Udaariyaan 24th January 2022 Written Update Fatejo’s sacrifice

Udaariyaan 24th January 2022 Written Update Fatejo's sacrifice

Udaariyaan 24th January 2022 Written Update Fatejo’s sacrifice Fateh scares Jasmin by planting a dummy in front of her car. He tells her that everyone gets scared, its not always the mistake of the person who drives the car. He asks her to stop scaring Amrik. Jasmin laughs seeing him terrified for his brother’s sake. She asks him to marry her if he wants to save Amrik. She tells that he reminded her of her old Fateh who used to come running to meet her. He tells that she killed that old Fateh, who now wishes to kill her. Rupy vents out his anger and sorrow. He tells Tejo that he is ashamed, he doesn’t want to live his life.

He tells that Jasmin is doing too wrong with Amrik. He asks Tejo to think if Jasmin marries Fateh and stays in Virk house then she will trouble the family even more. Tejo asks him to be strong and think smartly if he wants to save Virk family. Jasmin asks Fateh to kill her if he wants. She tells him that he can never do wrong, because he has his principles. He tells that Amrik could have died. She tells that Amrik didn’t die, if Fateh doesn’t accept her conditions, then she will not let Amrik stay safe. She asks him to accept her conditions and stay in peace.

He replies that he will never accept her conditions. He doesn’t want to give up. She tells him that Gurpreet will pray for Amrik and family, then she will come to plead with her, she will accept the conditions. Fateh tells that he will show her what happens tomorrow. Next day, Tejo meets Gurpeet and encourages her. She goes to meet Khushbeer. She finds Khushbeer and Fateh discussing about Jasmin’s demands. Khushbeer tells that the lawyer has refused to help them. Fateh tells that he found a way to relieve the tensions.


Khushbeer asks Fateh will he marry Jasmin. Fateh tells that he will not marry her, but he will take the accident blame on himself. Tejo is shocked to hear this. Khushbeer tells that both Fateh and Amrik are dear to me, he can’t lose Fateh. Fateh tells that Amrik is immature, so he is scared, Jasmin will not spare Amrik, she has intentionally trapped Amrik. He begs Khushbeer to let him surrender to the police. Khushbeer doesn’t listen to him. Fateh tells that law will not punish him if its proved as an accident. He wants to save the family from Jasmin. Tejo cries seeing Fateh’s love for the family. Khushbeer asks Fateh not to take his test.

He refuses to accept Fateh’s request. Fateh tells that its his son to protect his family and give them happiness, he is lucky to get this chance. He asks Khushbeer not to get worried, he is just going to the jail, he isn’t going to die. Khushbeer stops him. He promises to hire a big lawyer and save his sons. He doesn’t want his sons to be tagged murderers. Fateh makes him promise that the matter will be just between them. Khushbeer realizes that he got his old Fateh back. He hugs Fateh. Tejo leaves from the house.

She thinks of Fateh’s huge sacrifice for his brother, because of Jasmin. Fateh finds Tejo midway and offers help. She confronts his decision to take Amrik’s blame on his head. She tells him that she has overheard Khushbeer and his talks. She promises to hide the matter. He tells that he wants to save the family. She asks him if he has no other way to save them. He tells that he wants to show Jasmin that she won’t win every time. She calls his decision a tough one. He tells that he can’t see his family in pain. He regrets doing wrong with Tejo. He tells that he wanted her forgiveness, that wish will be incomplete. He wanted to make her smile.

She smiles to fulfill his wish. She reminds the love story which he wrote for Jasmin and sent it to her instead. He laughs recalling the incident. She reminds his poetry. They share a laugh. He tells that she still remembers it. She tells that it was really beautiful. He tells that he had stolen the poetic lines from Bau ji’s old love letters. He reminds her their initial fights that happened before they fell in love. They get into a moment. They laugh a lot just to cover up their sorrow. They hide their sorrowful tears from each other. She asks him to have coffee with her. He is happy to spend time with her before his arrest.

Their old moments get created. He recalls the way he used to drive Tejo on his bike. He holds Tejo when she drives him on her scooty. They spend some time together while sharing the coffee. She tells that she will visit him in the jail when he can sacrifice his future for his family’s sake. He gets delighted to hear this. She tells that she wishes to stop him, but she can’t find any other way, so she wants to respect his decision. She counts on Khushbeer, who would try his best to save Fateh. Fateh doesn’t think Jasmin will easily give up.

Tejo asks him if he is scared. He doesn’t want to lie to Tejo. He tells that he is scared for his family that he will be going away from them. He asks her to promise that she will always take care of herself and their families. She promises him. He asks her to stop waiting for his return. She asks him to let her decide this. He gets a call. She asks him to go. He asks her to take care. She breaks down once he leaves. Along with Fateh, even Tejo makes a sacrifice of her dreams and hopes.

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