Kundali Bhagya 24th December 2021 Written Update Real Stunner

Kundali Bhagya 24th December 2021 Written Update Real Stunner

Kundali Bhagya 24th December 2021 Written Update Real Stunner Preeta walks inside the house, like a Devi coming home. The real pandit predicts the good time of Luthras. Sherlyn thinks the pandit is fake and overacting just to fit Natasha in the family. She thinks he is talking about Natasha. The pandit is actually talking about Preeta. He predicts that the Luthras’ good Bhagya will come walking to them. Preeta enters the house, when Rakhi and Kritika least expect her. Rakhi didn’t think Preeta will visit her at home for treating her injury.

She thinks Preeta will never forget the insult and never look back. Prithvi also thinks that Preeta shouldn’t come back, but all of them are proved wrong, when Preeta walks inside the house and steps over the fallen kumkum. She leaves her foot prints and comes out of the darkness. She shows her face to the Luthras when she comes in front. The Luthras are shocked to see her. Sherlyn and Prithvi are super shocked, knowing Preeta will claim Karan and fail their plan of planting Natasha in Karan’s life. What will Preeta do after her arrival in the Luthra mansion? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Kritika reaches Rakhi and informs her that Preeta is coming. Prithvi overhears them. He is shocked to know this news. Kritika tells that the clinic message states that Preeta is coming for home visit. Rakhi tells that Preeta will never come back to them, after all they had ousted her from the house. Rakhi takes Karan for the puja. The family prays in the puja. Natasha finds Karan already drunk. Pandit asks the family to make their wishes, it will be fulfilled soon. The family wishes for Mahesh’s recovery, Rishabh’s return and Karan’s well-being. Natasha prays to become the best dancer. Rakhi prays for the family’s happiness. She hopes for a miracle that her family gets back in form. Preeta arrives home as an answer to their prayers.


Kundali Bhagya 24th December 2021 Written Update Real Stunner:

The Luthras see the stormy weather and get worried. The rose petals fall off. Prithvi asks Sherlyn to shut the windows. He makes the servants run fast and take things in control. The pandit tells them a Devi is coming home, its a sign that a Devi is going to come to stay in their house, the winds have changed the direction, it signals that the house Laxmi is coming home. Preeta comes home and opens the gate to get inside. Prithvi asks Pandit to stop his strange sounding nonsense. Pandit tells that he has done the puja for the house peace, the Kundali Bhagya will change for the Luthras now after the successful puja. Rakhi asks Pandit what is he saying, the Bhagya is already changed because of Prithvi, there is nothing left to change.

Pandit tells that the Bhagya will change for good, the evil in the house will end, they should think that a Devi is coming home to kill the resident Mahishasur. Prithvi calls it enough. Pandit tells them that the Devi will bring fortune for them only when she unites with her husband, she will kill the devil of the house. Sherlyn tells that she is the Bahu of the house. Pandit tells that he isn’t talking about her, but of someone else whose fate is connected with the family’s fate. Preeta steps inside the house, while the guards fail to stop her.

Natasha thinks to tell Sherlyn that she is the Devi the hired pandit is talking about. She wants to marry Karan. She stumbles and drops the ghee box in the fire kund, which leads to the smoke in the house. The lights go off. Prithvi asks Karan to go and check the lights. Sameer tells that he will go and check. Prithvi wants Karan to work on hs command. He gets a bad feeling that something bad is going to happen, after hearing the pandit’s prediction. Rakhi tells that bad for him will be good for them. Prithvi feels someone is coming to challenge them. Preeta arrives at the door. The kumkum falls on the floor.

She steps on it and leaves her footprints. The Luthras and Prithvi look at her to see who is she. They are shocked to see Preeta. The lights get on. The family didn’t expect Preeta’s return. Mahesh senses Preeta’s arrival and gets hopefully positive. He tells that Preeta has come to rescue him. He wants to see Preeta once. Kareena madly shouts on Preeta for her return. Kritika tells that Preeta is working at the clinic, she has come for home visit for Rakhi. Kareena and Bani are still against Preeta, and show how mad they are to not favor Preeta in front of Prithvi.

Kritika tells that Preeta is just a doctor for her, nothing else. Natasha asks Sherlyn if she is Preeta. Sherlyn tells that Preeta is Karan’s wife. Rakhi gets happy to see Preeta after two years. She happily hugs Preeta and sheds tears. Preeta goes to the temple to pray. She tells that she wishes she could also say the same to them that she is glad to meet them. She adds that she worked on her well-being and she is really happy now. Prithvi orders her to do her work and leave. She asks him what is he doing in the house. He asks is she shocked that he isn’t behaving sweetly with her. He tells that she doesn’t matter to him now.

She tells that she is shocked to see him in the family. He tells that she has become more stupid than before. He rebukes her before revealing that he came out of the jail to take revenge on Luthras. He tells that he is the owner of the Luthra mansion. Sherlyn gets happy. Preeta tells that he didn’t change, he is still overconfident like before. He asks her to take money for her work and get out. Rakhi asks Preeta to come with her. Kareena doesn’t want Rakhi to favor Preeta. Preeta treats Rakhi’s wound. Rakhi blesses Preeta. She tells her that Mahesh had made Prithvi the decision maker of the family and business, so Prithvi is here.

She doesn’t want Preeta to get insulted by Prithvi. She tells that she doesn’t know if Pihu’s incident blame on Preeta was right and wrong. She apologizes for ousting Preeta in anger. Preeta asks her not to think of the past. Rakhi tells that she regrets to oust Preeta, everything changed after Preeta left. She feels they are bearing a punishment for doing wrong with Preeta. Preeta asks Rakhi not to take tension, because she has come back home. Sherlyn and Natasha find Prithvi angered. They see Karan lying drunk.

Sherlyn asks Natasha to take Karan to his room. Natasha takes Karan to his room, while Kareena is angered that Preeta has come home. Kritika tells that she has no place for Preeta in her heart, Preeta is responsible for the wrong that’s happening in their lives. Preeta challenges Prithvi. He pays the money for her service. He mocks her for seeing poverty in her life. He tells that he is feeling sad for her, because she didn’t gain anything by marrying Karan. He asks her to think if she had married him, then she would have ruled as a queen. Keep reading.

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  1. Please don’t watch KUNDALI DURBHAGYA,they are fooling us never ending and repeated story again and again, even they’re glorifying the evils, Prithvi pray his God? and escaped but The God never listen to good people of luthra family,even sherlin and Aliya escape and enjoying good life ,so it’s KUNDLY DURBHAGYA of luthra family and mehra family in KUMKUM DURBHAGYA

  2. Before 2 years monisa made karan drunken and forced him to marry her,and now natasha with the same plan, why do every girls need Karan, feeling bad for this stupid story 😐😐😐😐😐


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