Yeh Rishta 22nd November 2021 Written Update Abhi’s challenge

Yeh Rishta 22nd November 2021 Written Update Abhi's challenge

Yeh Rishta 22nd November 2021 Written Update Abhi’s challenge Akshara sits beside asleep Aarohi and cries. She asks the sleepy Aarohi to wake as she looks good while scolding not being silent. Abhimanyu hears her from behind and comes forward. Akshara recalls Abhimanyu telling that he loves her, not Aarohi. Abhimanyu tells Akshara that Aarohi is better now and he is outside if any help is needed. Akshara thanks Abhimanyu for saving Aarohi and everything he did for Goenkas. Abhimanyu says he fulfills his duties and love wholeheartedly. “Kuch na kaho”, plays in the background as Abhimanyu and Akshara stare at each other. Abhimanyu asks Akshara to drink something otherwise she will get unwell and will not be able to take care of Aarohi.

Kairav from outside the ward door watches Akshara and Abhimanyu staring at each other. Aarohi too sees them with anger. On the other side, Parth and Neil try calming the tensed Manjiri. Parth asks Manjiri to not worry as Aarohi can never take a wrong step being a doctor. Manjiri tells Parth that even big and educated people fail in front of love. Neil asks Manjiri to not worry as it was just an accident and the Goenka family are with Aarohi. Manjiri says what Goenaks will eat as Canteen food can’t be compared with home made food. She thinks about preparing and sending food for Goenkas. Parth stops Manjiri and asks her if Harshvardhan and Anand will not like her gesture towards Goenkas.

Manjiri says they will together handle Harshvardhan and Anand. She leaves to prepare food for Goenkas. Parth and Neil discuss that it is rightly said that a person should live in the present as there is guarantee about upcoming time. Aarohi continues angrily staring at Akshara and Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu and Akshara see that Aarohi has woken up. They ask her if she is fine? Aarohi gives a fine smile to Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu asks Aarohi to forget what happened and move on. He wishes her Happy Diwali. Goenkas arrives to meet Aarohi. Abhimanyu’s leaves from there staring at Akshara. Kairav sees it.


Aarohi tells Suhasini that she is feeling a lot of pain in hand. Kairav, Swarna and Akhilesh ask Aarohi to be strong. Aarohi apologizes to Akhilesh for spoiling Goenaks Diwali. Goenaks says to Aarohi they feel happy seeing her happy. Akshara gives everyone artificial candles to celebrate Diwali. Everyone organizes candles in Aarohi’s ward. Aarohi feels jealous of Akshara. Akshara clicks a picture of Goenkas and she still finds Aarohi unhappy. Goenkas make Aarohi smile and Akshara clicks a family picture. Abhimanyu watches Akshara happy and smiling. He too feels happy watching Akshara happy.

Akshara feels Abhimanyu and sees him watching her from outside the ward door. She also sees him and the latter leaves. Next morning, Abhimanyu performs pooja at Birla hospital. He wishes the staff, “Happy Diwali”. His staff wishes him the same. Abhimanyu gets happy seeing Happy Diwali candle from Akshara. He understands that Akshara can leave anything for her family and especially Aarohi’s happiness. He wishes to be able to meet Akshara soon. Manjiri and Abhimanyu talk with each other on call. She gets emotional and says she doesn’t feel happy without him on Diwali. Abhimanyu makes her understand that patients’ health is important and she agrees with him.

Manjiri asks Abhimanyu if everything is right with Goenkas? Abhimanyu tells Manjiri that Aarohi and Goenaks are fine; Harshvardhan and Anand handled everything including drama and police. Manjiri asks Abhimanyu if he talked to Akshara. Abhimanyu tells Manjaru that he didn’t talk seeing the situation. He says he can’t wait anymore and will talk to Akshara the next day. Both Akshara and Abhimanyu miss each other. A romantic song plays in the background and they continue missing each other. Next morning, Abhimanyu informs Goenkas that Aarohi is fine and can celebrate the new year with them.

Abhimanyu asks Aarohi if she is ready to go home? Aarohi replies that she has to return to him only. This shocks Abhimanyu as well as Goenkas. Aarohi says she is talking about her internship with him in his team. Abhimanyu replies that he doesn’t mix personal and professional matters. He searches for Akshara in the hospital. Abhimanyu finds Akshara in the hospital temple. He too enters the temple and thinks to talk to her. Abhimanyu also thinks that Akshara is just like his mother every time lost in pooja, whenever he wants to talk. He in his thoughts asks Akshara to listen to him too. Akshara turns to leave but falls in Abhimanyu’s arms.

Both Akshara and Abhimanyu get lost in each other. Abhimanyu moves Akshara’s hair coming on her face behind her ears. Akshara moves a little away and feels shy Both of them interrupt each other while trying to talk to each other. Abhimanyu gets a duty call and asks Akshara to meet him at the same place they decided. Harshvardhan gets worried seeing them together and thinks that Akshara may create a problem in Abhimanyu’s life. On the other hand, Manish asks Akhilesh to not worry as they will together take care of their both daughters. Kairav and Vansh too decide to solve Akshara and Aarohi’s problems.

Akshara thinks to meet Abhimanyu and clear everything with him. At Birla house, Manjiri asks Abhimanyu to clear everything with Akshara. She tells Abhimanyu to bring good news by clearing everything with Akshara. Abhimanyu asks Manjiri to tell if he is looking good as he is going to meet her to be daughter in law. Manjiri blesses Abhimanyu. He gets surprised seeing Akshara at his house.

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In the next episode, Abhimanyu and Akshara will be seen spending romantic time together. He will take Akshara to his house. Abhimanyu will tell his family that he will bring Akshara to Birla house and she will express her feelings in front of them. Akshara will reach Birla house and will say that she will not remain silent anymore and reveal her true feelings about Abhimanyu in front of everyone. Birlas will look at Akshara with different expressions while Harshvardhan will seem angry and scaring Akshara.

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