Kundali Bhagya Leap Promo Preeta returns 14th Dec 2021

Kundali Bhagya Leap Promo Preeta returns 14th Dec 2021

Kundali Bhagya Leap Promo Preeta returns 14th Dec 2021 Preeta returns to the Luthra mansion after two years, with fire blazing in her eyes, to get back her lost rights. She tells that its her house and her family, she has come back as a Devi avatar. She challenges Prithvi that she is ready for any battle to get back her family. Prithvi tells her that she will never have any place in the Luthra family as she never belonged there. He is the head of the Luthra family now, while Karan gets sidelined. Sherlyn and Prithvi get back their grip on the entire Luthra house. She tells that her family is her right, she wants to get them back.

Karan watches Preeta silently. Preeta fights the family for the sake of the family itself. Her struggles begin. She wants to make a place for herself in the family. Its really weird to see Prithvi leading the Luthra family, and all of them foolishly obeying him. Seems the family forgot his criminal plotting against Rishabh. The leap promo beings a strong bold Preeta back in the Luthra family. Preeta is seen getting tense on seeing Karan in front of her, while the latter stares her with hatred. The new leap of two years seems to bring an interesting storyline. Wonder where is the evil Sonakshi, since she is missing in the promo.

Earlier in the track, Everyone asks Preeta about Pihu. Preeta tells them that Pihu will never come home. She goes to Sonakshi and finds her doing a drama. She confronts Sonakshi for doing so wrong with a little girl. She asks Sonakshi why did she get Pihu killed. The family is shocked to know that Pihu is dead. They can’t tolerate this shock. Preeta gives them the shocking news of Pihu’s accident and death. The Luthras are shattered on knowing this. Karan asks Preeta what is she saying and why. Preeta tells Karan that Sonakshi got Pihu killed. She exposes Sonakshi’s evil truth that the latter plotted the deadly accident


Reviewed Rating for Kundali Bhagya Leap Promo Preeta returns 14th Dec 2021: 4/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.


  1. And what about preetha’s pregnancy, the story writer is really a fool……………………… wish that the story get interesting again, and where is the disgusting sonakshi she is not seen in this promo….

  2. I am a fan of This is fate, because I loved the story line from the beginning. The story line is just the same as kumkum Bhagya. The evil always wins, Karan and preeta are always separated. Preeta is always blamed for everything that goes wrong, nobody is on her side. The story line is very boring. For once, please let one the secrets be revealed. Preeta must always fight, this bad, same story line from kumkum Bhagy. Bring something fresh… In my opinion Pihu should not have died, because as the viewers we already know that preeta will be blamed for everything even if she explains she still will be blamed.

  3. Even though Rishab left u should show the real truth of Sherlin Let Karan find a letter that Rishab left in his drawer indicating Sherlyn infidelity Let Sherlyn admit that it was Sonakshi who kidnapped Pihu and killed in order to save herself Come on !!!Your viewers want closure of some of the incidents

    • Such s stupid plot. Ridhab was always meant for Preeta instead of Karan. The writers should havd considered this instead of always giving Prithvi and Shirlyn the upper hand always.

  4. U have to show closure of Sonakshi plotting with the doctor to say Preeta is not pregnant Now u have to introduce the twins as Karan and Preeta babies That new story of love of the children will let Karan and his family regret putting out Preeta from their home Give Preeta the support of Karan to destroy Prithvi and Sherlyn relationship

  5. Same facking story line with prachi n ranbir revenge track for torturing the female/ wife so they return to the inlaws house for revenge can ektaa n her team write better new plot for each show ibstead if rinse n reuse.

  6. Very stupid story leap will be same stupid drama Preeta will be blamed for everything and no one there to support her and she will shed tears and everyone will see tamasha close the show if only evil wins in these stupid dramas stupid stupid show hate the show now do not watch it now

  7. Looks like the writer and producers lost the plot so they thought about taking the leap.

    This drama inspires people to be evil and get away with it.

    I am just lost for words.

    Don’t want to watch this silly drama any more. WASTE OF TIME

    • That’s very true… I don’t watch it anymore.This is a toxic series I have ever watch not interesting anymore, silly drama.

  8. That’s very true… I don’t watch it anymore.This is a toxic series I have ever watch not interesting anymore, silly drama.

