malishka’s behavior odd. She asks the reason for it. Malishka calls Lakshmi the reason for her problems. She tells that she wants her Rishi back. Lakshmi is stunned. Stay tuned.

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