Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th December 2021 Written Update Rudra sights Prisha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th December 2021 Written Update Rudra sights Prisha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th December 2021 Written Update Rudra sights Prisha Prisha hides Rudra’s poster. Her inner soul asks her that she hid about Rudra being her father from Ruhi but how will she hide it from herself. Prisha’s inner soul continues questioning her that how will she hide her yearning to meet Rudra? She introduces herself to Prisha and tells her that she is the same Prisha whom she is hiding from everyone. She asks Prisha if her restlessness to meet Rudra increased? Prisha replies yes and says she saw Rudra after 5 long years. Inner soul asks Prisha if she doesn’t wish to meet Rudra after these long 5 years.

Prisha thinks she has no option to meet Rudra. Inner soul tells Prisha that she can see Rudra in his concert. Prisha says she can’t go. Inner soul asks her if she doesn’t want to see Rudra after whatever struggle she went through alone all these years. Inner soul encourages/motivates Prisha to make Rudra meet Ruhi. She reminds Prisha that Rudra always wanted a little Prisha in the form of his daughter. Inner soul continuous telling Prisha that Rudra would prove to be a good father. Pridha tells the inner soul that the situation has changed now. Inner soul explains to Prisha that she did everything for Ruhi in these 5 years.

Prisha tells her inner soul that she can do anything for Ruhi as the latter is her whole life. Inner soul tells Prisha that she hasn’t told anything about Rudra to Ruhi till now. Prisha says she doesn’t want to tell anything to Ruhi. Inner soul tells Prisha that she failed to erase Rudra from her heart till now even after keeping Ruhi away from Rudra. Prisha replies that she won’t even be able to erase Rudra from her heart ever. Inner soul requests Prisha to go and meet Rudra. She asks Prisha if she doesn’t want to meet Prisha after so long. Prisha accepts that she wishes to meet Rudra. Inner soul asks why is she stopping herself now? Prisha says she cannot become weak after staying away from Rudra.


Inner soul tells Prisha that it’s her love not weakness. She tells Prisha that fate separated her and Rudra and now fate is giving her another chance. Inner soul asks Prisha to take this chance. Prisha gets convinced to go to the concert without Ruhi’s knowledge. On the other hand, Ruhi also discusses with Saachi that Prisha shouldn’t know about them attending Rudra’s concert. She asks Saachi to come outside her window at 7pm to pick her . Saachi asks Ruhi to keep a pillow under her blanket to make it look like she is sleeping. She also asks Ruhi to not talk much with Prisha. Ruhi agrees to talk less as otherwise Prisha may get to know the truth seeing in her eyes.

Saachi tells Ruhi that her nose swells even before she lies. Saachi leaves and Ruhi apologizes to god for lying to Prisha. On the other hand, Rudra’s fans from Rohtak village surround him for selfies and photographs. Rudra asks villagers about the alcohol bar, shocking them. Bunty makes an excuse for Rudra. He scolds Rudra for asking about the alcohol bar from villagers and also for drinking. Rudra says the concert won’t stop because of his drinking. He tells Bunty he can’t live and sing without drinking. Bunty requests Rudra to stop drinking so much. Rudra shares his feelings of feeling something known/old near him.

At Prisha’s house, Ruhi and Prisha eat dinner together and look at each other weirdly. They finish dinner and start watching their favorite tv show. Ruhi again and again looks at the clock. Before Prisha thinks of some excuse to leave for the concert, Ruhi starts the act of feeling sleepy. Prisha feels happy but questions Ruhi if she is really feeling sleepy so early? Ruhi looks away and lies to Prisha that she is feeling sleepy because of tiredness from sports day. Both Mother-daughter thank God for helping them hide each other’s plan to go to Rudra’s concert. On the other side, Bunty gets scared seeing Rudra walking drunk on the 3-4th floor.

He asks Rudra to come down. Rudra asks Bunty to not worry as he can’t die and leave Saaransh and Sharda alone. He asks Bunty what he will answer Prisha in heaven if he dies leaving Saaransh and Sharda alone. Rudra shares his pain with Bunty and tells him that he can’t live without Prisha and die leaving Sharda and Saaransh alone behind. Bunty tells Rudra to not talk like this. Rudra comes down and asks Bunty to not feel sacred. He reveals to Bunty that he wants to earn a lot as soon as possible to settle Saaransh and go to Prisha in heaven without tension. Bunty asks Rudra to not say this.

Rudra refuses to cancel the concert saying that he wants to go to Prisha as soon as possible. Bunty asks God why he separated Rudra from Prisha. Back at Prisha’s house, Prisha checks on Ruhi and leaves wishing her good night. Ruhi gets up and tells Saachi at her window to wait. Both Prisha and Ruhi change for the concert. Prisha thinks she will spent whole life after seeing Rudra once. Bunty informs Rudra that his concert has become housefull. Rudra drinks and goes to sing. Ruhi and Saachi reach the concert venue. Prisha too reaches the concert venue in hiding. Host announces Rudra’s performance. Ruhi takes Saachi to sit somewhere from where they can see Rudra clearly.

Rudra enters and greets his fans. Prisha gets emotional seeing him. She wishes to go and hug Rdura. Prisha in a low voice says, “I Love You Rudra”. Rudra says “I Love You” to his fans. He thanks his fans for welcoming him. Prisha gets shocked to know that Rudra is singing his first song. Rudra starts playing guitar and singing “Teri Rooh Ka Parinda”. Prisha grows more emotional. Ruhi doesn’t like Rudra’s song initially. Saachi and Ruhi stand in their place to cheer up Rudra. Ruhi does jump but Saach jumps with joy. A girl runs to hug Rudra. Ruhi likes Rudra’s song but lies to Saachi, the latter calls Ruhi a liar. Ruhi says she isn’t lying. A villager asks the Saachi and Ruhi to come down from the speaker and get out.

Ruhi and Saachi run away from the villagers instead of going outside. Rudra announces that he is going to sing a special song that he wrote for someone very special to him. He sees Prisha and gets shocked. In the next episode, Prisha will try to hide herself from Rudra but will instead reveal her face, shocking the latter. She will try to run away and Rudra will run behind her. Excited fans will not let Rudra go anywhere.

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