Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th February 2022 Written Update Destiny call

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th February 2022 Written Update Destiny call

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th February 2022 Written Update Destiny call Veena asks Prisha why she can’t go to Delhi. Prisha reveals her real identity to Veena. Veena recalls Rudra questioning her about Prisha’s whereabouts desperately in the past. Prisha tells Veena that she is a criminal/murderer in law’s eyes. She also tells Veena that in real she didn’t commit any murder. Prisha says she got arrested to save someone. She cries and tells Veena that she will get arrested after going to Delhi and will lose Ruhi. Prisha says she is living only for Ruhi.

Veena explains to Prisha that the police would have closed her case till now. She tells Prisha that no one would recognize her as she has also changed her name. Veena explains to Prisha that she won’t get this chance again to improve Ruhi’s life. She asks Prisha if she would let Ruhi’s life ruin because of her fear. Veena continues explaining to Prisha that Ruhi’s life would change by studying in Khurana school. She tells Prisha that it’s every parent’s dream to make their children’s life. Veena asks Prisha to think carefully before making any decision. She asks Prisha to call the Khurana school trustee and don’t let the opportunity go out of her hands.

At Khurana mansion, Rudra shocks Saaransh by asking him how Ruhi got Khurana school’s scholarship. He asks Saaransh why he did this and if knows about Ruhi’s mother. Saaransh interrupts Rudra’s words and tells him that Ruhi’s mother is Dr. Priya Sharma. Rudra asks Saaransh if he hasn’t met Ruhi’s mother till now. Saaransh tells Rudra that he sent Mr. Batra to talk to Ruhi’s mother. Rudra asks Saaransh why and for whom he did this. Saaransh tells Rudra that he did this for him as he saw him talking about being happy with someone else other than Prisha. He further tells Rudra that he can’t bring Prisha back and thought of at least bringing Ruhi to him. Saaransh tells Rudra that he thought that he would make him happy like earlier and his dad by bringing Ruhi to him.


Saaransh says Ruhi’s mother refused to send Ruhi to Delhi. Rudra feels thankful to God that Prisha rejected Saaransh’s scholarship offer. He thinks otherwise, Saaransh would have got to know that Prisha is alive, sooner or later. Rudra thanks Saaransh for thinking so much about him. He tells Saaransh that it would be better for him to stay away from Ruhi. Rudra also apologizes to Saaransh for drinking so much. He promises Saaransh that he will try to not repeat his rude behavior. Rudra asks Saaransh to remember that he would never forget his son (Saaransh) and will always love him. Saaransh feels surprised by Rudra’s changed behavior. He also feels that old Rudra came back.

Saaransh starts missing Prisha and caresses her photograph. In Rohtak, Veena explains to Prisha that Khurana school will give Ruhi strong roots and also help her grow stronger in her life. She convinces Prisha to forget her fears and think about Ruhi’s future. Prisha gets convinced for Ruhi’s sake and calls Khurana school trustee. Saaransh picks up Prisha’s call and feels her voice similar to that of Prisha. He asks Prisha whom she wants to talk to. Prisha also feels attached to Saaransh’s voice. She tells Saaransh that she is Ruhi’s mother and has called for Ruhi’s admission. Prisha tells Saaransh that she accepts Khuarna school’s scholarship offer.

Happy Saaransh asks Prisha to send Ruhi next to Delhi. He says Ruhi’s admission process would too start the next day. Prisha tells Saaransh that Ruhi is very young and can’t reach Delhi alone. Saaransh feels Ruhi’s mother is really nice and he should call her to bring Ruhi to Delhi. He offers Prisha a doctor’s job in Khurana school with a house to stay in. Prisha accepts the job offer and thanks Saaransh. Saaransh asks her to not thank him and also asks her to call him after reaching Delhi. He tells Prisha that he would himself come to meet her. Saaransh disconnects the call in excitement and Prisha fails to whom she talked to. Saaransh decides to hide this from Rudra.

