Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th February 2022 Written Update Ruhi’s decision

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th February 2022 Written Update Ruhi's decision

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th February 2022 Written Update Ruhi’s decision Prisha’s finger gets wounded and starts bleeding while cutting cabbage. Rudra scolds Prisha for being careless and takes her finger in his mouth to stop the bleeding. Both of them get lost in each other. Ruhi gets happy seeing Rudra and Prisha’s growing bonding. She praises herself for stopping Rudra and Prisha’s fights. Prisha loses her concentration on Rudra and sees Ruhi enjoying her bond with Rudra. She alerts Rudra and they step back. Prisha asks Rudra to rest saying that she would cook food herself. When Rudra insists on helping, she asks Rudra to cut vegetables. Rudra’s finger also cuts.

Ruhi leaves, Rudra gets lost in Prisha. He helps Prisha but tucking her troubling hair behind her ears. Rudra gets lost in Prisha’s beauty and starts caressing her. Prisha, lost in Rudra, lets Rudra caress her and kiss her forehead. Both of them get romantic and a little intimate with each other. All this turns out to be Rudra’s imagination and Prisha’s hand pinch brings Rudra out his trance/imagination. Prisha asks Rudra to see the mess he has made on the kitchen counter. Rudra tries to clean his mess. Prisha asks Rudra how he can cut vegetables in a zigzag shape. Rudra says shape doesn’t matter as sabzi has to go in the stomach at the end. Prisha asks Rudra to let her handle kitchen work herself. Rudra offers to make chapatis. Ruhi says she too will make chapatis with Rudra to help Prisha. Rudra tells Ruhi that no one will stop her.

By mistake, Prisha says, “do whatever you father-daughter want to”. Seeing Rudra and Ruhi’s expressions, Prisha tells Rudra and Ruhi that they behave like father-daughter. Prisha decides to keep control of her words, especially in front of Rudra. Rudra fails in his attempt to shape chapati. Ruhi helps him and makes a perfect circular chapati. Rudra fails in his second attempt too. At Khurana house, Saaransh asks Vaijayanti what special thing Rudra made for him today. Vaijayanti tells Saaransh that Rudra didn’t return home till now and thus didn’t cook anything special for him. This shocks Saaransh. He calls Rudra. Ruhi picks up Saaransh’s call. She asks Saaransh how he is.


Saaransh gets to know that Rudra went to Ruhi’s home for dinner. Ruhi invites Saaransh but he refuses. Saaransh asks Ruhi if Rudra is happy. Ruhi tells Saaransh that Rudra is super happy and making chapatis with her. This shocks and surprises Saaransh. Saaransh thanks Ruhi for the information. He also calls Ruhi “Nani Maa” and decides to call her by this name always. After Saaransh disconnects the call, he tells Vaijayanti that Rudra went to his friend’s house for dinner. At Prisha’s house, Prisha asks Ruhi to brush and sleep as she has to go to school tomorrow. Rudra also asks Ruhi to do the same. On Ruhi’s questions, Rudra tells Ruhi that he would try to meet her tomorrow.

They kiss each other and Ruhi leaves to sleep. Prisha asks Rudra what is happening and who had hit his head from behind his back. She again and again asks Rudra to tell her what is happening as she can sense that he is in some danger. Rudra tells Prisha that he came to find something. He also tells Prisha that he saw his signatures on his school’s student’s scholarship form. Flashback shows Rudra asking the principal of his school, how his signatures came on so many scholarship forms. Principal told Rudra that no one’s scholarship money can get out without his signatures. Rudra told the principal that he didn’t know about this for one year as he did not sign these scholarship papers.

Rudra gets to know that there is a scholarship scam going behind him without his knowledge, by forging his signatures in his school. Flashback ends. Rudra tells Prisha that he met some students and their parents who told him that they didn’t take any scholarship. Prisha feels worried for Rudra as the scam is going on Rudra’s name without his knowledge for years. Prisha offers her help to Rudra. Rudra initially refuses to take Prisha’s help. Prisha again tries to convince Rudra to let her help him. Rudra asks Prisha, by what right she wants to help him. He asks Prisha to not bring old things between them as she has no right on him anymore. Ruhi feels unable to sleep. She goes to see Rudra and Prisha. Prisha tells Rudra that she accepts that she did wrong but won’t let anything wrong happen to him and would help him.

She asks Rudra to understand that humans aren’t bad but instead suffer through a bad time. Rudra claps mockingly. He accepts that a human goes through a bad time. Rdura asks Prisha if a person changes in a bad time. Prisha says that a human can be helpless in a bad situation. Rudra asks Prisha if her helplessness made her make an illegitimate relationship with Yuvraj. Prisha says she accepted her mistake but won’t let him (Rudra) be in danger alone. Ruhi comes there. She scolds Rudra and Prisha for fighting and arguing. Ruhi emotionally blackmails Rudra and Prisha and punishes them. She makes them do sit ups. Ruhi asks Rudra and Prisha to say that they won’t fight with each other.

Rudra and Prisha keep on saying that they won’t fight with continued sit ups. Ruhi makes Rudra and Prisha say sorry to each other. She also asks Rudra and Prisha to say, “I love you” to each other. Rudra and Prisha say, “I love you” to each other for Ruhi’s sake. They also hug each other for Ruhi’s sake. Ruhi says very good and tells Rudra and Prisha that now they are friends again. Rudra asks Ruhi to never be sad again. Ruhi tells Rudra that she gets sad when he and Prisha fight. Rudra tells Ruhi that he would try to not fight with Prisha and asks Ruhi to never be sad. Rudra tells Prisha that he would take her with him while visiting kids.

Prisha thanks Rudra. Prisha offers to drop Rudra home and he is injured. Ruhi also decides to go with Rudra and Prisha. At Khurana house, Yuvraj tells Vaijayanti that he came to meet Rudra as they have become good friends. Vaijayanti tells Yuvraj that Rudra has gone outside and will return soon. To wait for Rudra, he requests Vaijayanti to give him water. Vaijayanti shows anger to him and goes to bring water for her. Sharda sees Yuvraj and gets angry at him. She keeps on scolding Yuvraj. Sharda makes Yuvraj leave Khurana house.

In the next episode, Saaransh will ask Rudra how Ruhi’s mother is. Yuvraj will decide to kill Rudra. A Khurana school staff will tell someone on call that he will delete all the evidence before Rudra gets to know the truth. Prisha will overhear him and will tell Rudra that she got to know who is behind the Khurana school scholarship scam. Rudra will catch the disloyal staff of his school involved in a scholarship scam on the road. A truck driver will hit Rudra with his truck on someone’s orders.

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