  9. Comment:i am always reading update on kumkum bhagya kundali bhagya update everyday but i don’t just give comment on it because they are dump shows they are a lot of unfinished tracks in this shows if i start mentions them i won’t finishe it till now pritivi and sherlyn crimes are not exposed first crime they commited was try to murder jhanki then she lost her memory for some time then she remembred then they trying hitting her on the road she became paralizied she recovered and lost her memory again

  10. Comment:then she recovered she told preeta and shiriti everything that happen in the past but she didn’t tell the luthras anything and the soule called karan who knows of pritivi and sherlyn relationship from the beging thretheens to exposed them what happend notting sherlyn marryed rishbah and he stop invisitigating on how to expose them they are lot of unfinished track on this shows like i said if i start i won’t finish them it just the two shows are dumme and of course it is soule based on the oppinion of the writter dum and senseless writter’s

  11. Serial of the three witches Kareena,Sherlyn, Sonakshi, always a third replacement(Macbeth) & Preeta ( Et tu Brutus) even Shakespeare has no climax or anti- climax left

  12. It’s very very high time to let the truth wins!!!!!
    Evils always leading the show! Though it’s drama the moral should show something positive!! Yes, repeated story where Preta will be helpless as always! Really the show became boring and very cheap!!!!!!!
    And the reason Rishab disappearance in the show should be revealed!!
    Tired of the recycling story.

  13. am anfang war die serie interessant und spritzig. die figuren waren sehr gut dargestellt und die schauspieler spielten sehr brillant ihre rollen. aber schon sehr bald lag das augenmerk auf quantität und nicht mehr auf qualität. die drehbuchautoren verloren die übersicht über ihre eigenen geschichten, sherlyn war schwanger, das fiel dem autor aber erst nach anderthalb jahren wieder ein, handys werden immer und zu jeder zeit getragen, aber keiner kommt auf die idee, es auch mal zu benutzen, um beweise zu sammeln, bzw siegen immer wieder die verbrecher, es wird ein ganz schlimmes bild von den indischen menschen und gesellschaft gezeichnet, sie sind bereit zu bestechen, zu morden, zu betrügen, die polizei ist korrupt. fazit, es siegt immer das negative, auch wenn die darsteller, von sheerlyn, kareena, prithvi u.a.das schauspielerich sehr gut spielen. die grundgeschichten von karan, preeta, rishab, sameer und shristhi gehen in den hintergrund und die negativen figuren bekommen immer mehr präsenz. sehr schade. den autoren fällt nichts positives ein und so werden alte geschichten mit neuen personen immer wieder aufgewärmt, schlimm. einige schauspieler haben das erkannt und haben die serie leider verlassen. und es wird zeit, diese einst schöne serie zu beenden. ich habe sie bis etwa zu 1000 folgen geschaut, aber seitdem nicht mehr.

  14. Are yaar yeh sherlin and Sonakshi ka drama band karo

    Bechari Pihu ko kyon maar diya
    Why is preeta always at suffering end
    It is so artificial that even a step mother would not behave like Sonakshi

    This serial is gone case TRP ratings will fall for sure.

  15. is seriyal ke writer ne bhang pekar seriyal likha hoga . Har bar naya drama.or luthra family jaisa toh koi hoga hi nahin sare ke sare nashe main hi rahte hain jo sachhai dekhkar bhi dusre se puchte hain ki bhai yeh sach hi hai na wah kya seriyal hai agar yeh seriyalhi dehna hai toh lanat hai eaise seriyal par isse achha toh mental hospital main jakar samay bitaya ja sakta hai.

  16. It’s really ridiculous. It happens only in this hindi serials. The villains will always win.Every time villains are managed to get escape. Their truth will never come out. Heroine will always suffer. Pure hindi drama. Not different from other stories.in this way,they will loose their TRP.Really dishearten.😡

  17. karan why you not try to understand that what i am saying for you karan this sonakshi she is calling contracter killer to make accident for phiu karan please try to understand that karan this sonakshi she didn’t her planned hunderd persent that only sonakshi didn’t her planned that dr preeta she didn’t do anything for you karan so please first you think like that karan you can do it.
    kareena bua why throw dr preeta Luthra house what is this kareena bua why you not try to understand that what i am saying for you kareena bua this sonakshi she is calling contracter killer to make accident for phiu that dr preeta she didn’t do anything for you kareena bua now please try to understand.
    dr preeta you do one think pray for god dr preeta say for god let pragya come to Luthra house you can do it dr preeta.
    dr preeta please say for sarla this kareena bua she throw dr preeta Luthra house now see sarla she will gets upest because of you all the Luthra family shame on you can do it.
    dr preeta this Luthra family let her do if you want i don’t care at all never.

  18. Everyone in lithra family is a fool including Karan and Preeta – no dna testing done .when sonakshi says pihu is Karan’s daughter- preeta cannot understand if she is pregnant or not – if pregnant missing periods is not known or what ? Drs are are so easily bought ? Rishabh leaves home what a fool
    Whole story is stupid


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