Kumkum Bhagya Prachi new makeover 22nd November 2021

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi new makeover 22nd November 2021

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi new makeover 21st November 2021 Ranbir sees his bleeding hand. He ties the cloth to the wound to stop the bleeding. He is hurt and thinks of Prachi when he sees the rains. The rains remind him of their lovely moment when Prachi confessed love to him. Prachi too misses Ranbir and thinks of him when she gets under the rains. Both of them stay in much pain of sorrowful separation. Prachi still loves the rains, while Ranbir shouts his hatred for the rains. She tells that she still misses Ranbir, but does he miss her. Ranbir doesn’t want to miss her, because she cheated him. He tells that she had cheated him in love, he hates her, her name and her love. He doesn’t want to see her ever.

Sushma wants to take Prachi away from her past, so that she can make her good future. She wants a change in Prachi’s life, to help her forget the past memories and make new good memories. Sushma wishes her betterment. She finds Prachi in her memories. Prachi tells that memories never change, the memories never let you fall alone. She feels one can run away from the past, but not the memories. She still has good memories of Ranbir. Ranbir doesn’t think he has seen Prachi at the temple. He doesn’t want to think about her. He wonders why isn’t he able to stop himself from his thoughts. Shiv meets Pallavi and Ranbir.

Shiv tells that he has come to pick Ranbir, because they are going to the same destination, their office. Ranbir asks him why did he not call him before coming. He doesn’t like anyone involving him. He asks Shiv to come in a bus. Shiv asks Ranbir why did he wear goggles at home, when there is no sunlight. He asks if Ranbir is hiding his sleepy eyes. Ranbir is actually hiding his tearful eyes.


Ranbir scolds Shiv. Rhea hands over his wallet, saying he forgot it in his room. He asks her if she had gone to his room in his absence. He clears to her that he doesn’t like anyone entering his room. Prachi will be seen in a new makeover look, and coming across Ranbir as a strong and focussed businesswoman. Will she stay strong in front of Ranbir, and lose out? How will their lives take a turn? Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2021 Written Update Shaking truth

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  1. couple?
    it is said Ranbir will choose to purposely marry Rhea to take Revenge from Prachi.
    wat kind of facking revenge is that?
    Ranbir n prachi still marrued so wat kind of facking marriage is that with Rhea?
    nasty stinking dirty storyline.
    no respect for marriage or any couple.If Ranbir Marries Rhea then Let Prach gets a new Husband too n do not reunite Prachi n Ranbir.Let both prachi n ranbir go separate ways if ranbir marries rhea.we are fed up of rhea n her evil self wininng. Viewers not interested in Rhea / Ranbir as a couple disgusting

  2. Ranbir as character has lost his viewers because of the shit writing scripts.
    i dislike ranbir now.
    i am just reading not watching.
    rachi needs to become a biatch n deal with alliya rhea ranbir n pallavi.
    no love or niceness now.

  3. Yes I agree with you I also just reading update and don’t want to watch this dirtyness and Rhea evil planned success and Rhea will win we are not intrested in Rhea and alia I just want to seen how Prachi faced al chalenges ? How she proved herself innocence and fail Rhea plans ? Prachi must have to take action against Rhea and alia.i wish that .and pray that Prachi must be win not Rhea .

  4. Yes agreeing there.. This story is now repeating it self. How can both mother.,daughter have the same thing happening in their lives?? Prachi should be happy. Rhea and alia should now have a lesson for being evilllllllllllll… This show is should really come to an end.

  5. Even l too agree with the above reply.l too don’t watch this rubbish serial.,only reading the updates.Always the couples r separating.Both mother n daughter’s destiny is same. At least the script writer should make Prachi’s fate different from her mother.

  6. why all the shows from the same writer/ producer have the same shit arse no new storyline.
    All the Bhagya have the male spouse have other women/mistress/ wives/ gf and the marriage is over by separating the married couple.
    we just went through the disgusting Separation from prachi n ranbir .
    now this show to with Rishi
    also Ranbir marrying Rhea the Criminal.

    why Zee tv promoting n showing crap like this.


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