Fanaa 9th February 2022 Written Update Pakhi cares for Agastya

Fanaa 4th March 2022 Written Update Agastya's love

Fanaa 9th February 2022 Written Update Pakhi cares for Agastya Agastya takes Natasha inside his secret room. Natasha continuously asks Agastya to leave her. Agastya throws Natasha on the floor and opens her blindfold. He tells Natasha that Pakhi isn’t a fool and he would not live alone. Agastya says it’s fine if Pakhi is taking time to realize her love for him. He tells Natasha that he will wait for some more time as he already has waited for years. Natasha gets shocked seeing Agastya’s secret room full of Pakhi’s life’s past, present and live footage.

Scared Natasha asks Agastya if he has been stalking Pakhi for years. She calls Agastya a creep. Natasha tells Agastya that he is sick and mad, not in love. She further tells Agastya that Pakhi will hate him, whenever she will get to know that he has been stalking her for years. On the other hand, Pakhi is seen organizing a place with some staff. She requests Tanya to get everything done quickly. Tanya asks Pakhi to not panic as everything will get done on time. Pakhi asks Tanya to see how much the universe loves her as they are organizing Mr. Singhania’s corporate event today.

Mr. Singhania comes there. Pakhi thanks him and tells him that she will try to do her best. Mr. Singhania thanks Pakhi for convincing Agastya Raichand to attend his event as chief guest. He asks her how she convinced Agastya as the latter doesn’t not attend any event. Pakhi tells Mr. Singhania that she has known Agastya for many years. Mr. Singhania excuses himself to receive a call. On the other hand, Agastya cuts Natasha’s hair for calling Pakhi a stupid woman and him a mad person. Angry Natasha calls Agastya a bloody psycho. She tells Agastya that she will surely bring his reality in front of Pakhi and the whole world.


Agastya doesn’t get affected and hugs Natasha in anger. Ishaan texts Pakhi that she is looking like a walking mango shake in a yellow outfit. Pakhi turns and sees Ishaan watching her drinking something. At Agastya’s house, Agastya sees Natasha running away and throws marbles on her way out of his secret room. Natasha falls and hurts her head badly. She cries in pain. Agastya tells Natasha that she won’t be able to meet Pakhi ever and thus won’t be able to reveal his reality in front of Pakhi. On the other hand, Ishaan tells Pakhi that he had to find a coffee excuse to meet her as she remains very busy.

Pakhi thanks him for finding an excuse to meet her. Ishaan jokes romantically with Pakhi. At Agastya’s home, Naveli continuously knocks on Agastya’s room door. Thinking that Agastya is sleeping, Naveli tries to herself enter Agastya’s room. Agastya timely stops Naveli and reminds her that he doesn’t like anyone entering his room without his permission. Naveli tells Agastya that there is a difference between her and everyone else. She asks Agastya if there is his secret life hidden behind the closed door, which nobody knows about. She runs and enters Agastya’s room. Naveli tells Agastya that he has no time for since he returned.

She also asks Agastya where is her old brother, who used to watch horror movies with her, who protected her from bullies in school and with whom she shares all her secrets. Agastya calls Naveli a drama queen and tells her that he has got busy with work. Naveli gets shocked on hearing Natasha’s call for help from Agastya’s room. She asks Agastya if he hid any girl in his room. Agastya tells Naveli she is growing up and watching a lot of horror films. He says he would complain to their grandmother and sends Naveli outside. Agastya sends the hoodie man to Natasha. Natasha asks the hoodie man, who he is. The Hoodie man tells Natasha that he is the shadow of Aagstya. He further tells Natasha that she is nothing as he also gets punished if he makes mistakes.

The hoodie man behaves mad and scares Natasha. Natasha requests the hoodie man to leave her. The hoodie man asks her to say some modern dialogue, using “#”. Scared Natasha cries and requests the hoodie man to leave her using “#”. Hoodie man laughs madly. He asks Natasha to write all her social media handles passwords. Hoodie man further tells Natasha that he will keep her social media updated after her death. Natasha tells the hoodie man that he and Agastya would get caught by police some day. The hoodie man says he will handle it and Pakhi can’t know about Agastya’s reality ever.

