Yeh Rishta 25th November 2021 Written Update Painful twist

Yeh Rishta 25th November 2021 Written Update Painful twist

Yeh Rishta 25th November 2021 Written Update Painful twist Akshara finds the entire family upset on the day of Bai Dooj celebrations. She doesn’t want them to sit with upset faces. Akshara knows that the family is upset because of Aarohi and Abhimanyu’s matter. She wishes to make things right in her house. Aarohi comes downstairs to celebrate the festive. She tells that she is feeling okay now, and doesn’t want to sit in the room for a long time. Kairav wishes to make his sisters happy some way, and help them forget Abhimanyu’s chapter. Akshu finds a way to cheer up everyone. She tells the family that they have to bring out their anger and frustration in order to make a place for joy to enter their hearts.

The family is surprised to see many balloons brought there by Akshara. She asks them to burst the balloons while thinking of what had upset them. She wants the family to free themselves from the tensions and negativity. The Goenkas take up her advice and burst the balloons to vent out their bitter emotions. They end up laughing after relieving their hearts from the burden of sorrow. Akshara brings a smile on their faces. On the other side, Abhimanyu isn’t able to celebrate the festival with his family. His sister makes just one wish, that’s to see his smile back.

Abhimanyu fails to keep her wish. His sadness takes the family on a worry line. Harsh and Anand fear that Abhimanyu might fall sick if he engages himself in back to back surgeries. They want him to forget Akshara and move on. Its not easy for Abhimanyu to deal with Akshara’s rejection. He tells them that he is going to the hospital to perform a surgery. Manjiri cries for her son’s sorrow. Abhimanyu goes to the hospital and still stays occupied with Akshara’s thoughts.


Later, Kairav finds Akshara too disturbed that she isn’t able to tune her guitar. He tells the family that he will get his camera and click the festive pictures. Kairav notices across Akshara and Abhimanyu’s pictures, with their smiling faces like both are in mutual love. He realizes that Abhimanyu was right to claim that Akshara also loves him. He thinks Akshara has sacrificed her love for Aarohi’s sake. He doesn’t want Akshara to always sacrifice her happiness. Kairav wishes Akshara gets accepted by Aarohi some day.

He thinks Akshara will never be happy if she stays with Aarohi. He goes to request Akshara. He asks her to leave the house and live independently, to start a new life away from the family. He wants to protect her happiness from Aarohi. Akshara is left shocked by his request, but accepts it when he asks her for a Bhai dooj gift. Akshara makes up her mind to leave. She asks him to not worry for her. Kairav gets saddened that he had to ask his sister to leave. Akshara and Aarohi celebrate Bhai Dooj by performing the rituals for their brothers Kairav and Vansh. Akshara then breaks the news that she got enrolled in a music therapy program.

She tells the family that she has to shift to Pune for few months. The family doesn’t understand her sudden decision, but eventually agrees for the sake of her happiness. Akshara plans to leave the house by hiding the truth. Kairav feels upset, but encourages Akshara to move on. Akshara takes her family’s good wishes and blessings, before making an emotional leave.

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Elsewhere, Neil meets Abhimanyu to convince him to meet Akshara again. He asks Abhimanyu not to lose in the battle of love till the last moment. He wants Abhimanyu to keep trying and not lose his true love. Abhimanyu respects Akshara’s decision even if she rejected his love. He calls it his fate and tells that he accepts the pain associated with his bad fate. Abhimanyu stays depressed over the rejection. Neil feels sorry to see him shattered. Keep reading.

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