He feels excited to meet Ruhi and her mother. Prisha says she hopes Rudra doesn’t come in front of her in Delhi. Next morning, Prisha makes Ruhi happy by telling her that they are shifting to Delhi. She also tells Ruhi that she is getting her admitted to Khurana school for her good education. Ruhi hugs Prisha and says, “I love you” to Ruhi. She jumps in happiness and says that she will meet Rudra in Delhi. Prisha tells Ruhi that she won’t meet Rudra in Delhi. Ruhi asks why. Prisha tells Ruhi that they are going to Delhi for her good education, not to meet Rudra. She also tells Ruhi that she also isn’t on good terms with Rudra now and thus doesn’t want her to meet Rudra.

Prisha also asks Ruhi to promise her that she won’t tell anyone about them shifting to Delhi, not even Saanchi and Rudra. Ruhi makes a fake/false promise to Prisha seeing her worry. Prisha thanks Ruhi and kisses her forehead in relaxation. Ruhi hugs Saanchi and Prisha hugs Saanchi’s mother and Veena tightly. Prisha requests Veena to not tell anyone about her whereabouts. Veena promises her and asks her to take care of herself and Ruhi. Prisha tells Veena that she won’t ever forget her and asks her to take care of herself. She kisses Saanchi’s forehead with love. Veena kisses Ruhi’s cheek. Ruhi and Prisha leave from Rohtak.

Next morning, Sharda asks Rudra how he is in the kitchen, early in the morning. Rudra apologizes to Sharda for ignoring the whole family in his own sadness and becoming selfish. He promises Sharda that he would become a good father and son. Rudra tells that he is making special cookies for Saaransh and asks Sharad what she wants from him. Sharda tells Rudra that she wants him to be happy from heart. Rudra says his heart went away with Prisha and Ruhi. He tells Sharda that now he would live for her and Saaransh. Vaijayanti stops Saaransh and asks him where he is going. Saaransh gets irritated and leaves telling Vaijayanti that he is going to his friend’s house for important work.

Vaijayanti keeps asking which friend Saaransh is going to meet. Saaransh enters Mr. Batra’s cabin, and tells him that Ruhi’s mother accepted their scholarship offer for Ruhi and bringing Ruhi to Delhi today. He also tells Mr. Batra, that he has given Ruhi’s mother, an in-house doctor job in Khurana school. Mr. Batra praises Saaransh. Saaransh asks Mr. Batra, to not worry and help him arrange a shelter/house for Ruhi and her mother. In Rohtak, Yuvraj gets shocked seeing Prisha’s home locked. He goes to Veena to ask her about where Prisha went away. Veena tells Yuvraj that due to the village head’s fear, no one asked Prisha where she is leaving. He leaves saying that he would kill village head as he troubled and tortured Prisha a lot. As Yuvraj leaves, Veena thinks that she won’t reveal Prisha’s whereabouts to anyone as she promised Prisha.

On her way to Delhi, Prisha thinks if she is taking any wrong decision of returning to Delhi. She recalls whatever happened on Venky’s death day. Ruhi brings Prisha out of her memories. She tells Prisha that she did the best work by deciding to shift to Delhi and asks her to not think so much. Prisha thinks that her decision of shifting to Delhi is good for Ruhi’s future. She prays to God to keep everything fine.

In the next episode, Mr. Batra and Saaransh will get a home ready for Ruhi and mother. Rudra will tell Bunty that Saaransh is doing many things without telling him and they need to find out about it. Mr. Batra will show Prisha and Ruhi their house in Delhi. Ruhi will be happy seeing her new house. Prisha will thank Mr. Batra for everything. Bunty will get shocked when Saaransh will tell him that he called Ruhi and her mother to Delhi. Ruhi will call Rudra and tell him that she has shifted to Delhi. Vaijayanti will get shocked on the other side of the call. Ruhi will enter Khurana Mansion and meet Rudra. Rudra and Ruhi will be happy seeing each other.

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