On the other hand, Ishaan asks Pakhi to drink coffee in some different way. Pakhu asks Ishaan if he knows how to speak Tamil. Ishaan tells Pakhi that he doesn’t know but made her believe. He says it is his talent. Agastya watches Ishaan and Pakhi’s whole conversation through a hidden camera in Pakhi’s pendant. Anup gives Ishaan and Pakhi’s information to the hoodie man. He praises his work. Anup asks the hoodie man why he asked him and his wife to keep a watch on Pakhi. He tells the hoodie man that he can tell him without any tension. Hoodie man punishes Anup with a spicy snack for giving him old news and for asking why he keeps a watch on Pakhi.

Ishaan sarcastically tells Pakhi that he is suffering from insomnia thinking about her all night. He continues his sarcasm and tells Pakhi that he hallucinates her the whole day and can’t focus on his work too. Ishaan gets romantic with Pakhi by telling her that his heart has gone ill. Agastya gets angry watching Ishaan getting closer to Pakhi. In a mad way, Agastya thinks if he should kill Ishaan or leave him alive. He calls the hoodie man and tells him that he has to do his work right now. Pakhi asks Ishaan to help him in her work. Ishaan sarcastically tells Pakhi that he can see his bright future. Tanys gets scared watching this and on receiving the hoodie man’s call.

Hoodie man asks Tanya to kill Ishaan as per his orders. He threatens Tanya to hurt her mother if she refuses to follow his orders. Scared Tanya follows the hoodie man’s orders and loses the iron pole’s nut bolts. The iron pole hits Ishaan badly. Ishaan falls down with a painful scream. Worried, Pakhi asks Tanya to call an ambulance quickly. While the staff feels worried for Ishaan, Pakhi tries to calm Ishaan and requests him to keep his eyes open. At the same time, Pakhi receives Agastya’s call. She tells him about Ishaan’s accident and condition. Agastya asks Pakhi if he should reach to help her. Pakhi tells Agastya that he would get late in reaching her location. She also tells Agastya that she will take Ishaan to hospital and won’t leave him alone till he gets fine.

Agastya feels angry hearing this. Pakhi asks Agastya what she will do if anything happens to Ishaan. Agastya thinks Pakhi is doing wrong by deciding to live with Ishaan as he (Agastya) is trying to keep her away from Ishaan. Angry Agastya shoots his own arm with a gun. Pakhi screams in fear hearing a gunshot. She asks Agastya what this sound was. Pakhi goes aside to talk to Agastya. Agastya’s grandmother and Naveli get worried seeing Agastya injured. Pakhi gets shocked when Agastya’s Grandmother tells her that Agastya has been shot. Grandmother tells Pakhi that maybe Agastya got shot by mistake while cleaning his hunting rifle. Worried, Pakhi asks Agastya’s grandmother to stop Agastya’s blood from flowing out further.

Tanya tells Pakhi that an ambulance has arrived. Pakhi asks her staff to pick Ishaan up. On Ishaan’s questioning, Pakhi tells him that Agastya got shot accidentally. Shocked, Ishaan asks Pakhi to go to Agastya as he has many people to help him. He tells Pakhi that her presence is important with Agastya in his present condition. Pakhi gets in a dilemma, whom she should she be with. On Ishaan’s insistence and understanding, Pakhi agrees to go to Agastya. Before leaving, Pakhi asks Tanya to take proper care of Ishaan and keep her updated about Ishaan’s condition. Later, outside the hospital, Ishaan is seen with a plaster with Tanya. He tells Tanya that he is alive. Ishaan tells Tanya that she is crying like she intentionally made the pole fall on him.

Crying Tanya apologizes to Ishaan. Ishaan tells Tanya that it’s fine. Tanya again and again apologizes to Ishaan. The hoodie man stops Tanya from revealing the truth to Ishaan. At Agastya’s house, his staff tells grandmother that Ambulance left the hospital and will be reaching home soon. Pakhi reaches Agastya and caresses and hugs him. She tries to calm him by telling him that nothing will happen to him. Agastya tells Pakhi that nothing will happen to him as she has come to him. Agastya feels dizzy and Pakhi tries to keep him awake.

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