Kundali Bhagya 31st January 2022 Written Update Preeta to die

Kundali Bhagya 31st January 2022 Written Update Preeta to die

Kundali Bhagya 31st January 2022 Written Update Preeta to die Karan swears on his seven vows of the marriage that he will always keep his Kundali Bhagya attached to Preeta. He promises to always protect her from dangers and give her happiness. He wants to take care of her. A conspiracy begins against Preeta. Prithvi wants to ruin Preeta’s happiness, hopes and dreams. He plans a coconut bomb. He tells that Preeta will break the coconut in the Lohri puja, and then the blast will occur to kill her. Sherlyn takes the explosive coconut for Preeta. She hands over the puja plate to Preeta. Preeta and Karan perform the Lohri puja walking about the fire.

Prithvi tells that he has burnt Preeta’s gifted documents, he has performed the final rites of the gifted defeat to him, and now he will burn all her victories in the Lohri fine. He tells that if needed, then he will burn her as well. Karan is thankful to Preeta that she has done a lot for Mahesh. He tells that they all have seen Preeta as Mahesh’s daughter, like before. Karan smiles seeing Preeta and even she appears happy with him. They both hit their attitude on each other this way, and show respect and love. Prithvi and Sherlyn plan to kill Preeta in between the Lohri celebrations. Preeta has no idea of Prithvi’s evil. Karan senses something wrong. He grows worried for Preeta. Can Karan save Preeta’s life? Keep reading.


Earlier in the show, Rakhi gives the credit of the best day of their lives to Preeta. She tells that if media believed Prithvi that Mahesh is insane, then it would have been a disaster for them. She calls Preeta a great person who handled the situation so well and saved Mahesh’s name. She feels blessed to get a bahu like Preeta. She tells that Preeta always got happiness in their lives. She wants to thank Preeta from her heart that she saved their respect. She hopes that Mahesh recovers soon.

Preeta falls weak in emotions when she recalls Mahesh. Karan meets Preeta. She hides her tears from him. He tells her that she is still the bitter Preeta, who always ruins his mood. He asks her why is she pretending bad in front of his eyes, because she isn’t bad. She tells that she is bad as he can see. He can see her acting. He tells that he had come to thank her for supporting Mahesh, for holding his hand and proving that she is Mahesh’s daughter.

Kundali Bhagya 31st January 2022 Written Update Preeta to die:

Prithvi checks Preeta’s project documents. He tears it and shouts that Preeta has snatched his dream project, she ruined his hard work of two years. He burns the papers. He tells that Preeta’s every move I ruined now. He plans to burn Preeta’s dreams and aspirations in the Lohri fire. He shouts that he will burn even Preeta if needed. He calls up someone to fix his plan. Karan thanks Preeta for saving Mahesh. He apologizes to her. She tells that they both have heard it, he told her sorry. He tells that he didn’t mean it. She asks the reason for the sorry. She tells that sometimes a small sorry means a lot for a person. He asks her why does she think so.

She tells that he should say sorry to her, because he didn’t do right with her. He asks her what did she do. She reminds that he ousted her from the house. He tells that he didn’t throw her out. She tells that he was standing aside and didn’t stop her. He finds her hurt. He asks her how did it happen. He does the aid to her hand. They land into a moment. He behaves sweetly with her. He tells her that she knows the reason for his care. She asks him the answer. He tells that she has done much for his family, he will never forget it that she has handled Mahesh as his daughter. He thanks her.

He goes out. Preeta cries and tells that she wishes to tell him that she has come back for Mahesh’s sake. The family discusses about Prithvi. Kareena defends Prithvi. Bani reminds her that Prithvi has declared Mahesh a lunatic today in front of the media. Kareena tells that they must understand Prithvi’s nervousness when Mahesh came out of the room suddenly. She tells Bani that they shall favor Prithvi. Prithvi gets to hear their talks. He gets angry on Luthras who had started to think against him. Kareena tells that Prithvi had covered up the matter. Prithvi is impressed with Kareena. Rakhi asks Kareena what is she saying.

Kareena asks Rakhi not to favor Preeta, who didn’t do a big thing, she just took the credit of Prithvi’s plan. She tells that she will always choose Prithvi when they are given a choice between Preeta and him. He likes the way Kareena is defending him. He wants to take all of them in confidence. He meets them and acts sweet towards them. He shows his fake concern for Mahesh. He tells them that he fell nervous when Mahesh came there, and later he covered up everything.

Kareena tells that she was explaining the same to them. Prithvi apologizes to them. Sameer asks him why is he apologizing to them suddenly. Prithvi tells that he loves Mahesh and Mahesh also loved him, so he named the property to him, but later Preeta tricked Mahesh. Rakhi asks him not to say a word against Prithvi. Kareena takes his side. He asks them not to fight for his sake. He walks out. He thinks this time he will divide and rule.

Preeta wakes up by the alarm. She finds Karan sleeping. She wonders when did he come to the room and sleep. She wakes up Karan for his practice. She asks him to just get up and go. Karan hugs her with love. She recalls their moments. She sends him to change. He asks her if she woke up to wake him up. She tells that she didn’t wake up for his sake, she couldn’t sleep because of his snoring. She further tells that she will make a video proof and show him next time.

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Later, Preeta gets decked up. She has much work lined up. She has to prepare business proposals. She asks Girish to cut the AC and fan supply in the rooms, then everyone will wake up on time. She goes to make ginger tea for the family. She prepares the breakfast as well. Girish informs her that the family members have come to the living room and are quite angry.

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  1. Preeta cannot die, or the show will flop, sherlyn should go she is useless only think evil. How come she is still in the house.

  2. Karan please take stand for your wife and show the some sense to Karina she is the spoiler of Luthra family biggest trouble her and her daughter, Rakhi do not be so innocent it’s time to take stand against Karina she have spoiled everything in your family it’s time to tell her to go to her own house


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